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Estée Lauder Limited Edition Palette

Estée Lauder Limited Edition PaletteBefore you go getting all over-excited, this palette is a Travel Retail edition which means that you can only get it at the airport! I’m posting it up because I know that lots of you travel quite frequently – and there’s nothing like killing time in the Duty Free beauty area, is there?

The “Limited Edition Colors” palette is one of the nicest of the travel editions that I’ve seen – the five eye shades are all absolutely gorgeous, and of the five lip shades I would wear three on a regular basis. The eye shades are quite similar to some of those in last year’s summer palette, though a little more muted and sophisticated. They include Blazing Bronze (53) and Sepia Sand (18) which look amazing as everyday ‘neutrals with glitz’ and the three other shades complement them beautifully. The lip shades include the palest nude, Vanilla Truffle and also Barely Nude, both of which I own full-size, both of which I love!

So, if you’re at the airport and you need a little all-in-one palette (it’s very compact – the same size as a blusher!) then give this one a go. It’s £29 and comes with a brush and foam applicator but the velvet pouch would also hold other short-handled brushes such as the MAC travel editions or Japonesque’s eye brushes.


  1. It looks wonderful, and I love the size, but WHY would they put the shadows and glosses next to each other? In my world, that is a recipe for disaster — I always manage to get shadow in the gloss, no matter how careful I am.

  2. not sure if the comment is posted successfully in the ysl cream post,,
    just wanna ask if alpha-h liquid gold is suitbale for combin/ acne prone skin??
    thx ruth!

  3. Adorable palette Estée Lauder …
    Nice post….

  4. I also just got one of their travel face/eye palettes, really lovely colour eyeshadow and a nice peachy blush!

  5. Those colours are gorgeous! I’m not usually a fan of all-in-one palettes as the lip shades tend to be a bit sub-par, but I’d probably wear 4 out of 5 of those. So pleased to have found your site!

  6. There were two kits that Estee Lauder was offering, one for “cool” and one for “warm.” Since I have YET to figure out what I am (I do think I’m neutral and I do think I change constantly…even my eye color changes according to my moods) I ordered both. With this endorsement of Estee Lauder, I’ll have fun playing around with the blushes and eye shadows.

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