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Model Skincare Routine: The Night Flight

Perhaps this one is a little obvious; but you’d be surprised how many people don’t cleanse and then moisturise when they fly long-haul. It’s probably more important to do a proper cleanse when flying than at any other time, because you need to moisturise well and you don’t want to be moisturising over a load of grime and makeup!

Flying fairly frequently long-haul (and more frequently short-haul), I have these little routines that I get into when I’m settling down for the sleepy part. I rarely get any actual sleep, even if I’m lucky enough to be in a nice big seat or bed, but I still treat my skin as though it’s night time. I’m sure it helps a bit with jet lag too, psychologically. It’s relaxing and soothing and a nice little ritual to make you feel homely and safe. Which is important when you’re on the go and your body clock is all over the place!

Models are usually absolute pros when it comes to in-flight beauty; more often than not, they have to get straight off a flight and do a shoot, so looking after the old face is a bit of a necessity. I’d like to say “steer clear of the alcohol” like every in-flight magazine tells you, but I reckon that’s just the airlines being cheap with the wine!


Seriously, it probably is best to stay away from the triple vodka and sodas, but if you’re like me, you’ll find that long-haul flights are one of the only times you can truly relax without feeling guilty, like you should be doing something useful. A couple of glasses of wine and guilt-free movie-watching is the pinnacle of luxury for me! (Just make sure you drink one of those 500ml bottles of water for every glass of wine. And an extra for good luck.)

Back to beauty. You’ll see some rather fabulous little Omorovicza minis in this video – they saved my skin when I was away! I don’t usually take Omorovicza abroad because the packaging is so luxe and heavy, so I am ever indebted to the Omorovicza trial kit with it’s plastic-packagied beauties!

I used wipes in this video because they were the most convenient thing. I’m not vastly enamoured with wipes; there are about 101 better ways to cleanse, but they are pretty handy when you’re on the move. I really like these ones from Klorane and there are a few others that I get on with, but in general I try to steer clear. So much better to have a proper, deep cleanse – but then I’m sort of dubious about the on-board water, too. Where’s that been? Where does it go? How many urethras has it passed through before you wash your face with it?


It’s another voice-over vid I’m afraid – I couldn’t sit there jabbering away to myself, not with Gary Newman over in the next seat. Or so I was informed. It all goes down in Air New Zealand Premium Economy, I tell you! On the way out to L.A. I was in Business class and I won’t even start to reveal the things that happen on those flat beds!


Product info and links are below the video pane – any questions, leave them in the comments! Do you fly regularly? Have any little routines or habits, beauty-wise?

Omorovicza Travel Kit: http://tinyurl.com/c3lk2ck
Nip + Fab Lip Balm: http://tidd.ly/520c6127
Pai Echium Eye Cream: http://tidd.ly/9c2e8abf
Murad Sensitive Serumhttp://tidd.ly/404289e9
Avene Soothing Serum: http://tidd.ly/d055047e


  1. Just skip the crap and use raw organic sheabutter after the face cleansing. Deep moisturizing protective and regenerating/healing. Raw sheabutter is the king of super luxury for your skin. as a serum you can use pure organic argan oil. You’ll love it.

  2. Hi there,,, I had stumbled on you via You Tube and after reading your reviews [very impressed] thought I would visit your website. This i Have to say is one of the best sites whereby you are providing non bias results… I spend a fortune on products ‘thinking’ this time this must work.. RIGHT?? WRONG!!!! You cant trust the sales lady,,, I mean if the products are so so good… How come they look years older then they are???? Please please can you recommend eye products plz…. I am 38 and have just started getting fine lines around my eyes and when I smile… OMG they look worse….. I mean I love smiling… who does’t!?? :-) Thank you so much..New devotee :-)

  3. Hi Ruth, great blog, truly enjoy the great advice and sheer wit! I have always struggled with terribly dry lips after taking Roaccutane as a teenager. Nothing except Vaseline has really worked, and even then, I know of the potential dangers of petroleum jelly and the fact that it’s just masking the dryness rather than treating it. I’ve tried a bunch of lip balms and chapsticks, but have seemed to get an allergic reaction to all of them (incredibly dry lips, burning, peeling…and well I’ll spare you the rest). I then tried Lip+Nip fix, which, as you know only has lanolin as the ingredient. Again, got the most terrible allergic reaction, so at least now I know what it is I’m allergic to (YAY!…I think).

    Well the main point of this essay was..do you know of any lip balms that are lanolin-free and effective at treating dryness? xx

  4. I love your voice-over videos-they make me chuckle, but in a good way! I feel like i’m watching BBC’s Walk on the Wild Side…but with a model.

  5. I’m not familiar with this brand. I will have to check it out. love new skincare <3

  6. I am so glad you did this video!!. I fly pretty often from Romania to LA and total time for the trip is about 16-17 hours. and I hate flying long haul flights soooo much. I feel icky, dirty, bloated and just overall gross. I try washing my face in the bathroom but it doesn’t help. were you serious about the washroom water? you think its that bad? :-/

    how did you make sure your hand were clean before? i find airplanes so dirty. my next flight is july 5th through London!!! :)

  7. Hi Ruth

    Have you tried Jo malone’s Green tea and honey eye cream?
    If so what did you think?
    elly x

    • @Elly I haven’t! I’d love to though! x

      • Looking for one that treats dark circles and was previously using the Sarah Chapman one but wasn’t impressed.

        Which would you go for?


        • @Elly they are notoriously difficult to treat but I do find that the StriVectin helps mine. I think it’s just about improving the general skin tone, the rest is hydration, sleep and genetics! Mine are terrible before my period, too.. x

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