A Model in Paris…

Bonjour mes petites! I am in Paris on a top-secret assignment that I’m not allowed to talk about. How very exciting! Good job they told me it was top secret last night JUST as I was about to tweet where I was and what I was doing!

I’m off to have a little walk down the Champs-Élysées to burn off the three croissants I just inhaled. I am utterly frustrated with the WiFi here – having paid an extra €24 for high-speed connection I still can’t get any videos to upload and I really want to show you my footage of Kate Middleton at the Audi Polo Challenge! I also have an “outfit” video and a makeup video, none of which are making it onto Youtube in one piece. I nearly got there with the outfit one, but it quit, annoyingly, at 76%. GRRR!

Right, bambinos, I have to get out of this room and into the fresh air. Please do excuse slowness in comment approval, normal service will be resumed on Saturday when I’m back. (Off to Hamburg after Paris for a modelling job. It’s quite a week!)



  1. Safe travelling Ruth!

  2. Love how you like to keep us up to date Ruth . . and on a similar note, im sure it takes a lot of time reading AND replying to all your messages, but I think that makes you that little bit more special ;) Love you videos and your blog – excited to see the upcoming videos! X

    • Thank you Sharan, that means a lot to me. It DOES take a lot of time, but I treasure each and every reader! x

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