Preparing for a Lingerie Casting

bikini bodyI did a written post a while back about how I prepared for a lingerie casting, and once the archives have been rebuilt I shall link to that from this page. But I thought I’d also do a video – mostly because the Youtubers have been naggling for one and I thought that it was about time I gave in to demand! So here’s a little video all about the things that I do before a big casting – most of it is just common sense, but there’s so little of that around these days that it might make for a refreshing change!

I will write more about my eating habits very soon – it’s something that needs a little thought as I can imagine that whatever I say there will be someone who has a problem with it. It’s pretty much a minefield of a subject, especially when you’re a model and in a position to potentially influence others. I regard my eating habits as entirely normal and healthy, so I’m not too concerned, but still, I want to think carefully about how I approach it.

For now, you have to make do with me chuntering on about breasts and fake tan! All of the products mentioned are linked to below the video pane for more shade/pricing info. I promise that I will be back with some non-video posts very soon – I’ve had a run of very busy days and am writing this at 1am. The loss of the archives and about two weeks worth of scheduled posts has been something of a setback!

Calvin Klein Bra:

 Gadi 21 Minerals Body Scrub:

 Sienna X Gradual Tan, £15

 2True Nail Polish in Shade 9, Superdrug

 l’Occitane Almond Body Cream:

 Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish:

 Liz Earle Brightening Treatment:

 StriVectin Eye SD Cream:

 YSL Top Secrets Skin Flash Brush:

 Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer:

 By Terry Cover-Expert Shade 9:

 Chanel Soleil de Tan Bronze Universal:

 Dior Rosy Glow Blush:

 Laura Mercier Illuminator (last season)

 Burberry Shadow in Midnight Brown:

 Avon Glimmerstick:

 DJV Mascara:

 Jemma Kidd Glosstick in Bridgetown:



  1. Oh yes. It wasn’t until I had my first child that my body no longer retained the shape it was supposed to be. Now, even though I am proportional, and still have curves, my abs and my thighs are… shall we say…..swollen. And the cellulite on my legs prevent me from ever wearing shorts or a bikini. Ever. Pity, really. And I do hot yoga on a regular basis.

    So please, as much as we enjoy your makeup videos videos such as this and the recipes (fab, btw) are greatly appreciated. Actually, all of your videos are greatly appreciated! T/Y for sharing your wealth of information, Ruth!

    • My pleasure, Suzi! It is a pity, yes – but I’m sure the precious babies are worth it! xx (please say yes!)

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