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Staffordshire Bear Terrier

staffordshire bull terrier cat

For those of you having Mr Bear withdrawal, here he is having an “outdoors experience” in his new harness. Doesn’t he look stocky? He was watching a bee and about to pounce!

At the risk of sounding like the mad cat-lady, I’ll give you a little Bear update: he is now 5 months old exactly (today!) and weighs 6lbs 3oz. His favourite flavour of Felix Kitten is Tuna (closely followed by Trout) and his favourite toy is “Da Bird”. If you have a cat and don’t have “Da Bird”, GET ONE! It’s amazing.


  1. paristest@yahoo.com

    Wonderful breed BSH and Mr Bear is a great example. Just like a London cat

    Bertie Blu – his antics and pics can be seen here:


  2. hi, were going to view some british short haired kittens on sat and hopefully bring one home. any tips/advice for new parents of a shorthair? xxx

    • Oh goodness, Emma – how AMAZING! Just make sure he/she has somewhere nice and quiet to retreat to, perhaps put a little furry rug or blanket in there and make sure there’s easy access to food and water and the litter box. (I’d use a covered one, never an open, and don’t put it too close to where the food bowl is!) Any other tips, dear readers and Shorthair owners? xx

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