The Queen’s Perfume

Floris Royal Arms Diamond Edition

Who better to create a special Royal Jubilee fragrance than Floris? Did you know that Floris are Her Majesty the Queen’s own appointed perfumers? I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before – perhaps in my bespoke perfumery post – but Floris really are a brand with an amazing heritage, and a trip to their magical shop on Jermyn Street is … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Queen’s Perfume

Try Me…Secret Potions from ESPA

ESPA Gift With Purchase

ESPA’s gift with purchase is utterly gorgeous. The “Try Me..Love Me” skincare collection has been inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the cute little box is filled with four “secret potions”! Completely up my street. The four “potions” are picked from a range of ten, including Radiance Skin Mask and the 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturisers, and there’s also a chance for each … Read More

Ruth CrillyTry Me…Secret Potions from ESPA

Quick Springtime Makeup – The Silent Movie

ruth crilly fashion model

I made this video last week and thought you might like it. I just filmed myself silently doing my makeup ready for a different video (the Best of Spring Makeup video) and then decided that I quite liked the way it looked. I was going to keep it silent and just add subtitles, but then I got bored and thought … Read More

Ruth CrillyQuick Springtime Makeup – The Silent Movie

Tooth Whitening Things

youtuel toothpaste

Mr AMR and I have been on a bit of a testing mission recently, looking at all kinds of toothpastes that promise to whiten and brighten. My dental hygienist swears that no toothpaste can actually whiten your teeth, they just remove stains, but every little helps, surely? I hate that overblown, whiter-than-white Hollywood look – I think that too white looks … Read More

Ruth CrillyTooth Whitening Things

My New Bread Maker (Do Models Eat Bread?)

CBK250U Bread Maker

I have finally taken the plunge and bought a bread maker. Or bread machine, people seem to call them both things – I prefer ‘maker’ because it sounds more friendly. And there he is, my friendly little bread maker, sat on the kitchen worktop next to the kettle. You might be wondering how I went about choosing my bread maker … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy New Bread Maker (Do Models Eat Bread?)

Beware the Natwest ‘Advantage Gold’ Account

Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 11.29.04

I don’t usually write about things like banking, mostly because it bores me to death, but partly because it’s a private thing. We don’t like to discuss money or what we do with it and most people have their own little system that works perfectly well for them. They have their account – the same bank that they’ve banked with … Read More

Ruth CrillyBeware the Natwest ‘Advantage Gold’ Account

Instant Love: l’Eau de Chloé


I have instant love for l’Eau de Chloe, the latest version of the original Chloe eau de Parfum. I have another version, the Rose Edition (see the Chloé Rose Edition Review here) but I don’t like that anywhere near as much as the new one. I loved it before I had even sprayed it – I took off the lid and … Read More

Ruth CrillyInstant Love: l’Eau de Chloé

RMK Cheek Palette – Do Not Use

15th anniversary edition

I hereby declare, by the state laws of A Model Recommends, that nobody in possession of the RMK 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette may take a brush to it. It’s far too pretty. The palette must be kept in its original condition and taken out once every year to be cooed over. Announcement Over. (Palette shown is in 02, Brown Beige, … Read More

Ruth CrillyRMK Cheek Palette – Do Not Use

Sign Up to Something Wonderful!

ruth crilly model photo

There’s a new way of following A Model Recommends and it’s the best one yet! A Model Recommends: Exclusive will give followers access to exclusive offers, giveaways and a quarterly newsletter packed full of special posts and bonus features. If you love coming to the site but just want more then this is for you! I’m so excited about this – … Read More

Ruth CrillySign Up to Something Wonderful!

Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion

Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion

Aveda have launched a new line this month, the ‘Stress Fix’. I had the pleasure of experiencing a hand and arm massage (part of the full stress-fix massage that has been added to their treatment list) using the body lotion, and I can tell you that it’s divine. Sometimes Lavender-based products are too overpowering but Aveda seem to have got … Read More

Ruth CrillyAveda Stress Fix Body Lotion