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Staffordshire Bear Terrier

staffordshire bull terrier cat

For those of you having Mr Bear withdrawal, here he is having an “outdoors experience” in his new harness. Doesn’t he look stocky? He was watching a bee and about to pounce!

At the risk of sounding like the mad cat-lady, I’ll give you a little Bear update: he is now 5 months old exactly (today!) and weighs 6lbs 3oz. His favourite flavour of Felix Kitten is Tuna (closely followed by Trout) and his favourite toy is “Da Bird”. If you have a cat and don’t have “Da Bird”, GET ONE! It’s amazing.

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  1. He is MASSIVE!!! Clearly he is a man of good taste opting for a pescatarian diet. Do we see abearrecommends.com on the horizon?

  2. Cutest. Cat. Ever. :o)

    Does he like his harness? We have a whole tribe of semi-wild kitties near our farmhouse in France, maybe I could teach them to pull a sled?? Awesome.

  3. Ha dad once bought a harness like that for Bruno. He didn’t like it and just played dead on the floor. Had to drag him across the floor to make him move. It’s good that you started this young cause once they’re grown up, you’ll end up a bloody mess if you try to pull this off :D

    • @Phil he played dead for a while, but then was fine! We just let out the leash so it’s really long with no tension and he seemed to forget.. x

  4. Imagining you saying “Da Bird” makes me laugh! hahaha he’s adorable :)

  5. Ahh his face is so round and squishy. This post made me weigh my 5 year old mog and she’s 9lbs! Wonder what bear will weigh at 5 if he’s already 6 :O.

    P.s Not wanting to sound like a preachy cat food snob but I remember when we first got a cat we used to feed her the popular brands like whiskers & stuff. Then we looked at the ingredients and saw there was hardly any meat in and switched to food where the meat content was high. Now we feed her Schmusy tuna & rice, and tuna & vegetable (£9.99 for 24 pouches) and she loves them. But like I said I’m not being preachy just thought I’d let you know about the meat content of popular brands :) xxx Give bear a snug from me!

    • @Looarah I know!!!!!! I looked the other day and nearly had a heart attack! It’s about 4% or something. So I bought really expensive pouches and he threw up straight away.. I think I’ll have to gradually introduce it. Poor old Bear! xx

  6. Ohmigosh, his legs are so chunky!!! I wanna gently bite him everywhere which doesn’t make sense as I would get a mouth full of fur and a face full of scratches. Still, chunky monkey!!!

  7. So much cuteness is killing me <3

  8. So adorable! Happy Five months old, Mr Bear! I hope it’s a good day full of food and belly rubs!

  9. I’ve always wanted a cat with a chubby face like Mr. Bear, they make me go all gooey inside! Such a handsome gentleman.

  10. He’s a stocky fellow! Love him. Sound faced cats are my absolute favorite.

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