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Follow Mr Bear

Due to overbearing demand (well, about twelve people) Mr Bear the British Shorthair now has his own Twitter feed. It saves me clogging up my timeline with constant cat-related rambling (though that will inevitably continue) and gives him a chance to practice his grammar. You can follow him here: twitter.com/FollowMrBear

Here are a few little snapshots for your amusement. It has been a while since I did an update! The fat little furry fiend is now a lanky, long-legged adolescent who likes Parma Ham, Buffalo Mozzarella and the odd scrap of Rump Steak.

Here he is with his latest toy: the Treat Truck. Mr AMR fills the back up with treats, and Mr Bear chases the truck. They have hours of fun together whilst I hoover up all of the fur that flies into the air.

A sleeping picture for you…

..and finally, THIS is how Bear was lying when I Skyped home from America:

What a divvy! But I love him. Even though my life is being slowly ruined by cat hair!

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  1. I am not a cat person but I love Mr.Bear. He looks like a smart kid when he stares. His name is cute too.

  2. Hey Ruth :) You seem to love and care for your cat very much. Have you ever thought about having a baby? Kids give much joy and you would be happier seeing your child grow up and develop than your cat :)

  3. Yay! I love Mr Bear updates.

  4. Good God, I don’t think he could possibly be any cuter!! :D

  5. AHH hes so cute! :D xxx

  6. Oh wow the treat truck is such a wonderful idea and will help keep him fit

  7. @ Antoinette – get over yourself!

    Ruth, he is too lovely!

  8. I follow him already! :D

  9. Love Mr Bear, I’m not signed up to twitter but I think I might just have to now, he’s just too loveable!
    Personally I’d rather have a house full of kitties than kids any day of the week lol! Xxxx

  10. YES!!! I’m so glad that Mr Bear now has his own twitter feed! Looking forward to all those amazingly cute photos of him.

    As for suggesting Ruth with children…Er… It is random, looking after a cat doesn’t mean that one should progress to looking after children. It’s personal choice. I’m currently 22 and some of my friends (the same age) are talking of marriage whilst others would like to have kiddies in 10+ years.


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