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Follow Mr Bear

Due to overbearing demand (well, about twelve people) Mr Bear the British Shorthair now has his own Twitter feed. It saves me clogging up my timeline with constant cat-related rambling (though that will inevitably continue) and gives him a chance to practice his grammar. You can follow him here: twitter.com/FollowMrBear

Here are a few little snapshots for your amusement. It has been a while since I did an update! The fat little furry fiend is now a lanky, long-legged adolescent who likes Parma Ham, Buffalo Mozzarella and the odd scrap of Rump Steak.

Here he is with his latest toy: the Treat Truck. Mr AMR fills the back up with treats, and Mr Bear chases the truck. They have hours of fun together whilst I hoover up all of the fur that flies into the air.

A sleeping picture for you…

..and finally, THIS is how Bear was lying when I Skyped home from America:

What a divvy! But I love him. Even though my life is being slowly ruined by cat hair!


  1. yes, the cat hair can be horrible. my boyfriend and I have 3 in an apartment. Its a never ending ordeal. but mr. bear is so cute!! very adorable little face :)

  2. Just want to say I read your blog and really enjoy it but don’t often comment – I love Mr.Bear! And don’t even really love cats in general, but Mr.Bear is the cutest cat ever. I don’t have twitter but might consider just to see what Mr.Bear is up to!

    • Haha, that’s sweet! I’ll post more pics of him up here soon though xx

      • Oh my goodness I have just seen Mr Bear, how lucky you are to have such an adorable friend. I have a kitten that I rescued some months back after losing my Billy at the tender age of 23 all but two months. I miss him so much even after 7 months he was my best friend and we went through such a lot over the years and then suddenly he wasn’t well. Still he is sleeping peacefully now.

  3. Mr. Bear is adorable! What a sweet cuddly boy he is!

    Antoinette-Very. Strange. Comment.

  4. hahahaha yes I know what you mean. my life already is controlled by my dogs fur. I have a blonde spanador and I can’t wear dark clothes anymore and there are loads of little puppies rolling around everywhere….

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