Staffordshire Bear Terrier

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staffordshire bull terrier cat

For those of you having Mr Bear withdrawal, here he is having an “outdoors experience” in his new harness. Doesn’t he look stocky? He was watching a bee and about to pounce!

At the risk of sounding like the mad cat-lady, I’ll give you a little Bear update: he is now 5 months old exactly (today!) and weighs 6lbs 3oz. His favourite flavour of Felix Kitten is Tuna (closely followed by Trout) and his favourite toy is “Da Bird”. If you have a cat and don’t have “Da Bird”, GET ONE! It’s amazing.

Ruth CrillyStaffordshire Bear Terrier

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  1. emma

    hi, were going to view some british short haired kittens on sat and hopefully bring one home. any tips/advice for new parents of a shorthair? xxx

    1. Ruth

      Oh goodness, Emma – how AMAZING! Just make sure he/she has somewhere nice and quiet to retreat to, perhaps put a little furry rug or blanket in there and make sure there’s easy access to food and water and the litter box. (I’d use a covered one, never an open, and don’t put it too close to where the food bowl is!) Any other tips, dear readers and Shorthair owners? xx

  2. baby in a corner

    Feeling so stoopid – I googled Staffordshire Bear Terrier to see more pictures of this breed of cat not realising it was a pun!

    Gorgeous – you’ve got me totally broody for a fur baby! x

  3. Alexandra

    Awww he is beauiful. Does he like cuddles? He looks like he would be bliss to cuddle. What is da bird ? and where can i get one ? My vince would probably love it

  4. Chantal

    I have spend hours looking at him!!!
    I have printed his picture!!
    just crazy about this ginger..;
    Alba, Edie and now Mr Bear,that is simply to much
    keep on posting news he is gorgeous,
    Having see him,we all suffer from cat withdrawal.
    I am sending his picture so my friends and family can have a look at it,we all want the same…difficult to choose in which color we prefer….white, grey or ginger!!!

  5. Ruby Blue

    He is very very cute! I might be dense here, but why does he need a harness? I have two 10 year old cats that went outside without a leash from when they were kittens. I am not criticizing, it is a genuine question :)

    1. Ruth

      @RubyBlue he can’t go outside just loose, we can’t have a catflap and he’d have to shin down about four storeys of house to get to the floor! x

  6. Monica

    Mr. Bear is gorgeous! Totally agree with you in regards to Da Bird- my cats get so excited playing with it I am afraid they will have heart attacks! It’s also good to buy refills as they shred the feathers quite repidly.
    Thanks so much for sharing, he is truly beautiful. x

  7. Suzi

    I’ve never seen a cat quite like bear. Is he a distinct breed (such as Maine Coon)? Regardless, I agree. Cutest. Cat.Ever!

  8. debbie

    Just looking at him again and I’m thinking Bagpuss must have been based on his breed cos he really does have a look of him x

  9. Joanna

    It really makes me want to get a kitty like this one. But this breed is less common in the US. Well, I haven’t seen any in the local shelters. Still I love seeing Mr. Bear, keep these posts coming! :)

  10. Ali

    No pesky door to door salespeople for you. Just turn Mr Bear on them! I warned you, your cat is going to be more popular than you are. LOL!


    P.S. I love, love, love the new look of the blog.

  11. Lydia

    Aww Mr Bear is so beautiful! How often do you take him outside? I have two kittens (well, 8 months old!) and I am keeping them as indoor pets because my last kitten was hit by a car unfortunately :( I would be keen to give them supervised outdoor expeditions though! x

    1. Ruth

      @Lydia this was his first time! I want to take him out every day just for a little play about, but he gets loads of exercise in the house – three staircases and manic running everywhere, so it’s not really for the exercise aspect, just the fresh air! x

  12. Debbie

    A cat on a lead. That has blown my mind. So a cat breed that is a “Terrier” that goes on a lead. It’s like some evil nature/nurture experiment being played out on line I can hear you being quoted in the press now – “We like to think that in time Mr Bear will decide for himself whether he is a cat or a dog, we dislike labels and think he will be happier in the long run if he isn’t pushed into one stereotypical role as determined by species. He may yet decide he is actually a bear”

    1. Ruth

      @Debbie he also thinks he’s a human half the time. And I call him Bunny too, so he’s got a proper identity crisis going on! x

  13. Clare @ The Blossom Shed

    He doesn’t look real – something about his very mellow face and his chunky little legs – he looks like a ridiculously cute stuffed animal! I remember walking my overly roving cat on a harness as a child – he’d play dead and sulk for 15 minutes, and then suddenly bolt and shoot up a tree, and I’d be stuck at the bottom holding the leash for hours. I think you clearly need to start them young – Mr Bear looks like he’s quite enjoying himself:)

  14. Malene

    Omg! So cute! My moms cat Walk in a leash too but none of my cats Will… But Bear is so so cute!!!!

  15. Love in a mist

    I feed Molly Hills Scientific optimal care, dry complete food, she loves it, it’s not cheap but there is Absolutly no wastage, our vet recommended it he says it’s one of the best foods on the market, they do a variety of specific care ones eg indoor cat version and a kitten one etc, maybe worth a try :-) xxxxx

  16. Love in a mist

    Omg! what a gorgeous little ( well ok not so little !) chap, adorable, I just want to snuzzle him !
    Love the harness very swish, I did try Molly in one when she was a baby but she was having none of it lol!
    more mr bear posts please! Xxxxxx

  17. Kharina

    Ohmigosh, his legs are so chunky!!! I wanna gently bite him everywhere which doesn’t make sense as I would get a mouth full of fur and a face full of scratches. Still, chunky monkey!!!

  18. Looarah

    Ahh his face is so round and squishy. This post made me weigh my 5 year old mog and she’s 9lbs! Wonder what bear will weigh at 5 if he’s already 6 :O.

    P.s Not wanting to sound like a preachy cat food snob but I remember when we first got a cat we used to feed her the popular brands like whiskers & stuff. Then we looked at the ingredients and saw there was hardly any meat in and switched to food where the meat content was high. Now we feed her Schmusy tuna & rice, and tuna & vegetable (£9.99 for 24 pouches) and she loves them. But like I said I’m not being preachy just thought I’d let you know about the meat content of popular brands :) xxx Give bear a snug from me!

    1. Ruth

      @Looarah I know!!!!!! I looked the other day and nearly had a heart attack! It’s about 4% or something. So I bought really expensive pouches and he threw up straight away.. I think I’ll have to gradually introduce it. Poor old Bear! xx

      1. Looarah

        Hahaha yeah that’s the problem, sometimes you can get them proper posh nosh and they won’t bloomin’ eat it! The other day my cat had ‘Chicken and Quail egg’… :-|

      2. Lilllisal

        Hi there,

        My vet recommended gradually changing food by mixing a small amount of new in with the old and slowly increasing the percentage of new. Something to do with the flora;D

  19. Phil

    Ha dad once bought a harness like that for Bruno. He didn’t like it and just played dead on the floor. Had to drag him across the floor to make him move. It’s good that you started this young cause once they’re grown up, you’ll end up a bloody mess if you try to pull this off :D

    1. Ruth

      @Phil he played dead for a while, but then was fine! We just let out the leash so it’s really long with no tension and he seemed to forget.. x

  20. Nicola

    Cutest. Cat. Ever. :o)

    Does he like his harness? We have a whole tribe of semi-wild kitties near our farmhouse in France, maybe I could teach them to pull a sled?? Awesome.

    1. Ruth

      @Robin not unless he improves on his typing speed. At the moment it’s about three words per hour. Painful. x

      1. Selvi

        Ruth, have you read a book by Paul Gallico called “The Silent Miaow”? If you havent already, you *have* to!

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