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Sunday Tittle Tattle

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

Ah. Sunday. This time last week I was doing this:

breakfast smoothie

(Drinking a tropical breakfast smoothie at Kitchen-24 in West Hollywood.)

Get me! This time this week I am eating Weetabix with a bent spoon and trying to stop the cat from licking the inside of the fridge door. I lead a double life, I tell you. A double life.

Some bits and pieces for you that been overlooked this week:

1) Balance Me (beautiful natural skincare products) have a brilliant offer on at Waitrose at the moment. Buy any two Balance Me products and you get the Radiance Mask for free! It’s worth £18, so if you’re looking to stock up then now is the time. I like the Stella face balm and the cleansing balm!

 2) Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturiser. Marvellous stuff! I bought some in the States for $9.99 but it’s hard to get hold of here. It gave me an almost instant tan – I’m sure it developed within hours rather than days! No streaks, no patches and no horrible scent! I have found it on Amazon.co.uk: Jergens Natural Glow Express Moisturizer 120 ml

3)  Rollers. As in, those sticky clothes rollers that you never knew you needed until you got a cat. And it started shedding. And every single surface of your house, including your bed and your face, got covered in a fine layer of hair. I just can’t keep up! I’m hoovering twice a day! The Trixie Lint Brush has become my new best friend! I went to Ikea and picked up a whole pile of Bastis rollers (89p each) and refills (£1.99? I think?) and I’ve already used up two! Sigh. If you want to follow the exploits of Mr Bear on Twitter, then he’s here: www.twitter.com/FollowMrBear The little rapscallion.

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  1. I’ve used a couple Jergens body moisturisers, as their guinea pig last year, or the year before.. They are nice, but I did say to them why do you not do a gradual tan one? Because to me if I am going to put on a moisturiser, I’d like it to make my skin look glowy, rather than pale and pasty. How annoying that they do make one.. but you can’t just pop into Boots to get it. I never knew Balance me was in Waitrose!!! thanks Ruth so much useful info xx

    • @Mel this express one is great. There were LOADS of gradual tanners at the drugstore in LA, so much choice, and all under ten dollars! x

      • I may very well be losing my mind, but I could have sworn that my Jergen’s is gradual. In fact, I was sort of hoping for an “express.”

        I wanted to know, Ruth, the time table re expiration dates. How long are these gradual tanners good for (including Clarins), and well as, how long are sunscreens effective? It drives me nuts that “cosmetics” are still allowed codes and even those codes are not always available. (sigh!)

        • @Upa I keep things for years and they don’t seem to go off! Don’t know re tanners though, I don’t use them very often at all! x

  2. Mr Bear sounds a lot like my cat! Loony creatures, cats. Licking the fridge door made me giggle :)

    Oh, and I love Balance Me! Rose otto, mmm! Now to see if I can persuade someone to drive me to Waitrose…

  3. Bästis in Swedish means “best friend”. I guess it really is a suitable name for a roller in your case:)
    Well, in my case too actually. I wonder how my cat hasn’t become baldy yet after losing that much hair every day.

  4. I have been tuning into your blog for quite a while now; I am not a beauty blogger but you inspired me to have a go at a beauty tutorial – please take a look if you have time..

  5. Ha!! Warned you about the shedding, didn’t I? I have two black cats and one cream one so you can imagine how interesting my clothing is; not to mention the piles of fluff that build up regularly in corners of rooms and beneath skirting boards … the only solution I’ve found is to wear silk clothes all the time (the only fabric to which the hairs don’t seem to cling), and invest in a vacuum cleaner designed to deal with pet hair. Otherwise, just enjoy being a Yeti! xxxx

  6. Oooo love your sunglasses! Which ones are they? Can you show us some more photos of your LA trip? :)

  7. Ruth, re the cat hair; I’m feelin ya! Try the ‘Furminator’.

    It’s a special comb thing that gets out shedding fur in clumps. My cats love it and I get handfuls out every day. Reduces hairballs and furry cat-hair face!

    It’s normally about £27 but I got one for £12.95 on Amazon.

    • @Lou I have it! I have every brush and comb available! It is getting better, I think it was a phase…Fingers crossed! x

  8. How I envy your lifestyle! You need some tiring times to relish the good ones.

  9. Oh how I can relate re: shedding cats! I have five cats (yes, five!) and I can’t move for cat hair. Went out yesterday only to realise on the train that the back of my blazer was covered, cue me sitting on public transport frantically rubbing at it! Will have to get hold of the Balance Me mask, I’ve been meaning to try out the range for ages and this is the perfect excuse.

  10. I’m also a big Bästis consumer and, as seen in Mr. Bear’s twitter, also had to cover my sofas (that were so carefully chosen) with some cloths. All that pattern hunting and pillow matching for nothing:(
    The good news is that they do go through phases, the bad news is that even when they’re not in an acute phase (normally twice a year), they’re always in some sort of a phase… Have courage, new cat owner!:)

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