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**UPDATE: the winner is Youtube User “Nichola233″! If you see this then please get in touch – you can leave a comment here or catch me on Twitter! xx**

Howdee partners! (Shoot me.)

I have a giveaway running for my Youtube subscribers and it’s a good one! I know that many of you are already subscribers, but if you’re not and you want to be, then you can go to the A Model Recommends Youtube Channel page and subscribe there.

The giveaway is for one of the outfits that I wear in my Spring Wardrobe video, which I’ve embedded below. (If you want to enter then you have to click through to Youtube and follow the instructions in the info box.) You will probably recognise the red silk Cacharel dress from my post on Blondes Wearing Red the other week, but I have totally fallen head-over-heels for the other two outfits as well! The black Cacharel dress is exquisite – full, luxurious, like a ballerina dress – and I haven’t taken the Valentine Gauthier shirt off for days. It looks amazing with jeans and I can’t wait for actual springtime (without snow threats) so that I can give it a proper outing.

To enter the giveaway you have to come up with your dream outfit from Monica & Joe – as I mentioned, it’s a Youtube giveaway so you’ll have to click through to subscribe and/or enter! Just click the video and it should take you straight through – if not, click here:


  1. Hi Ruth :) Just wondering when you are going to announce the winner?

    • @Safiya it was a Youtube comp, so on the next Youtube video! I should have done it on the one just up – I’ll update the video and this post too! xx

  2. yasmine choudhry

    Hi Ruth,
    Happy Easter,
    Forgot to write my comment
    I would love Monica & Joe to have some casual shoes,they do have some gorgeous pairs but cannot wear heels anymore for health reasons so would be great if they did some of these
    I would definitely purchase these from them
    sorry Ruth another question on Alpha H, do you use this frequently, i have some of this but am worried it will leave my skin worse, recently been getting more spots, think its all the medication i am on i take 16 tablets daily, so think this may be the issue,do you think i should give this a go
    thank you Ruth

  3. Great video, squeal! Mr bear! Love the little snippet of him he’s soo good lol! Anyway loving the black dress so classic, I’m into dresses this year, so easy your dressed in a jiffy but you always look put together in one, but I’d advise the right underwear, well shape wear if you haven’t got the perfect figure like Ruth xx on another note I did wear aback dress to a wedding last year but teamed it with fuchsia pink shoes and wrap/clutch bag, :-)

  4. yasmine choduhry

    Hi Ruth,
    A great video some fab looks & great advice from you, looking good as always
    Great that they have an online help will probably irritate them too lol
    a great giveaway

  5. Please suggest tips for losing weight in the thighs. I used to go for walks with my mother or friends. But ever since I moved house I’ve been loathe to go for walks alone. Do you make it a point to walk everyday? How do you do it?

  6. Just have to say how much I enjoyed the random little Mr Bear moment in there – he’s like your little assistant on your shoots:)

  7. Just wrote my outfit – got carried away with the pretty blue 2ND Day “yoko dress chears”. Love that the Monica and Joe clothes descriptions are like little haiku.

    Love the cacharel dresses on you!

  8. I was just wondering if it is normal to suffer an outbreak of spots when first trying the Alpha H products? I’ve been using the triple action cleanser, revitalising moisturiser and liquid gold all as per the instructions for 4 days but am disappointed that I’ve suffered a couple of really bad spots since beginnning the routine :(

    • @Ruth yes. I get terrible skin whenever I go to something new that’s very active. I have a full-on face of them at the mo testing out another brand’s range! : ( I got breakouts for quite a few days with Liquid Gold, too xx

  9. Love that shirt. Looks great on you. You look lithe in the black dress.

  10. Dear Ruth,
    This question has nothing to do with this video but I wanted to say that it’s wonderful that you have reconstructed your website but why are there videos in the archive that are tagged as private and cannot be open? Like my old time favorite-“how do I get my glowing skin”?

    • @Ayla there was a copyright issue with the theme music that I used and it was easier just to take most of them down. When I start tidying up the archives I will probably remove those posts or at least the reference to the videos so that it’s not confusing! The Glowing Skin was one of my most viewed vids and I was gutted to take it down – I was going to re-upload without music and I can’t find the bleedin file! x

  11. Loved the video, Ruth. Thanks again for the inspiration. I doubt I could even fit into anything you’d wear so I’ll spare you the international shipping in case I could have won. (Ha!) I just wanted you to know that we subscribers watch the video, in some cases OFTEN (urrr..that would be me), in order to remember which things we were/are dying to buy next! (BTW: I’ve put your link on my blogsite…urrrr…how pathetic is that?)

  12. Hi Ruth,

    when you posted a picture of you what that dress before I thought it washed you out but MY GOD I was wrong! It looks stunning on you!

    Sorry about that, but thought a rectification was due (:


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