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AMR Featured: My Top Products

A little feature on Creative Head’s website “Head1st” this week! Creative Head is a massive magazine for the hair industry, it has a huge readership amongst professional hair stylists, salons and brands and so it was a big honour to be asked for five of my top beauty tips! Some of you can probably guess them without reading, but click on through and see what they are!


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  1. yours is the best blog I know! I’ve tried to look for more makeup and beauty blog, but after knowing yours all others look “meh…”

  2. Have you ever considered having your eyelashes tinted Ruth? I know we all still want the length, & volume mascara gives but as your fair haired.. it would stop you feeling like you look like a lab rat (your words not mine, as I can’t see you that way at all) xx

  3. Ruuthh helpppp. I tried Clinique Anti Blemish foundation in shades 5 (wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too pink cos’ I’m yellow toned) and 6 (wayyyyyy too dark). I mixed them and it looks okay, but that would mean I need to buy 2 bottles! I love that foundation cos’ it controls my oil /slick and helps my adult acne. Any suggestions on combatting the pink? Or do you know any other acne friendly foundation? XX

  4. Hi Ruth. I have a medium olive skin tone and really want to try out the omorovicza complexion enhancer! They only have the light one on cult beauty, but I don’t know if I should get the light or dark color? What do you think? xx

    • @Kelly the light one is pretty “medium”, if you know what I mean? You couldn’t wear it if you were very pale.. Don’t know whether that helps! x

  5. this is the first time ive ever been on someones blog, after reading about you in cosmo :)
    where can i buy the liquid gold? sounds amazing. do shops sell it or will i order it on line?
    ps- im getting married this June – any hair/ make up tips? preferred brands? as im doing my own coz im on a tight budget. I use clinique foundation at the mo, but was tempted to try bobbi brown.
    love ur blog
    thank you so much

  6. I’ve no idea how to make comments on YouTube, Ruth, so excuse the off topic.

    I got my Elemis traveler safari bag just a few minutes ago and am in love with the bag…haven’t even looked at the contents yet.

    Ok…just looked at contents and love them all…but the BAG!!! Bea-U-ti-FUL!!!!

  7. Hi Ruth. Have you tried La Mer The Concentrate? I was told it’s good for acne scarring but it’s soooooo expensive! I have a sample of it but I’m not sure if I should try it out! XX

    • @AMRFan I have heard that too. It’s SO expensive though. I’d be tempted to try an AHA first, like Liquid Gold. Are the scars very dark? x

  8. I’m using glycolic at the moment, but since I’ve got a sample of La Mer, I thought I’d give it a go, however I just don’t want the product to give me breakouts or irritate my skin. The scars are a lot lighter than they were. They’re now concealable. I’m half asian so scar easily. XX

  9. Ruth, please a little bit of help. I’ve wanted to buy the Esteé Lauder concealer for ages but cannot decide on the shade. I’m between light and medium, complexion-wise. I have a few age spots left (go Liquid Gold and a few other helpers you’ve suggested!). I do not understand the mauve-ish shade, despite video somewhere along the way, if I’m not mistaken…help?

    This is my year of either getting “beautiful” or going broke trying (ha!) so I’m extremely committed and hope that you don’t mind the constant asking of questions. Thanks so much. (BTW: Reading your posts are better than a gin and tonic or martini – intense (on my part) but then a relaxing “ahhhhhh.”

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