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What I Packed for L.A.

Here’s what was in my suitcase when I went to LA recently – it took me bloody ages to get everything neatly aligned for this picture! This little feature was for www.iampacked.com which is the blog for Air New Zealand. I flew out in Business and back in Premium Economy, and I have to say that their Premium Economy is a good few notches above any of the other “premium” cabins that I’ve flown in. Massive seats, brilliant in-seat entertainment and food ordering system, lots of levers to pull and buttons to press. Obviously business class was amazing – business class always is; flat bed, champagne dinner, pipe and slippers and all that jazz – but the Premium Economy stood out as being exceptionally good value for money. I might start “marking” my flights out of ten and posting the results for all to see – like a Which guide to flying!

If you want to see the feature in full with a nice large photograph, click through to the blog – link is below. I spent ages on there nosing into people’s cases, it’s quite addictive!


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  1. Oh this is going to be copied and recopied and plastered all over my house so I never, ever lose it! I thank you but I think Mr. Upa may send you a very nice present!

  2. i love your blog:)))

  3. Such a great post hun :)

  4. I loved this post – Can I ask what suitcase you packed it all in because I need to buy a new one! X

  5. I’m amazed you can pack all that in one little luggage!Thank you always for making all the fantastic videos and write-ups. You have saved me a lot of time on searching and testing products I want to try. We love you tons and tons xxx

  6. Everyone else has just selected a few ubertrendy items and arranged them in a haute-designer way. But you’ve shown everything you *actually* packed. Love a gal who follows the remit.

    • @Jennifer HA! I know, I felt a bit embarrassed that I took it so literally, but HEY! They didn’t actually just travel with a laptop and an apple, did they?! x

  7. which suitcase are you using? is it a rimowa? what type(cabin trolley)?? look like a small case, but so much stuff.
    love your blog, but even more your videos.

  8. Not wanting to mention ‘unmentionables’. But please tell me you took pants and socks? But thank God that you are indeed human – you took a pair of comfy shoes!

  9. Oh shit. New site to get addicted to, haha. Love your case!

    Enter to WIN my hotel, afternoon tea and beauty Competition!

  10. Yay, Air New Zealand!

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