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My Happy Coral Sweater

ruth crillyI wore my new Forever 21 jumper yesterday for the first time and it was so bright that I couldn’t help but feel happy in it! I suppose it helped that it was sunny and that the clocks had gone forward…

I was filming a video up on my roof terrace, from where I also have a stupendous view of London, especially through Mr AMR’s high-powered binoculars. (Don’t even ask.) I can see absolutely everything that goes down in the ‘East End’, let me tell you. (They had better get a jiffy on with those olympic preparations, because the outlook ain’t good from where I’ve been standing! Mud heaps and rubbish piles a-go-go.)

ruth crilly

I really want to give you a link to this product, but I’m afraid that the Forever 21 website is so ridiculously planned that I can’t find one. Perhaps this particular style isn’t available, I don’t know – feel free to have a look yourselves. Alternatively, for a less stressful experience, you could try pulling your toenails out with a pair of pliers.

I have been rather adventurous with my brights, recently (see the blondes wearing red post) and I do think that they can help to ‘lift’ a complexion rather than drain it of colour, as I had always presumed they would. So long as eyes are defined and the cheeks have a sweep of colour, brights aren’t that difficult to wear after all! I wouldn’t do them top-to-toe, obviously, but the odd flash is just lovely on an early spring day.

Any takers for brights? Who wore what this sunny weekend?

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  1. What lovely pictures! You look so good!

  2. i recently got a red dress though im not blonde but red makes me paler , It was in a new style i never tried before it had me smiling too .

  3. my email was all wrong :/ sent too soon

  4. beautiful!! absolutely love that jumper. hope you have a good day!

  5. Ah I have this same sweater! Amazing colour, I just love coral! Answer how absolutely happy you look in the first picture, like so blissfully in love! x

  6. *and! Not demanding why you look so happy x

  7. Ruth, you look absolutely beautiful in the first picture!! Totally gorgeous smile!! :)

  8. Love it! Looks so comfy and simple but still stylish :)

  9. Ooh, that coral sweater is really nice!! Really something that I could wear myself. It looks fantastic on you!

  10. I wore my new hot pants and my mum’s black tee. My mum’s tee, because I had been home after being hospitalised – after collapsing in public, in front of my bf, with the norro virus. It was humiliating and messy and not what you want to happen to you in public.

    However, silver lining to every cloud – I can now actually fit into my hot pants, and as I am now fully recovered, I am about to do my Davina DVD to maintain this flat stomach I haven’t had since I was a devil-may-care 18 year old who could eat 10 Mars Bars without a second thought.

    • @Rebecca Oh my GOD! That’s horrific! I won’t ask for the details, but….oh my God. Did you have to get an ambulance?! x

      • I don’t mind sharing the details, your readers might not want to read it though! Basically….the worst happened. But…I was unconscious and there’s almost something liberating about it. What’s the worst that can happen to me now?!

        Yes, ambulance had to come and pick me up and strap me in and stuff. I was well enough to enjoy that part but endless blood tests and drips not so much – I’m ok now though!

        • ps the picture this blog seems to have chosen for my profile pic is just about fitting for what I looked like….

        • @Rebecca bloody hell love! How long were you in hospital for?!

          • About 3 hours, I improved after the drips – it took a while of mother-nursing to get me back properly to health. Nearly there now. The sun is perfect for recovery!

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