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Topshop: Have You Seen This Skirt?

topshop skirt model

Dear Topshop. Or anyone, for that matter. Have you seen this skirt? It’s a houndstooth check “tulip” skirt and I want it. I need it. Why the hell I didn’t buy it when I actually tried it on, and liked it enough to take a photo of it, and tweet about it, and tell everyone I was going to buy it, I HAVE NO IDEA. Forgive me, for ’twas a moment of retail foolishness.

Anyway, Topshop (or anyone): can you help me? I need a size 10 and have trawled eBay to no avail. You must have one in a cupboard somewhere, surely? Can I come and have a root around? (Joke.) But seriously – I’ll pay over the odds for it. And if you can magically make my skin look as beautifully golden as it did in this picture then I shall love you forever. (Where an earth had I been? Whatta tan!)

I want this skirt, I want it times a thousand. I also really want the t-shirt too – that was one of the best tops I have ever owned. Soft, flattering, extremely attractive to moths. Therefore it is no longer. Dear Banana Republic…


    • @Genevieve I think all the links here are going to the same seller! It is the right skirt but in a beige colorway. I now have it in my possession and it’s beautiful!! xx

  1. I hate that feeling. I went into Warehouse to try on a beautiful dress for a special event that I’ve to go to and then, I went back today to buy it and guess what? It was gone. Luckily I was able to order it but now I’m having to cross all my fingers and all my toes in the vain hope that it will be delievered in time for the event. Please pray for me haha!

  2. Gosh! You look amazing in that skirt and photo! Good luck finding it. Wish I could look as good as you in terrible fitting room lighting. Hahaha!

  3. Ruth, this is probably a long shot but do you know what nail polish you are wearing in that picture? (Stunning pic btw, would kill to have a tan like that) x

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