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The Skin Clinic! Any Question Answered…

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Well I say any question, but in fact the lady answering them might not be that impressed if you ask something like “how do I get the lid off my moisturiser bottle?” Caroline Hirons has been running her Clinic for a while now and I have been watching it with great interest. Caroline has worked in [...]

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Please Note: I Am in LA!

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I’m off to LA on a bit of a business trip, though hopefully a pleasurable one! Please do behave yourselves whilst my back is turned – no stealing from the sweetie jars. I have scheduled all of the posts until next week (like I’d leave you with no posts!) but comment-approval and question-answering may be [...]

Model Skincare Secret: Deep Cleansing Masks

Model Skincare Secret: Deep Cleansing Masks

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For as long as I’ve been modelling (almost eleven years? Or is it twelve?) I’ve been using clay masks to help draw out impurities and keep my skin clear. I do find that you have to be a little bit organised with clay-based masks; they can be absolute dynamite at bringing all of the skin-crap [...]

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Dr Perricone’s Super Green Apple Breakout Solutions

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 I have had really yucky skin recently. First I was ill, then I was on two weeks’ worth of antibiotics, then the website got hacked and I was supremely stressed. My skin, usually so lovely and well-behaved (apart from a few days every month!) went absolutely mental. I mean, I just didn’t know what it [...]

Floris Royal Arms Diamond Edition

The Queen’s Perfume

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Who better to create a special Royal Jubilee fragrance than Floris? Did you know that Floris are Her Majesty the Queen’s own appointed perfumers? I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before – perhaps in my bespoke perfumery post – but Floris really are a brand with an amazing heritage, and a trip to their magical [...]

ESPA Gift With Purchase

Try Me…Secret Potions from ESPA

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ESPA’s gift with purchase is utterly gorgeous. The “Try Me..Love Me” skincare collection has been inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the cute little box is filled with four “secret potions”! Completely up my street. The four “potions” are picked from a range of ten, including Radiance Skin Mask and the 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturisers, and there’s [...]

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Quick Springtime Makeup – The Silent Movie

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I made this video last week and thought you might like it. I just filmed myself silently doing my makeup ready for a different video (the Best of Spring Makeup video) and then decided that I quite liked the way it looked. I was going to keep it silent and just add subtitles, but then [...]

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Tooth Whitening Things

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Mr AMR and I have been on a bit of a testing mission recently, looking at all kinds of toothpastes that promise to whiten and brighten. My dental hygienist swears that no toothpaste can actually whiten your teeth, they just remove stains, but every little helps, surely? I hate that overblown, whiter-than-white Hollywood look – I [...]