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Long-time readers will know that I adore Strivectin’s eye cream. (If you want to see all of the posts that I’ve mentioned it in, just type “StriVectin” into the search box, or you can read the actual StriVectin-SD Review here.) Some people have reported that they gave up on it very soon after trying because it made their skin dry, and so here I’d like to make a very general point: when you’re using skincare that contains active ingredients, your skin is often forced to act in a different way. If you usually just use soap and water (eeek) and then start up with some ultra-scientific regime, you are doing the equivalent to your skin as what sudden marathon training would do to a couch potato. The initial results may not be entirely pleasant. But unless you have a severe reaction, then sometimes it’s just a matter of pushing on through – common ‘teething problems’ include small outbreaks of pimples, flaking, dryness.

Sidenote over! Strivectin have a new range of called “EV” (Get Even). Consisting of just two products it’s a brightening range that promises to minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation and leave the skin more radiant and even-toned. The active  ingredient here is Niacin – we have talked before about Niacin, it’s the hero ingredient in NIA-24’s suncare.

Niacin (vitamin B3) gets right down into the skin to slow down melanin production and regulate the transfer of pigment (it’s the uneven ‘rising’ of melanin to the surface that causes us to see “dark spots” or “brown patches”). It also improves skin’s elasticity and barrier function and prevents the skin from losing water. So rather than just sticking on a regular moisturiser which will more often than not just sit on the surface of the skin, you’re helping the skin to hang onto its own resources. Which is why I rate the NIA24 suncreams so highly – they really help to treat the skin whilst protecting it.

I digress. The Strivectin-EV contains 7% Niacin as well as Vitamin C Actives (proven to be effective in fading out pigmentation) and so it should be quite a little powerhouse in terms of ingredients. I have no brown spots, so it’s actually pointless me trying – I did ask if I could use it as a preventative regime, but was told (very honestly, I thought!) that I may as well stick to the regular formula (SD) that contains the Niacin without the extra brighteners.

There are two products; a Brightening Serum for all-over treatment and a Spot Repair for targeted repair. Both have a pleasant texture and sit well beneath moisturiser (you need to make sure you’re protected with an SPF, which you should be anyway!) and only a small amount of serum is needed to treat a reasonably large area. Prices are £79 for the serum, 50ml, and £45 for the pen. I would be tempted, shopaholic though I am, to stick with the serum. If you want to target specific areas then just dab the serum on those areas – you can see at a glance how much better the “price per ml” works out!

Strivectin-EV is available from LookFantastic.com with free worldwide delivery.


  1. Hi Ruth! I love all your product reviews! Quick question, was wondering if Strivectin is also suitable for Asian skin? :) Thanks a lot!

  2. I was one of the few lucky ladies that won this product a few months ago. I have used it once a day since and its lovely to use, feels so light but moisturizing on the skin, i was surprised at how watery it was. I shall be honest and say that i haven’t noticed much of an improvement yet in my pigmentation areas but my skin does look overall brighter. Its a nice product to use, i like the ingredients in it, it hasn’t caused me to break out or get dry patches and it does give a brightening effect but to date it hasn’t been a miracle cure for my pigmentation, i’m thrilled to have won it and enjoy it while i have it but i don’t think i would re-purchase. Thank you xxx

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