Some Spring Cosmetic Eye Candy….

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This is basically the most indulgent video ever. I have had a bit of a mental block when it comes to making videos, so I just thought I’d do one of all the pretty Spring cosmetics that are floating about! These products would look good as still life photographs, with their brighter-than-bright hues and swish packaging…

luxury spring 2012 cosmetics

There we go! Oooh, how lovely and juicy. From left-to-right we have (and all links are below the video pane): YSL Manicure Couture Duo, Avon Coral Reef, Chanel Horizon Blush, Daniel Sandler Hot Pink Blush in front of that. Rimmel Polish, 2True Polish, YSL Candy Volupte Lipstick (LU-U-U-U-U-SH!) and then the beautiful Dior Riviera and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt.

This is a bit of a megamix video, but there are lots of bits and pieces to keep you amused including a lip gloss with a stripping lumberjack on the lid. (Mm-hmm, really.)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact in Beige 30: on counters from this week.

Dior 5 Colour Palette in Navy Style, 208:

Eyeko Skinny Mascara:

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Perversion:

Avon Glimerstick in Blackest Black:

Daniel Sandler Creme Blusher in Hot Pink:

YSL Manicure Duo:

Avon Polish in Coral Reef:

Rimmel Polish in 060 Hot & Spicy, Boots: £2.99

2True Shade 27, Superdrug

Dior Rosy Glow Blush:

Givenchy Magic Balm:

Chanel Quad in Eclosion:

Chanel Blush Horizon:

YSL Faux Cils Liner in Jade Black:

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Incognito and Riviera:

Chanel Lipstick in 69, Flirt:

Estee Lauder Travel Palette, approx £29 from Duty Free

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy, 10 Tangy Mandarine:

Estee Lauder Illuminator in Topaz Chameleon:

Urban Decay Stripping Lumberjack!!

11 Responses to "Some Spring Cosmetic Eye Candy…."
  1. Emma says:

    Was there a post about lip balms somewhere please? I may be being blonde or at lest imagining it, but I really need one and dont know where to start after Fresh Sugar! Xx

  2. lucy says:

    hi ruth! i went on a splurge today and bought the chanel horizen blush and the dior extreme in incognito (such a pretty lipstick!). are you able to do a post on eye creams? do you use them? i have sensitive eyes and most eye creams really sting so i’ve stopped using them but really want to find a good one. at the moment i’m using bio oil around my eye area as someone told me that kim kardashian uses it for her eyes but i don’t really know :)
    thanks so much in advance. also – i don’t know whether it’s an old shade but i bought an armani lipstick today in shade 502… soooo pretty! you should check it out! :) x x x

  3. Caroline says:

    Great Video! Cannot wait for the BASE and PRIMER video!!!Have you tried the vichy Neovadiol Gf??

  4. Abby says:

    Aww this post makes me wish we were going into Spring instead of Autumn in South Africa

  5. Debra says:

    WOW! This post made me want so much Dior.. Especially the Riviera lipstick, this isn’t helping my shopping addition!
    Gorgeous stuff :)

  6. Gaya says:

    Taking your clothes off lumberjack? Hahahahahaha! XX

  7. Romina Elorrieta says:

    Wow, Ruth!!. I see that we both share the same likings in colors and products for spring, as I already own almost half of the products you have listed here, and I absolutely love them all!. Maybe my personal faves are the Givenchy lip balm, which is absolutely amazing and have owned for a couple years, and the YSL manucure couture duo that I already mentioned to you in your Chanel vernis in “June” post. Now I really feel like wearing those shades!.

    Also, thanks a lot for posting the links to the sites where you can find the brands that you review. I am so happy to find out that most of them ship internationally and in euros, so you really have saved me from a lot of trouble!. I don’t like at all to order from the U.S. because things take forever to arrive here.

    Have a lovely spring, gorgeous!! :D

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