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Topshop: Have You Seen This Skirt?

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Dear Topshop. Or anyone, for that matter. Have you seen this skirt? It’s a houndstooth check “tulip” skirt and I want it. I need it. Why the hell I didn’t buy it when I actually tried it on, and liked it enough to take a photo of it, and tweet about it, and tell everyone I was going to buy it, I HAVE NO IDEA. Forgive me, for ’twas a moment of retail foolishness.

Anyway, Topshop (or anyone): can you help me? I need a size 10 and have trawled eBay to no avail. You must have one in a cupboard somewhere, surely? Can I come and have a root around? (Joke.) But seriously – I’ll pay over the odds for it. And if you can magically make my skin look as beautifully golden as it did in this picture then I shall love you forever. (Where an earth had I been? Whatta tan!)

I want this skirt, I want it times a thousand. I also really want the t-shirt too – that was one of the best tops I have ever owned. Soft, flattering, extremely attractive to moths. Therefore it is no longer. Dear Banana Republic…

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  1. LOL! That skirt looks amazing on you… why in the world didn’t you buy it at the time?!?! And goodness… I wish I had your legs! Gorgeous as always :D

  2. There is a really similar one on ebay, but I think its a bit lighter than the one you have in the picture: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Topshop-Grey-Tulip-Skirt-Size-10-New-Tags-BNWT-/220985775080?pt=UK_Women_s_Skirts&hash=item3373c753e8#ht_500wt_1202

    I know how annoying it is to look back and say “why the hell didn’t i buy that??” haha xxx

  3. Ah, the one that got away, story of my life. Good luck with search.

    • @Angela ah, I got excited then! No, it’s got a chequered pattern on the fabric! I didn’t take a close-up unfortunately! x

  4. Phew – I want that skirt too now ;) Sorry, Ruth, but I’ve sadly not seen or heard of this one. Good luck.

  5. I want your body! Where do they sell those?!

  6. Dear Ruth,
    I like the skirt just fine. But I really want is to see more pictures of Mr. Bear!! I love cats of all shapes, colors, sizes, and ages! (I volunteer many hours at a no-kill cat shelter in Denver, Colorado.) I don’t have a Facebook account, though, is that where you post more info/photos of him? Sorry about this since it’s so off-topic, but every time I open one of your posts, I hope to see more news of him.
    Thanks, Shelley

  7. You do look amazing in this photo! And it makes your boobs look huge! :D

  8. Hi Ruth,
    I have this skirt in a bright blue houndstooth pattern. Am pretty sure its a 10…either way its really too short on me so goes unworn.

  9. UUUUUUUUUUUUUgh I hate when you pass on something and then regret it later.

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