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Luxurious SPF Treat for Early Spring

Omorovicza Complexion Brightener SPF20

What incredible weather we’re having in the UK! I mean, I know we say this every year, but it really is as though summer has come early. I have actually been sunbathing in my roof garden (not overlooked except by passing helicopters, so one can lie there completely starkers should one wish to!) and my skin has picked up a bit of colour already. I had a bit of a meltdown, though, when I realised that I had packed all of my SPFs away into an extremely heavy box that I couldn’t lift down from on top of the shelves, so I had to scour my moisturiser collection for something good quality to put on my face. I wanted something that I could wear beneath my By Terry foundation (which has no SPF) because I was going to be out and about in the sunshine, but needed to conceal my tired, slightly blotchy skin.

After a bit of dilly-dallying, I pulled out Omorovicza’s gorgeous Brightener. It seemed to offer everything that I needed: SPF, luminosity and a matte formula that wouldn’t slip in the warm weather. Omorovicza’s Complexion Brightener has had its thunder stolen (in my house at least) by the wondrous all-in-one that is the Complexion Enhancer. I have harped on about it loads – a beautiful skincare treat that imparts just enough colour and coverage to make it perfect as a light base. It also has a built-in SPF15. I wear it on a regular basis and always get compliments about how radiant and healthy I look when I do, so it is up there in my all-time favourite products.

But it’s the Brightener that I want to talk about today. This comes in a slightly smaller bottle than the Enhancer (30ml as opposed to 50) but has the same handy locking nozzle and luxurious, heavy packaging. It’s easy to dispense the right amount of lotion and, once on the skin, the Brightener absorbs quickly to leave a pale, matte finish. The idea behind the product, I think, is to achieve a porcelain effect with some luminosity, and it does this well. I do think, however, that unless you’re quite pale to start with the Brightener works better underneath makeup rather than a standalone product. It’s probably intended to be used underneath makeup anyway, but it’s worth mentioning that if you are any darker than ‘fair’ then you may end up with a sickly white cast rather than a healthy glow.

As a moisturiser and primer the Brightener works perfectly – the matte finish holds makeup very well and there’s an ethereal illumination that shines through the makeup to brighten and lift it.

I’ve just realised, though, that I’ve totally digressed! I wanted to talk about this as a sun-protection product, because that’s what I’ve been using it as. It’s actually very good at fulfilling that role; both Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide included to provide good UVA and UVB protection (that’s the rays that age you and the rays that can cause cancer). Obviously it’s a very luxurious product to be using only for its SPF20 benefits, but if you’re looking for something posh to treat yourself with, something that will go some way towards blurring imperfections and making the skin look more radiant, then this is a bit of a beauty. It contains Ruby Crystal (as do many of Omorovicza’s creams) to provide instant glow and other gorgeous bits and bobs to help hydrate and repair.

Wait for the bombshell to land: neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwKABOOM! It’s eighty-two quid. However, I have just spotted it on LookFantastic.com for £65.60 with free worldwide delivery. I have no idea why, or how long it will be this price for, but if you’re in the market for something decadent then this might just tickle your fancy!

Omorovicza Complexion Brightener SPF20, £65.60 at LookFantastic.com

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  1. Damn… I was really getting into your review and was considering trading in my QR SPF to get it, but £82 is a LOT for any skincare product.

    If it’s still on Look Fantastic at the discounted price when my shopping ban is over in a month though, I’ll probably cough up the cash ;) It sounds amazing.

  2. Oh Ruth, I love your writing style. I usually read your posts on the bus + the kaboom part of this one really made me giggle. The rest is very informative too of course.

  3. Ruth…thinking outside of the box perhaps. Could you give us some tips on safe sunbathing? A video perhaps where you actually talk to us, as in the one recently about food, diet, etc.?
    I burn, then if I’m lucky I’ll gradually be able to develop a bit of a tan with much work (in the past, mind you). I swear my freckles (along with the age spots) come out with just sweat and/heat no matter how much SPF is used. Such a shame since I’ve been working ever so hard on ridding myself of those spots. But looking at some old pix I saw a couple with a tanned face and they looked wonderful. (Of course! I was at LEAST 20 years younger!) But there must be a way to tan my face without destroying all the hard work re “hyper-pigmentation.” My Viamin D level has also suddenly taken a huge dip. I am determined to do some real gardening this year! Help?

  4. You have created a serious lemming for this brand here, and I have seen that they’re launching a BB cream now (115€ a bottle, no less, but that’s the price of beauty, sometimes). If you ever try it, I’d love to hear your opinion!

    • @Musing I shall let you know. They are truly, truly an amazing luxury brand. I travel with the Queen of Hungary mist wherever I go! x

  5. I’ve not looked into this brand before but your review has prompted me to go to their website. Some lovely looking products. Have you tried their new BB Cream? Sounds interesting x

  6. it’s already back at £82…and sold out to boot!

  7. Hi Ruth
    I’m getting married in September on a Greek island.
    Was wondering what foundation you would recommend (I normally like a dewy finish (i use Chanel vitalumiere) but its too heavy for summer and I will have a light tan – have heard great things about the Becca one what do you think of it- I only trust you opinion!

    Elly x

    • @Elly Becca is truly excellent. I think, though, that the ByTerry Sheer-Expert has overtaken it. It’s just so lush! xx

  8. Thanks Ruth. x

  9. Hi All Just to let you know House of Fraser have 10% off all Omorovicza products and I think this weekend bonus points if you have a recognition card!!! Thanks for the posts, Love this site Ruth x

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