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Blondes Wearing Red

how to wear red

I have always really shied away from wearing red because I feel as though it drains me of all colour. I think that it’s a very, very difficult colour to wear if you’re blonde, too. I mean, if you’re really blonde like Gwen Stefani, you can get away with any colour because your hair is so light that it’s almost just a neutral. But if you’re a darker blonde, or a blonde with yellowish tones, you have to tread carefully.

So it was with some trepidation that I stepped out in a red dress on Wednesday night – I was off to Soho House for the Monica & Joe 1st Birthday Party. I felt so self-conscious at first – red really is a bit of an attention-grabber! I think that a faded, more orangey red is easier to wear than a deep red. For a blonde, anyway. It looked very light and summery rather than heavy and vampish, and it helped that the dress was just a slip of the lightest silk – nothing too figure-hugging or sexy. I went for a very high ponytail and quite dark, winged eye makeup – I found that I needed to wear a little more makeup than usual so that my face didn’t get lost! I think when I wear this dress again I’ll define my eyes even more and perhaps darken my brows a little. You’ll see the dress in its entirety in a video coming up soon, so I’ll try to remember to make these little cosmetic tweaks when I film that. If you want to see a pic before then, here it is on the Monica & Joe website.

How do you all feel about wearing red? Any blondes who swear by it? I want to put together a little guide on “how to wear red” so if anyone has some tried-and-tested tips then let me know!


  1. Oooh I disagree! For one that red looks stunning on you. For two, I am a slightly “darker” blonde, very pale coloring, and have always been told that red is by and far away my most flattering color. I find if I have a solid red on I can usually count on receiving compliments, even (especially) when I’m not wearing much makeup.

  2. Glad to see the site is up and running again :)Quick peek in my wardrobe tells me that red is one of the few colours that I wear outside the neutrals family. I have similar colouring to you, pale with darkish blonde hair but I find that the whole “hello sailor” look (navy, red, white)really works. And it seems to be in fashion every year over. Result!

  3. As a blonde I swear by red!! True reds, rich deeper ones too, anything goes. I have rosey to neutral undertones depending on the season and for me it’s always been an easy color to pull off. I suppose you have to get used to it, but a good way is to be wearing a red coat on the Paris metro amidst a sea of black and grey, and you’ll immediately feel more energetic!

  4. Ruth! Do you have any recommendations as to where I can purchase jeans. I am a tall, long legged girl and most jeans come above my ankles. :( I also cannot find my rise. I need a mid rise. High rise is too much for my body and low rise is not enough, my derriere will fall out! Help, please. I don’t mind paying around $150-$200 USD, but the cheaper the better, haha. Thanks.

    • @Paige have a look at the site Donna Ida. They are jeans obsessed and boast that they can find jeans for anyone! xx

    • Topshop! I have a 36″ inside leg and a big ass too and the tall jeans fit me. They’re not very durable but they are a lot cheaper than your budget.

  5. Even a red lipstick can wash you out, so, a dress? of course! I do think that the key is the rest of the makeup, and that blush is mandatory in this case (contrary to popular opinion that says to wear neutral/almost invisible blush with red lips – red anything calls for RED BLUSH imo)

  6. I am blonde and love a good bright red, I find dull or orange toned reds look yucky but a bright fire engine red really works well :)

  7. Hi Ruth, you looked great! I have darkish blonde hair & green eyes and I like red. I agree that the more muted shades are more flattering than bright pillar box red. I wear brown/bronzey eyeshadows, black mascara & nude/coral lips and I find the red really highlights my eyes, not washing me out at all.
    Go for it lol! X

  8. Hi Ruth,

    I usually think you look gorgeous but I find this washes you out a little. Maybe with a slight tan it would look better?


  9. I was blonde all my life (until last month when I changed to brunette) and I wore a lot of red and also navy blue! I do want to try out red as a brunette but I’m still carrying a bit of extra weight (a bit? More like a stone really) since having my baby and red is definitely a colour for when you are feeling good about your body shape!!

  10. A red lipstick I love and swear by, is the Dior Addict Lipstick in 745 New Look. Its perfect for blondes and like your dress its not too full on. xxx

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