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Topshop asked me to talk about my favourite product from their range. I have to admit that I was torn between this highlighter and the cream blush in Neon Rose! Here I am on the Topshop website giving my little makeup tip:

topshop makeup tips If you’re tired of the pearly, silvery highlighters then this one has a very nice golden hue that warms the skin rather than leaving it cool. As with all highlighters, blend blend blend – you don’t want to look as though snails have just schmoozled their way across your face!

Sunbeam Highlighter, £9 from Topshop


  1. I have seen The Topshop highlighter and i have to admit , i believe it is worth the price. The only downfall is it doesn’t have the mirror in the lid like the gorgous cream blushs’. In fact majority of the topshop cosmetics range is beautiful , encased in quirky white matte packaging, with some scribbling on them. The nail varnish ‘gyspy Night’ is S-T-unning!! :)

    • @Harry15 yes! I thought that too – why no mirror? Such a lovely size compact and then just an empty lid! x

  2. I saw this today on their website! I was on there to buy a couple lipsticks as I’ve heard that they are fantastic quality, and when I was in there before I saw this highlighter, it reminded me of Nars Albatross which I’ve never owned but always thought was lovely. Anyway, I think Topshop p&p is a bit steep!

  3. Is it just me, or are these products from TopShop of real good quality? I think I might have bought all there makeup products except for this highlighter. And now I am thinking I want to try it out as well :)

    My favorite these days are the Lip Marker!

    Thanx for all your good tips!

  4. The Liz Earle has arrived and am really enjoying it. Surprised at what a difference there is between using the muslin cloth and a washcloth (flannel). Love the toner too. Thanks!

  5. Congrats Ruth! Well done. You do realize that you put me in agony almost every day because A) I want to try all these wonderful products not available in the US and B) London is my favorite city in the world, hands down. Combine those two factors and UGH! But seriously, good going!

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