Topshop: Have You Seen This Skirt?

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topshop skirt model

Dear Topshop. Or anyone, for that matter. Have you seen this skirt? It’s a houndstooth check “tulip” skirt and I want it. I need it. Why the hell I didn’t buy it when I actually tried it on, and liked it enough to take a photo of it, and tweet about it, and tell everyone I was going to buy it, I HAVE NO IDEA. Forgive me, for ’twas a moment of retail foolishness.

Anyway, Topshop (or anyone): can you help me? I need a size 10 and have trawled eBay to no avail. You must have one in a cupboard somewhere, surely? Can I come and have a root around? (Joke.) But seriously – I’ll pay over the odds for it. And if you can magically make my skin look as beautifully golden as it did in this picture then I shall love you forever. (Where an earth had I been? Whatta tan!)

I want this skirt, I want it times a thousand. I also really want the t-shirt too – that was one of the best tops I have ever owned. Soft, flattering, extremely attractive to moths. Therefore it is no longer. Dear Banana Republic…

39 Responses to "Topshop: Have You Seen This Skirt?"
    • Ruth says:

      @Genevieve I think all the links here are going to the same seller! It is the right skirt but in a beige colorway. I now have it in my possession and it’s beautiful!! xx

  1. UrielxXxEllen says:

    I hate that feeling. I went into Warehouse to try on a beautiful dress for a special event that I’ve to go to and then, I went back today to buy it and guess what? It was gone. Luckily I was able to order it but now I’m having to cross all my fingers and all my toes in the vain hope that it will be delievered in time for the event. Please pray for me haha!

  2. Samantha says:

    Gosh! You look amazing in that skirt and photo! Good luck finding it. Wish I could look as good as you in terrible fitting room lighting. Hahaha!

  3. Hazel says:

    Ruth, this is probably a long shot but do you know what nail polish you are wearing in that picture? (Stunning pic btw, would kill to have a tan like that) x

  4. AMR Fan says:

    You have such a lovely healthy glowing body! How tall are you? Oh and the skirt looks lovely! X

  5. Gty says:

    Just get another skirt, plenty more out there…not healthy to cling to material things.x

  6. MariaBent says:

    Sorry about the skirt, hope you get an answer from the site where you traced the twin sister.
    The end of your post was like a dagger through my heart…MOTHS! I hate them, two beautiful cashmere roll collar pullovers gone. Tried cedar wood and those things with a liquid you hang in cupboards to no avail. Only “awful creatures” (can’t say their name again) balls seem to help, but they smell terrible.

  7. Style Souk says:

    Is that a real tan, Ruth, or fake? I’m hoping the latter and that you’ll share the details. It is such a beautiful, golden colour.

    I’ll have a look in Topshop for you tomorrow!

    Sarah x

    • Ruth says:

      @StyleSouk it was from last year! : (
      REal tan, probs as I rarely fake tan. I use gradual now and then but that looks like a real one to me! x

  8. jo says:

    Hi Ruth…bad news…its a size 12!

  9. jo says:

    Denied! it is alas a size 12!!!!!

  10. jo says:

    I defo need to check we are on same page because mine is pockets, pretty high waisted, tulip shape, REALLY REALLY short, belt loops and lined. I would describe the colour as somewhere between navy and electric blue, and of course a houndsooth check. I can send you a snap straightaway if you
    mail me a number…….

    • Ruth says:

      @Jo I think that might be a little shorter than the one I tried? Does it look shorter than the one in my pic? Or about the same? xx

  11. Jenny says:

    Oh, you might have to convert the currency. It’s 35.60 USD, so roughly 22.23 GBP.

  12. Jenny says:

    Well, I’ve been there before, so I know how much it sucks to lose something like that. Good thing I became an online shopaholic!
    Here you go!
    I checked the measurements, so it should be a size 10 (68 cm waist matched UK measurements for size 10). The picture at the top is different than the ones below, and I don’t know the price, but this is the only one I’ve found so far. Let me know if it’s the right one. I’ll keep looking to see if I can find something else!

    • Ruth says:

      @Jenny YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!That’s the one! I just looked on their Twitter though to get them to check UK sizing and they have ceased trading for the time being! I might just email them anyway – thanks so much! xx

  13. Siobhan K says:

    This is so weird, i bought this skirt after I saw you wearing it in a post many moons ago! It’s an eight though, and i’ve worn it to death as it is indeed an amazing skirt! Xo

  14. noelle says:

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUgh I hate when you pass on something and then regret it later.

  15. jo says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I have this skirt in a bright blue houndstooth pattern. Am pretty sure its a 10…either way its really too short on me so goes unworn.

  16. Alexa says:

    You do look amazing in this photo! And it makes your boobs look huge! :D

  17. shelley bershof says:

    Dear Ruth,
    I like the skirt just fine. But I really want is to see more pictures of Mr. Bear!! I love cats of all shapes, colors, sizes, and ages! (I volunteer many hours at a no-kill cat shelter in Denver, Colorado.) I don’t have a Facebook account, though, is that where you post more info/photos of him? Sorry about this since it’s so off-topic, but every time I open one of your posts, I hope to see more news of him.
    Thanks, Shelley

  18. Vickie says:

    I want your body! Where do they sell those?!

  19. Susie says:

    Phew – I want that skirt too now ;) Sorry, Ruth, but I’ve sadly not seen or heard of this one. Good luck.

    • Ruth says:

      @Angela ah, I got excited then! No, it’s got a chequered pattern on the fabric! I didn’t take a close-up unfortunately! x

  20. MinnietheMinX says:

    Ah, the one that got away, story of my life. Good luck with search.

  21. There is a really similar one on ebay, but I think its a bit lighter than the one you have in the picture:

    I know how annoying it is to look back and say “why the hell didn’t i buy that??” haha xxx

  22. Christy says:

    LOL! That skirt looks amazing on you… why in the world didn’t you buy it at the time?!?! And goodness… I wish I had your legs! Gorgeous as always :D

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