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Ask Your Burning Skincare Questions!

Dr Murad

Last week I met the amazing Dr Murad (of Murad skincare products) at his offices in El Segundo, California. He was truly inspirational in his approach to skincare, talking to me about how eating habits and stress play the most important part when it comes to our skin. For a man with a large (and very popular) range of skincare products to his name, he barely spoke about topical treatments – we talked at length about environmental stresses, about the way that adults rarely have time for proper relaxation these days and about the importance of a good diet. The Doctor spoke sense!

Anyway, predictably, I was fashionably late. Bloody L.A. traffic! So I didn’t get to ask Dr Murad all of the questions that I wanted to. Kindly though (and he rarely does this, so I feel honoured!) he has agreed to answer ten reader questions about skin and skincare. Perhaps you have a skin complaint that you can’t seem to shift, or you’re struggling to know which products are right for your skin. Maybe you’re skin has suddenly gone haywire and you don’t know what to do – or it could be that you’re undergoing some kind of hormonal change and you’re at a loss to know how to handle your skin. If you have a question then now is the time to ask it! You have a world-class skin doctor at your disposal, so ask away!

Obviously I can only choose ten questions, so what I’m going to do is pick the most frequently asked and those that will be helpful to the biggest number of people. I think that this is the fairest way of deciding! I’ll try and word the questions so that Dr Murad’s answers are relevant to lots of you rather than just one person, so please don’t be offended if I choose your question but jumble the words a little – this is an incredible opportunity and I want to make the most of it!

I’m sending Dr Murad the questions next week, so please leave a comment below with your question as soon as you can and I’ll get sorting. I’ll be posting the questions and answers one-by-one over the course of the next few weeks as I have a feeling that the posts will be pretty lengthy! I also have an excellent video of Dr Murad talking about the effects of stress and diet on the skin – it’s really, really interesting so I’ll get that published for you too.

This weekend I’m getting started on Dr Murad’s book, The Water Secret. I’ll let you know how it is! It’s here on Amazon- The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

Start asking your burning questions now!

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  1. I’ve had these small bumps on my forehead for as long as I can remember. No matter what products I use (I’ve tried being gentle, doing AHA’s, exfoliating, etc) they don’t seem to disappear. If you could explain to me what they are and how to get rid of them (products, or maybe there’s something in my diet causing this?). I just want a smooth forehead!

    • I also have this problem and would love to know how to fix it.:)

      • Me too, they’re kind of whiteish but not spots, mine spread down my temples and jawline and really frustrate me.

    • I have the same problem!

      • They could be milia? .. Small hard white spots that don’t budge? Don’t try squeezing them (scar easily and they’re under the skin).. Go to a facialist who is trained in removing them and use liquid gold! Worked for me no end :-)

    • I have these too! Actually, mine started up only recently and my skin on my forehead has also gotten quite oily lately. Would love to hear a solution!

      • I would LOVE to know the answer to this too! Mine just suddenly appeared ALL over my face and neck. I’ve started using alpha h now but would love to know the answer to solving this. Pick this question Ruth!!! Xx

        • Me too!! Bumps under the skin on my forehead.. I suspect its a type of skin allergy maybe… from either products or environmental stressors… I would love to get this answered!! thanks Ruth <3

    • i have had this problem as well! i went to my doctor who prescribed a retinoid and also clindamycin a bacteria killing solution. everything was super gentle and fixed the problem!

    • Those bumps may be flat warts which are signs of one strand of HPV. They can spread to other places on your face and/or body. Eventually they will go away, but that might take years.
      Talk to a dermatologist.

  2. Julia Koscielskij

    I am 25 years old and almost 3 months ago I gave birth to my little baby boy William. I decided to breast feed since it is so good for him and convinient.
    Now, my skin is acting crazy. I have patches of severe breakouts, some of them are swollen bymps that hurt or itch. I never had them before so I am blaming the hormones.
    My question is: What can I use that is also safe for the baby?
    I really need help. I don’t feel confident enough to go out of the house :(

  3. I believe I thoroughly cleanse my skin, however I still manage to get spots growing underneath my skin/ have clogged pores. When i extract them they appear to be white pust like dirt or whiteheads. Especially on my forehead, between my eyebrows is the worse, and around my nose. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks

    • I have this problem too. However sometimes the dirt that comes our look like grains of dried oil. I did a quick search on the net and I think these bumps are called microcomedones and they appear due to lack of exfoliation

    • I have this provlem too. However sometimes the dirt the comes out are grains of dried oil. Did a quick search on the net a while ago and i think the bumps are called microcomedones and appear due to lack of exfoliation…

  4. I have excessively oily skin. Nothing will mattify it for long.
    I had terrible ance which has finally calmed down after years of failed treatment but I am left with small blackheads over my cheeks. What can treat those and the oiliness?

  5. It’s all about sunshine…

    I would like to ask Dr Murad if it’s true that a short (approx 15 mins) unprotected spell in the sun each day is beneficial to reap the health & vitamin D effects from those warming rays OR is he of the opinion that it’s vital to wear sunscreen all day, every day? And if so can he recommend a fairly priced chemical/ paraben free and importantly nano particle free brand – as there now are so many things to worry about when choosing a healthy sunscreen, it’s so confusing!!

    Many thanks for your time


  6. Hi, Recently i have had the worst breakout of pimples around my chin and mouth that just won’t go away. I am currently studying in my final year at school so i know stress is a factor of the break out. I eat really well but still I seem to be covered in Pimples. Is there anything you can recommend? (bearing in mind I am a student so I don’t have much money.) Thanks

  7. Thanks for the murad post
    My question is how do you avoid and reduce blemish marks on black skin. If he can help answer this he will have helped ease the concerns of millions of black and women of colour worldwide as this is one of our major skincare concerns.

  8. Amazing news Ruth! Can’t believe you got to meet one of the big players.
    I’ll be curious to see what questions make the final list, hopefully nothing silly we’ve had asked all over the internet a thousand times.

    • As the Doctor stressed good diet could you ask him what he suggests we should eat for beautiful skin? Lots of these excellent questions here are about treatment. I am interested in maintenance.

  9. Julia Koscielski

    Hi Ruth,
    I’m 25 years old and almost 3 months ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy William.
    I decided to breast feed him since it is so good for him. The problem is that ever since I started breast-feeding him my skin is acting crazy and I have inflamed patches of severe breakouts that itch and hurt and other parts of my face are super dry and flakey.
    My question is: What can I use on my skin to help with the breakout and especially the pain and itchiness that won’t hurt my baby?
    I would appreciate an answer because I barely go outside without hiding my face under tons of makeup or a scarf.

  10. WOW! that’s so great! i’d love to know what he recommends for sensitive skin that is constantly broken out, things with salycilic acids etc are too harsh for my skin and just dry it out!

    • saame!! i believe products nowadays have so much harsh ingredients and unnecessary stuff that only cause skin to be worse! id also like to know what to do with sensitive skin that brakes out :) any nice natural products?

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