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Wardrobe Clearout (Ended)

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I don’t know whether this will interest any of you, but I was asked by lots of people to let you all know if I ever did a wardrobe clearout. And so, just to let you know: I’m having a wardrobe clearout.

Lots of stuff on eBay, some of it for a couple of pounds (cute little mini skirts) and some for a bit more. Specific gems, in my opinion, are the £300 Marc Jacobs boots that are on for £30 – worn once, bought a size too small because I couldn’t resist them.. There’s also a glitzy little Jimmy Choo for H&M bomber jacket (£30) and some extremely cool R Soles biker boots which have only seen the light of day for ten minutes! (Again, bought a size too small. When will I ever learn?)

I can’t imagine I’ll be doing another clearout in a hurry – eBay is the biggest faff in the entire world. It took me a whole day to take the photographs and write the descriptions and then, once it’s all over, it all has to be packaged up and lugged to the post office! I can see why people prefer to do car boot sales instead…


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  1. Beautiful shoes…

    Stile Free Fashion

  2. I had to laugh quite a bit when I saw your username ^^ Awesome stuff you have listed, will definitely check it out :-)

  3. Ruth, I have gorgeous dresses including a pink ben de lisi, silk ruth tarvydas (Australian designer), ralph lauren dress, by love dress (boutique) and many more. All in perfect condition. Like you I tried ebay took the photos uploaded and made descriptions but when I went to confirm my paypal they said that account exists and I am still left wondering how I can confirm it. Im now looking at using the ASOS marketplace to sell them. Its such a pity…I wish there was a perfect forum to showcase them..x

  4. oooh i love it, just checked it out :) u should have more of these!

  5. ahh I love all the shoes, I’m a size 3 though…:( Sad.

  6. I wish u had my shoesize :(

  7. Oh my, Ruth…those shoes look so much like a pair I bought at a great shoe store eons ago near Harvey Nics, the shoes are perhaps Stuart Weizmann? Mine are more…ahem, “vintage”, however. But looking at them makes me wonder if looking through my closet would be worth going an e-bay route.

    I’ve never even gone onto e-bay but know my daughter LOVES e-bay. I worry about the “addiction” aspect! ;).

    Because of extensive remodeling (taking FOREVER!) there is nothing in my new, nearly completed closet. How great would it be to actually put in the things I WOULD use…I’m a terrible hoarder! Again, thanks so very much for the fantastic idea.

    Worried about Zen Garden’s pal pay concern. I remember I got an e-mail notice that I had a pay pen account – which I did not apply for – but given that I was with my daughter in hospital I never followed up on what that was all about…different priorities as you well know. Thanks, Ruth!

  8. Is it just me? I am, after all, a relatively new subscriber/follower – but I think that between your hospital and health “incident”, the awfulness of the hacking and having to completely redo your blog/website and the last video (casting, but also that very personal and frank talk about health and food, etc., concerns which matter so much), along with, most importantly, the questions posed to you yesterday with such very honest replies, (breathe, Upa, breathe!) I think the blog has changed a bit and suddenly become an EXTREMELY cozy, relaxed place with friendships blooming? I’ve loved this site since the moment I found it, but I think that it has suddenly taken on a more magical quality which is hard to define, much less achieve, and I just LOVE it! I absolutely hate to gush, but Ruth, you’re a gem and your (hard) work has given us a safe haven for such personal concerns, as well a cheerful, fun and inspirational place to retreat to. Your mum did a fine job raising you! Thanks and kudos to you both!

    • @Upa thank you so much! That is exactly what I always wanted it to be. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time to answer questions and so on, but it’s well worth it! xxx

  9. Love the Marc Jacobs boots – but can I be a pain and ask what size calf they go round? I always have trouble

  10. i like your shoes, but sadly they are too big for me :-(
    and i have to say that just recently i descovered your blog and i absolutley loving it, thank you for doing this. big hello from Estonia ;-)

  11. is it worldwide? coz im thinking of getting some

  12. Love this! I have so much stuff I need to put on ebay! Is the Reiss dress the one you wore at Style Birmingham where I met you!? Hope you’re ok :) x

  13. Thanks Ruth I’ve e-mailed fashion bloodhound “Ruth Crilly recommended you” I said :)x

    Upa some people rave about ebay just take a note of everything when registering and submitting. paypal is supposedly secure :) x

  14. What about bags? Do you have some you don’t get to wear anymore? :)

  15. Following Kris’ comment, I had to THINK quite a bit (I’m not British), when I saw the username, but then it made sense (I hope): roxy, as in Roxy Music, meaning stylish. If so, the name fits perfectly with the user.
    Lots of success with the sale.

    • @Maria actually, the name was my house rabbit’s name, and I was blonde, and when I set it up I was 23! (Many moons ago!) xx

  16. Hehehe…
    Anyway an old song by Bryan Ferry right now wouldn’t be bad. The Youtube might help.

  17. Hey there!

    I am looking to sell some really nice dresses from My high school formals… worn once, and spent thousands of dollars on them! Is E bay good for this? Mine are somewhat better quality than most of the things I see on there…. but I don’t want to deal with having 10 dresses listed and have no one buy them! I also kind of need the money as soon as possible for the best deal possible!

    • @Laura have a look at Fashionbloodhound.com if they are valuable! eBay is good, but it’s kind of hit and miss as to whether you can get people to look at your stuff! Posting etc is also a massive faff! x

  18. If I didnt have feet that need small canoes for shoes I’d be all over the boots. However whoever tall a tall girl like me with tiny feet- the physics just wouldn’t work! xx

  19. Yes ebay is hard work

    Recently in ireland quite a few upmarket second hand / consignment shops have started up.

    The deal is you bring in your stuff and agree a selling price, the shopkeeper gets half and you get half.

    Generally they only want high end high street (e.g. french connection / coast etc) or designer but if the stuff was destined for the charity shop anyway you have nothing to loose.

    The only negatives are: they might not take all your stuff, the seller gets half, your stuff may not sell and if you forget to collect it, it may be given to charity but I had a small clear out and got 120 euro as a result so I was delighted.

    Some shops give unsold stuff to charity but I decided to take back what was unsold and drop it myself – that way I was certain the charity shop got it.

    Good luck with your sales – them flower shoes are lovely !

    • @Ireland I like this concept! They have something vaguely similar near Notting Hill tube but for designer clothes only. They take more than half, though, I think.. x

  20. Also, don’t know if anyone watched the channel 4 programme last night called “get your house in order” were some poor impulse buyer was forced to sell her mountain of “cheap fashion” well that was scary stuff,


  21. Hiii there Ruth! First of all, the email address I listed is a fake one cos’ the only email I have is my work one (which I cannot give out). Anyhoo, I would literally give my left shoulder to be able to raid your closet! Your taste is very veryyyy similar to mine, and you’re the same sizing as me too .Lo e u as usual. X

  22. Sorry, that last line was meant to say ”love u as usual. X”

  23. Hi Ruth – and anyone else looking to do a big clearout. Do check us out – we have over 6 years experience selling online and have a huge global buying base waiting for more stock



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