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Wardrobe Clearout (Ended)

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I don’t know whether this will interest any of you, but I was asked by lots of people to let you all know if I ever did a wardrobe clearout. And so, just to let you know: I’m having a wardrobe clearout.

Lots of stuff on eBay, some of it for a couple of pounds (cute little mini skirts) and some for a bit more. Specific gems, in my opinion, are the £300 Marc Jacobs boots that are on for £30 – worn once, bought a size too small because I couldn’t resist them.. There’s also a glitzy little Jimmy Choo for H&M bomber jacket (£30) and some extremely cool R Soles biker boots which have only seen the light of day for ten minutes! (Again, bought a size too small. When will I ever learn?)

I can’t imagine I’ll be doing another clearout in a hurry – eBay is the biggest faff in the entire world. It took me a whole day to take the photographs and write the descriptions and then, once it’s all over, it all has to be packaged up and lugged to the post office! I can see why people prefer to do car boot sales instead…



  1. Hi Ruth – and anyone else looking to do a big clearout. Do check us out – we have over 6 years experience selling online and have a huge global buying base waiting for more stock



  2. Sorry, that last line was meant to say ”love u as usual. X”

  3. Hiii there Ruth! First of all, the email address I listed is a fake one cos’ the only email I have is my work one (which I cannot give out). Anyhoo, I would literally give my left shoulder to be able to raid your closet! Your taste is very veryyyy similar to mine, and you’re the same sizing as me too .Lo e u as usual. X

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