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Blondes Wearing Red

how to wear red

I have always really shied away from wearing red because I feel as though it drains me of all colour. I think that it’s a very, very difficult colour to wear if you’re blonde, too. I mean, if you’re really blonde like Gwen Stefani, you can get away with any colour because your hair is so light that it’s almost just a neutral. But if you’re a darker blonde, or a blonde with yellowish tones, you have to tread carefully.

So it was with some trepidation that I stepped out in a red dress on Wednesday night – I was off to Soho House for the Monica & Joe 1st Birthday Party. I felt so self-conscious at first – red really is a bit of an attention-grabber! I think that a faded, more orangey red is easier to wear than a deep red. For a blonde, anyway. It looked very light and summery rather than heavy and vampish, and it helped that the dress was just a slip of the lightest silk – nothing too figure-hugging or sexy. I went for a very high ponytail and quite dark, winged eye makeup – I found that I needed to wear a little more makeup than usual so that my face didn’t get lost! I think when I wear this dress again I’ll define my eyes even more and perhaps darken my brows a little. You’ll see the dress in its entirety in a video coming up soon, so I’ll try to remember to make these little cosmetic tweaks when I film that. If you want to see a pic before then, here it is on the Monica & Joe website.

How do you all feel about wearing red? Any blondes who swear by it? I want to put together a little guide on “how to wear red” so if anyone has some tried-and-tested tips then let me know!


  1. Ruth, just to set one thing straight-you could wear a red potato sack and still be the most gorgeous girl in the room. I’ve got honey/golden skin and dark hair, so red is my go-to colour if I want to look polished and sexy. I personally think blondes look good in anything, especially if your name’s Ruth Crilly =P

    • Thank you as always, AMRFan. You do realise people are going to start thinking that I’m paying you to say these things?! Haha.. xx

  2. Of course blondes can wear red! 8) I’m a natural redhead but like to go blonde over the summer months, I’ve gone from a honey blonde to a serious ash and find that the right shade of red can really compliment my look. I do however, have huge issues wearing red while being a ginger! Jessica Rabbit makes it look so easy!

  3. Ruth I think you look lovely in red you should wear it more often it suits you.

  4. First of all, let me just say that you look stunning and very classy. You managed to choose just the perfect shade of a rather daunting colour. As a natural (very) blonde, I often shy away from red myself, partly because I find it slightly too attention-seeking, partly because I hate the idea of ending up looking like som cheesy Hollywood cliché, e.g. Cameron Diaz in The Mask. Seeing your picture, however, I might make another attempt. I agree that it makes sense to put some emphasis on the eyes; I would definitely avoid a strong lip with a red outfit, as it can quickly take us back to that tired Hollywood cliché.

  5. Ruth you look quiet lovley in red, It isn’t the hair color that is the problem is getting the right shade of red for your skin tone. For me I have dark golden blond hair and I have winter (olive undertone) skin tone so I look great in blue based reds but your dress would make me look ill. Any way looks like you found your shade of red.

  6. I think you look gorgeous in red!! Love your make up too! Very good look for you!

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