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Crilly Circa 2002

ruth crilly old picture

I have been going through my old polaroid pictures. I want to scan them into my computer before they fade or get lost in the mountains of papers and old bits and bobs that I have hoarded beneath the spare bed!

This polaroid is from 2002, I think. Perhaps even the end of 2001. It was a test shoot, which means that it was an unpaid job for the whole team – everyone was working to get pictures for their portfolios. I have absolutely loads of polaroids from this shoot, I’ll dig out the rest and post them up when I’ve scanned them in.

Don’t polaroids have a beautiful quality? There’s something magical about them, I think. I miss the days of polaroid! Now it’s all super-high-tec and digitally retouched, you don’t get quite the same result.

On a side-note, how amazing is my hair? If I still had a baby-face like this, I’d totally have this hair. Though I’d have to curl it like this all the time, which would get boring… Very cool though. I may one day have to re-visit this particular style!


  1. hi im sure you get asked this alot but im just starting out as a model, ive been signed by an gency but things are moving very slowly! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to put myself out there abit more and gain experience so i have abit more for my portfolio and my agency! i love what you do and i think your very proffesional in all aspects of what you do and im so glad i came across your channel! thank you! x

  2. You still look the same. You should see my early polaroids.

    I had a mullet (thanks, Vidal).

    And acne.

    • @Rebecca good old Vidal!

      • They have a lot to answer for! We started around the same time and I remember seeing your stuff everywhere, Chris heads still had polas of you in his book a couple of years ago. You could rock the hair even better now!

  3. Beautiful photos, you’re gorgeous!

  4. lovely i see the difference but too subtle you haven’t changed much .

  5. Wow, you look stunning – you really haven’t changed since then! x

  6. Love the picture especially since it reminds me of an era I well remember…we used to all SLEEP in our rollers back in grades 8-12, before the era of blow dryers and heated rollers. Yes, scanning photos is so very much fun. Such great memories!

  7. Oh my god, you look amazing! And yes, you still have the same baby doll face so you should totally do your hair like this again! :)

    On a side note, I just got back from a cruise, and found the Bee Mask package waiting for me at my doorstep! Thanks again! Can’t wait to try it out this week and maybe it’ll fix my sunburnt vacation face lol

  8. oh my god, you look exactly the same! Tell us all your secrets!=)

  9. You are so pretty. Love your videos as they are more telling than photos. Like seeing you in person. Also, I love your voice and accent.

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