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Etat Pur Skincare Solutions

I was incredibly excited to hear all about Etat Pur when they first landed in the UK. They are really quite different to any other skincare brand that I’ve tried. Firstly, they exist only online. (For the UK, anyway – there is a concept store in Paris where you can play with product and watch demonstrations, but for everyone else Etat Pur is strictly an internet shopping experience.) Secondly, and because they exist only online, their product prices are incredibly reasonable. Thirdly, despite the fact that the prices are incredibly reasonable, the products are brilliant. So, just to recap: brilliant products, low prices.

Definitely different…

Just add to that little list the fact that Etat Pur’s products are developed, tested and manufactured by the Naos group, who own Bioderma and Institut Esthederm, and I’m ready to have a small heart attack. Could this brand get any better?

Yes! They have come up with a brilliant system for identifying skincare problems and then finding appropriate solutions – the personalised skincare prescription! You just fill in a number of questions about your skin and specify what your own concerns are and then you’re given a customised list of products. For someone like me, who loves filling in questionnaires, this idea is a dream come true!

I identified my skin as combination and I cited “First Wrinkles”, “Expression Wrinkles” and “Dark Circles” as my primary concerns. In the photograph above you can see a few of the products that were suggested on the prescription. I have been giving them a try and they are all brilliant. Etat Pur get you started with a solid, basic cleansing and moisturising routine to suit your skin type (I have the Detoxifying Cleansing Foam and the Micellar Water followed by two different light/oil-free moisturisers) and then they add in little targeted “shots” of skincare to treat specific concerns. So I had A06, Hyaluronic Acid, to treat lines and A08, Apegenin, to treat undereye circles.

I think that this is a very clever system – your skin as a ‘whole’ receives a very simple, balanced regime, whilst problem areas receive an extra ‘shot’ of treatment. Cleansers start from around £7.50, and my moisturisers are £7.80 each, which is so well-priced. The treatment vials start at about £8.50 for 15ml, but they are really concentrated formulas so you only ever need to tap on a few drops.

What do you think about this type of skincare system? I’m going to be reviewing products separately in the future, but I can tell you that I really love the way that you can apply products to different zones or areas of your face rather than treating the face in its entirety. Very novel!

If you’re looking for well-formulated skincare and you don’t want to be forking out for all of the extras like advertising budget and fancy packaging, then you’ll definitely love Etat Pur. The range of products is big but comprehensive (at any rate, you’re helped along by the questionnaire) and perfect for those who can’t hop across the channel to get to a Pharmacie!

The Etat Pur website is here: ETAT PUR

(Watch this space for a VERY exciting giveaway – you’ll be put out of your misery on Monday!)


  1. I read this post and was keen to try out their products, so I bought 3 products for my 3 main problems; hyperpigmentation, dark under-eye circles, and age spots (I’m 47). I have used them religiously for 2 months and I’m sorry to say there is no change in my skin at all. So all 3 out of 3 of these products have failed to make any difference for me. It’s a shame as I was keen for them to work…

  2. I live in Hawai’i so I’m wondering if the shipping will be sky high. I very excited about their skin care regimen! What mosturizer works best for you? Thank you so much for this wonderful information. :) Best wishes

  3. I have used their products for 4 months but stopped since 3 weeks now. None of their products worked on me. I actually live in Paris and did a personalized skin diagnosis at their concept store.
    I was advised to use their zinc glutonate and salicylic acid products for a month. After doing that, they realized it was the wrong products because I actually have a dry skin. So I bought 2 others products more suitable for my skin and used them for 3 months.
    I also tried the moisturizing cream and gel. I did not like the texture and there were ineffective.
    In the end, I didn’t see any improvement at all. It even got worse. I had breakouts and the redness got worse.

    Now I have a skin routine mainly based on clarins and avene products. And my skin is getting better.
    Too bad it didn’t work on me.

  4. This may sound stupid but I can’t seem to find the questionaire?

  5. Ruth, I always always try things you introduce here. Well, I’m in the State so unfortunately don’t think I will be able to try this product. sad… :(

  6. I’ve been using the Micellar cleansing water for a couple weeks now and I love it. It really does help to soothe acne-prone skin. I’m looking forward to testing out other products from their range. Still cannot get over how great the pricing is too! :)

  7. Do these products really work? I actually get stressed out in choosing skin care, there is many promsing so much but so far for me there has been none that has really improved my skin.

    • @Rachel what have you been using? x

      • Ruth,
        I haved been using ren the blemish prone kit at the moment. I have actually tried all the well know big brands. I am a tiny bit addicted to trying out face products. But since they all same to fail, I have given up in pruchasing them lately. I have even spent £1,000 on laser treatments and there was no big changes either.

  8. This looks like a fantastic brand! However I can’t help but notice most of the products they reccommened me contain alcohol. I always try to steer clear of alcohol, but what do you think? Is it worth the risk?

    • @Laura alcohol isn’t necessarily always bad, it depends how the product has been formulated…. Things like Liquid Gold, for example (my all time fave product!) has alcohol, but it’s very much needed in the formula. So, vague answer there! Which products in particular concern you? xx

      • That’s a relief hearing it from you. It’s so hard to tell what’s good and bad for skin nowadays, because of all the media scares. I mainly stay away from alcohol in moisturisers and cleansers. Maybe I’m just being too cautious! Might give them a go now. Thanks! :)

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