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Omorovicza BB Review and Reader Offer

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Omorovicza are offering A Model Recommends readers 20% off three of their luxury SPF Skin Enhancers. You’ve seen reviews for the Complexion Brightener (SPF20) and the Complexion Enhancer (SPF15) – if you haven’t, then just click on the links and have a read!

Both are brilliant – I use the Complexion Enhancer on a very regular basis. It gives a warmth and brightness to the skin with some degree of coverage, but the main reason I love it is that it has all of my skincare and makeup needs in one. I don’t need to layer SPF and moisturiser and makeup, and I don’t need to concentrate very hard to apply it as the coverage is light and the colour sheers out to match my skin tone. The colour, however, is on the warmer side – this might be very slightly too warm if you have pale skin…

Which is why I was excited to see that Omorovicza have launched a new skin enhancer – this one has been labelled a ‘BB’ Complexion Perfector and it has a paler finish than the Enhancer as well as an SPF20. I haven’t quite formed my opinion on BB Creams yet – so many brands are jumping on the bandwagon and bringing out glorified tinted moisturisers with very little extra benefit. Some of them don’t even have an SPF built in, which for me defies the whole point of an all-in-one!

Omorovicza’s version is spot-on, though; impressive skincare benefits that plump, resurface, boost cell turnover and collagen production and then on top of this give a gorgeous, flawless finish. The BB Perfector has a cooler, more luminescent glow than the Enhancer – it would suit fair skins beautifully, and to slightly darker skin it gives an almost ethereal sheen. It has more coverage than the Complexion Enhancer yet still feels as wonderfully light with a moisturising, dewy finish.

There’s a 20% discount for A Model Recommends readers on the Complexion Brightener, Complexion Enhancer and Complexion Perfector, so if you were working up to trying any of these then this should sweeten the pill a little, financially! Omorovicza sits very firmly in the luxury beauty bracket and the products are priced accordingly.  I’m going to be going for the Enhancer because it suits my skin tone so well, (and I’m down to the very last smidgen!), but if you’re fairer and want more coverage then I’d suggest the Perfector. Those wanting to achieve (or maintain) that perfect porcelain look might want to give the Brightener a try.

The discount takes the Complexion Enhancer down to a slightly more bearable £59.20 and you collect another 10% back in ‘Pengo Points‘ which you can save up and buy other products with.

The Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB (SPF20) is £80 (£64 with discount) from Omorovicza.com

(The code is AMR-SPF and is valid until the 22nd April 2012. It gives a 20% discount on the Complexion Brightener, Enhancer or Protector.)

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  1. It sounds great Ruth, I’ve had a bit of splurge recently, so very reluctantly will have to pass on the discount very reluctantly..otherwise I’ll be competing with Boots for products..I do have No.7’s BB cream I boutght the one for normal/oily as I hope with the warmer weather this lasts on my skin. No.7’s isn’t too bad.. but I do know what you mean they are all jumping on the re-naming their tinted moisturisers. Yours does have all the benefits in one.. which saves £ and stops you cluttering up the bathroom! so worth paying a little more for an all in one. x

  2. Ohhhh. I am so tempted by the complexion enhancer. I tried a sample once and it was just amazing!

  3. I do like the sound of this bb cream, especially if it is a paler version, but £64 is abit eye watering for me lol! I am fair and my bugbear is that they all seem to be too dark for me, I’ve just got the sanctuary bb cream in fair/medium and yes it far to dark, as is the garner one, anyone got any suggestions for a paler bb cream.

    • @LoveinanMist the TooFaced one from Escentual comes in Vanilla, that is quite fair, but I’m not sure whether it’s quite fair enough! x

  4. I’d love to splurge on your suggestions again, but I’ve already bought too much stuff recently. If anyone doubts Ruth’s skincare advice, you really shouldn’t! She’s given some awesome products recs to me and I love them all.
    Keep it up ;)

  5. Just to let you know that on Lookfantastic.com they have a special offer that if you spend £60 or over you get a free full size Thermal Cleansing Balm and Cleansing mit (worth £56) So if you like Omorovicza then that is an even better deal (plus they have 2 Omorovicza gift sets that you can save between 46%-54% of the RRP also) Wooooo hooooo! xxx

  6. I just reviewed a few of the BB creams on my CFS/ME blog, Ruth! Great minds? I love the Dr. Jart+. Sephora shows that it is carrying Omorovicza but when you click that you want it, it says that the products are not in stock. (Boo!) Soon I hope. BTW: Same problem with the DJV Beautinizer. Sigh.

    • @Upa booo! You know that Cult ship worldwide? I’ll let you know if they do the free ship again! x

      • Thanks, Ruth. Quick question which would be a huge favor for your readers from the States if you could answer this problem/dilemma.

        When non-UK’ers buy goods not consumed in the UK, at the airport we submit a form to receive the VAT for a refund. Lots of stores even do this, or much of it for you, with proper documentation (airline ticket, passport, etc.).

        How does this work with orders from the UK sent to the States? I don’t mind doing my fair share, but if I’m entitled to a VAT refund (a whopping 20% I believe) then it’s rather reckless of me to not ask for it. With the VAT of the item already included in the price of the goods you purchase, thus not added on when actually buying the items (in the States the tax is added on at the time of purchase so you can moan and groan silently right way) it becomes an “invisible” tax, easy to overlook. But it’s really a significant amount of money to just ignore, whereas calling/writing about it each time is just so …icky?

        Btw: cult beauty wrote me in an email that upon my request they did send in the paperwork for refund after I inquired. (Though I believe it’ll be a while before I can verify – paperwork takes time, I understand. But shouldn’t each of these large companies have it all down to a science re “foreign” consumers?

        Some of the joy of shopping gets a huge hit if each time you shop you need to go through all the phone calls and/or emails, each time feeling and sounding like an annoying beggar. Another company told me, essentially, “too bad.” Any tips or thoughts?

        Thanks Ruth. I know some non-UK readers may very well feel this way too. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer!

  7. Hey

    I just love Omorovicza products. I’ve been using them on and off since 2006. I purchased the Omorovicza BB cream a few weeks ago and I am loving it. It does seem a paler shade to the Complexion Enhancer as you say. I love their Gold flash firming serum and their Deep cleansing mask. I am going to reviews of them on my blog soon http://dannystokeshgb.blogspot.com/

    Very kind regards,

    Danny x

  8. Thanks for the review, Ruth :) I would love to see swatches or how it looks on your skin – it would help tremendously. I am on the fence of ordering the Perfector BB but not sure if the shade is going to be too light for me. I might be just in between the enhancer and the perfector shades :) At the moment I can get away with wearing Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B30 although it’s a bit dark. Not sure which one to order. I would describe my skin tone as light (light-medium in summer), warm undertone, combination type. It would be great if you include the perfector and the enhancer in your fav foundations for spring/summer :) I am your youtube follower :) x

  9. Hi Ruth! Thanks for the review. Do you think that the Complexion Perfector will work for somebody with fair skin? I am looking for a good all-in-one product for the summer but I am slightly skeptical that it has only one color (OMOROVICZA does not exist in Norway, so I have to buy it over the internet without trying it). Does it adjust to your skin tone? Thanks, Julia

  10. Hi Ruth
    I love your site, very addictive!!

    Just thought I’d let you know look fantastic are also offering a good deal with Omorovicza products – if you spend more than £60 You get the thermal cleansing balm and Cleansing mit worth £56 free. At least if you want to try you get two products for the price of one (ish)

    Thanks to your site I have found the omorovicza brand I think it’s amazing (sadly my bank balance doesn’t agree )


  11. Thanks for this Ruth! Don’t forget with Omorovicza (and some other websites as well) you get an extra 10% cashback with Quidco!

  12. I was just looking at this online a few days before your post and searching everywhere for reviews. Thank you!! I love Omorovicza’s products, especially the cleansing mask and Queen of Hungary Mist. It is the best facial mist in my opinion. Thank you for your promo code, my order of the Complexion Enhancer came with a free Glam Glow as a gift! Very pleasantly surprised.. I’m becoming more and more addicted to this line!

  13. Hi Ruth, I think I’m being a bit thick but is the complexion enhancer suitable to under foundation? I really like the sound of it! Do you think it is too dark for Chanel 20 type skin or would it be ok. Thank you x

    • @Amy not at all, you COULD use it under foundation, but it would be a bit of a waste! It has a beautiful finish! It would look warm on a 20. I am between a 20 and 30 and it looks beautifully warm on me, just ever so slightly tanned! x

      • Ah I see!! I don’t think I am confident enough to go without foundation as I’m having major spotastrofy on my chin, so perhaps the paler brightener would be a better option? Thanks x

        • @Amy yes, I would think so. Though..and I say this tentatively..the formulas are perhaps a WEENY bit better suited to skin that’s not breaking out. They are really luxurious! Just go carefully on the chin area! x

  14. Hi Ruth,
    I’d managed to get hold of a dew omorovicza samples from a more recent post of yours and fell in love with the bb cream. However, as a student £80 for a bb cream just isn’t doable. Do you have any suggestions for anything similar but cheaper? Under £30? Thanks so much!

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