cult beauty goody bag

Amazing Cult Beauty Goody Bag!

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*UPDATE: it seems that the goody bags have now all gone! But the free shipping (see code at bottom of post) is on all week.* The amazing Cult Beauty goody bag is back! The last one was pretty fab, but this looks even better! The bumper deluxe sample selection is worth £60 and includes: * [...]


Crilly Circa 2002

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I have been going through my old polaroid pictures. I want to scan them into my computer before they fade or get lost in the mountains of papers and old bits and bobs that I have hoarded beneath the spare bed! This polaroid is from 2002, I think. Perhaps even the end of 2001. It [...]

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AMR Featured: My Top Products

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A little feature on Creative Head’s website “Head1st” this week! Creative Head is a massive magazine for the hair industry, it has a huge readership amongst professional hair stylists, salons and brands and so it was a big honour to be asked for five of my top beauty tips! Some of you can probably guess [...]

ila-Spa Bath Oil for Glowing Radiance

ila-Spa Bath Oil for Glowing Radiance

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A while back I was asked by a reader (the lovely Sue!) whether I could recommend a rose-scented bath milk. I racked my brains, because I couldn’t think of one that I had recently used, but then I remembered the ila-Spa bath oil. This one has a little bit of a special secret, because the [...]

model wardrobe

Wardrobe Clearout (Ended)

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I don’t know whether this will interest any of you, but I was asked by lots of people to let you all know if I ever did a wardrobe clearout. And so, just to let you know: I’m having a wardrobe clearout. Lots of stuff on eBay, some of it for a couple of pounds [...]

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Preparing for a Lingerie Casting

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I did a written post a while back about how I prepared for a lingerie casting, and once the archives have been rebuilt I shall link to that from this page. But I thought I’d also do a video – mostly because the Youtubers have been naggling for one and I thought that it was [...]

home spa facial champneys

DIY Facial: Face Masks

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Remember the video I did about cleansing balms? Well this is the follow-on: DIY Home Spa Facials using masks! I’ll let the video do the talking… (You may have to click though if you’re not viewing via the site – sorry, but it’s worth it. I’m in a gown!) I have given details of some [...]

how to wear red

Blondes Wearing Red

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I have always really shied away from wearing red because I feel as though it drains me of all colour. I think that it’s a very, very difficult colour to wear if you’re blonde, too. I mean, if you’re really blonde like Gwen Stefani, you can get away with any colour because your hair is [...]