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YSL ‘Top Secrets’ Beauty Sleep

model secrets skincareSomething both fun and luxurious for the dressing table; Yves Saint Laurent’s Top Secrets Beauty Sleep. It’s a two-in-one rescue cream for parched, crone-like skin. (I’m just being honest. We all have those nights, surely?!)

The YSL Top Secrets products have been inspired by the real problems encountered by beauty professionals; models who don’t get enough sleep or are permanently jet-lagged, and the makeup artists who then have to make them look amazing! I have a real soft-spot for YSL – it’s used so often backstage and on shoots that the scent of the products will forever be stuck in my memory.

The “Beauty Sleep” Restoring Skincare Palette is no exception – the face cream smells beautiful and it has a luxurious, cushiony texture. The lip balm sits on top in its own little compartment, next to a spatula for (I think!) lifting out the face cream. Word on the face cream: this is not some lightweight slap-it-on-all-over cream. It’s not greasy, but it is rich! It’s for seriously tired, dry faces – think ‘a bottle of wine and a flight to New York’ levels. The leaflet advises spreading a thin layer with fingertips, but I have been applying it to targeted areas and avoiding my T-Zone. For all-over application, I’d suggest pressing it in with the palms of your hands. This is not the right product to splodge on in thick layers, take a little time to apply it to the areas that need it. It’ll last a lot longer then too!

YSL 'Top Secrets' Beauty Sleep

How do you feel about the secret compartment packaging? I quite like the ritual of applying the cream and then the balm, right before I go to sleep. The pot feels very grown-up, the kind of thing I wouldn’t mind rolling down the aisle of the aeroplane when I drop my makeup bag. Unfortunately the things that usually roll are a) Tampax and b) tubes of breath mints. More often than not, both at the same time.

YSL ‘Top Secrets’ Beauty Sleep (30ml Cream, 5ml Balm)  is £45 from Selfridges.com

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  1. Hey Prettyness. Love the post! I’m thinking of buying the Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat Foundation. I have oily acne prone skin (recovering from bad breakout) and am dry now cos’ of gylcolic treatments. Have you heard any goss about this product? Also the Sisley Creamy Mask With Tropical Resins. XX

    • @AMRFan I haven’t! I really want to try the mask! Which glycolic treatments are you using? They must have something else in as well as glycolic? My skin always feels quite moisturised after gly! xx

  2. I don`t think it will suit my skin type, and I`m a bit bummed about that, cus it looks so luxurious!! Maybe I`ll buy it and just look at it?! That way it will last forever as well, hihi =)

  3. I’d really like to try this so I went onto the YSL Beauty site to see the US price and they only offer this as a tube on the US site, with no lip balm. :(

  4. I just love the packaging; as always YSL delivers with the packaging. Don’t you just think that YSL have the best packaging ever?

  5. I got a sample of this a while back when I purchased their flash radiance primer. The MUA kindly gave me two and I have to agree with you that the night cream is just gorgeous! The scent is so lovely and the lipbalm is of a high quality too. Talking about things slipping out of places that it shouldn’t: I tried to discreetly take a tampon out of my bag in the library (was on my way to go to the toilet), and put it up my long sleeve jumper at the side of my arm. 2 seconds later it flew out of my arm, right IN FRONT OF THIS GUY walking past me, it didn’t help that the packaging was BRIGHT YELLOW. DAYUMMM was that embarassing!!!

  6. ahah the scene of the “rolling down the aisle of the aeroplane” sounded familiar, unfortunately!

  7. Oh my…how many words and thoughts resonate? “Parched crone-like skin” is right up my alley. However did you know? ;) Sleep deprived, I’m a severe insomniac. Why oh why is it not available in the US? Sounds like something with my name all over it!!!

    And the last YSL product you wrote of I loved…the primer with the built-in brush. Delicious. Thanks!

  8. a fan of YSL too! like their top secrets range, replumping lip balm (in tube), pore refining brush are good!
    btw i have combin/ acne prone skin, do you think i will suit the renowned alpha-h glycolic liquid gold treatments?
    really looking forward to your teen-skin video!
    love your reviews, as always x

  9. Oh Ruth, if you want to try a glycolic product that doesn’t cause you to feel dry, you HAVE to try the jan marini bioglycolic cleanser. It’s really amazing. I used to have combination-oily skin, but roaccutane has made it pretty dry-normal now. The cleanser makes my skin look like it’s powdery perfect!

    Also, have you tried the top secrets eye roller pen thingy? I quite liked it too! Makes my eyes open up wide! Or at least I think they do. Or maybe it’s just me. Who knows?


    • @B yes, LOVE the roller! I put it in a video a while back! Must try Jan Marini – always on the list, never get around to it! x

  10. Hi Ruth! Love this post. It makes me want to buy the product straightaway! YSL products always have such luxurious packaging.Do you think this can be used as a night cream?

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