My Happy Coral Sweater

ruth crillyI wore my new Forever 21 jumper yesterday for the first time and it was so bright that I couldn’t help but feel happy in it! I suppose it helped that it was sunny and that the clocks had gone forward…

I was filming a video up on my roof terrace, from where I also have a stupendous view of London, especially through Mr AMR’s high-powered binoculars. (Don’t even ask.) I can see absolutely everything that goes down in the ‘East End’, let me tell you. (They had better get a jiffy on with those olympic preparations, because the outlook ain’t good from where I’ve been standing! Mud heaps and rubbish piles a-go-go.)

ruth crilly

I really want to give you a link to this product, but I’m afraid that the Forever 21 website is so ridiculously planned that I can’t find one. Perhaps this particular style isn’t available, I don’t know – feel free to have a look yourselves. Alternatively, for a less stressful experience, you could try pulling your toenails out with a pair of pliers.

I have been rather adventurous with my brights, recently (see the blondes wearing red post) and I do think that they can help to ‘lift’ a complexion rather than drain it of colour, as I had always presumed they would. So long as eyes are defined and the cheeks have a sweep of colour, brights aren’t that difficult to wear after all! I wouldn’t do them top-to-toe, obviously, but the odd flash is just lovely on an early spring day.

Any takers for brights? Who wore what this sunny weekend?


  1. Ruth you like a little girl in this post so pretty and fresh look

  2. This has to be the most adorable photo of you yet.

  3. fab coloured tee, really uplifting great for spring :)

  4. Ruth, may I ask what size you wear in F21 sweaters (jumpers)? Thank you!

    • @Jennifer small, but I bought this medium for the baggy fit x

      • Ruth, thanks for the reply! I’m late in noticing it, but I wanted to say thank you because I ordered this same sweater after you posted yourself wearing it and looking so lovely; so, thank you again for your help regarding the sizing!) The medium fits me great btw! ;)

  5. That photo’s cheered me up proper! There’s something about your ‘grinning like a (very sophisicated and lovely) loon’ expression that’s really put a smile on my face.

  6. great color on you! it’s so uplifting and sunny. your smile is so adorable in these pics =)

  7. I love coral – you look so pretty and happy in these pics!

  8. Love the colour on the jumper >_<

  9. this gives me hope – I’ve been eyeing up bright blazers on NAP and again dreading the blond paleness problems!

    lovely lovely pics!

    • @Flick yes, I think it has to be exactly the right shade when you’re blonde – too pale and it looks weird, too bright and your face gets lost! x

  10. Last week I bought some bright coral benetton jeans and I want to live with them on! They make me so cheerful! Love your sweater Ruth xxx

  11. Ive been wearing my grey and coral one pocket cashmere sweater from Chinti and Parker with denim shorts and every time I’ve looked at that coral pocket it’s made me smile (I take full responsibility if you haven’t tried their sweaters yet) I love this sweater on you, you look so pretty when you have a massively cheesy grin!

    • @Talli going right there now! Chinti and Parker you say?! x

      • Yep, if you sign up online there’s 20% off….not that I’m trying to sway you in any way as they are still expensive but carbon neutral so it’s justified right?! I’m Just getting you back for all the money you’ve “made” me spend. I’m actually going to start writing AMR on all relevant beauty receipts to see how much spending I can blame on you. :-)

  12. Bright pastels are really on-trend this season, and I love coral (plus that smile!). I think blondes look great in orangey shades too. I wore a bright orangey v-neck this weekend over a light blue button down with a white contrast collar – very spring-like and warm. xx

  13. Pretty in pink! Go you! Great to finally get some sunshine vitamin and you look lovely and happy hurray!xx

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