Origins: Free Full-Size Moisturiser!

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Tomorrow is Trade-In day at Origins! They have 5,000 full-size moisturisers up for grabs – you just need to take in an empty skincare product (from any brand!) and they’ll swap you!

There are two moisturisers available, the Age-Erasing Mimosa (worth £36) and the Perfect World with White Tea, (worth £32). Get down to your Origins counter early, though – I can imagine that these moisturisers will be snapped up in no time at all!

(Find your nearest Origins here:

15 Responses to "Origins: Free Full-Size Moisturiser!"
  1. Jayne says:

    Thanks so much for this Ruth! I got up early on Saturday and I got mine!

  2. Jewels says:

    Thank you for posting this Ruth. I love Origins moisturizer and never knew that they did this. I’ve been told that it’s an annual thing. Thanks to you, hubby and I marched ourselves down to Origins this weekend and took advantage of the offer. Literally, the line to get into Origins looped around the store. People were trying to collect multiple tubes, etc. It is amazing how crazed some people get when they hear the word “free”.

  3. Talli8cakes says:

    I got this in my daily email from you this morning. :-( (sad frowny face) as I was right by origins as well.

  4. Alex says:

    I got mine ruth! Thanks for the heads up :D

  5. Sammi wong says:

    arrrgggh! There’s no origins counter in Ipswich!!!! :-/

  6. Wiola says:

    Can I swap empty eye cream?

  7. Ireland says:

    Great offer but I won’t be near an Origins counter tomorrow either.

    I use origins a lot, I love the smell and have never been disappointed by any purchase.

    From experience I find them to be very generous with their samples, even when I’m only buying one item they’ll always ask if you want to try something else – wish some of the other counters would take note.

  8. julie says:

    On the print out it says april 22?

  9. yasmine choudhry says:

    hi ruth,
    what a fab freebie, cannot get this as i am housebound, shame as i really want to try this brand too

  10. Vvn says:

    oooh, yesss pleaaaaaase!!

  11. Upa says:

    What an incredibly brilliant idea! Does this happen often in the UK?

  12. Brilliant!
    Thank you very much Ms Crilly for the heads up!!
    Shall try the Boots in Westfield : ) xx

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