Outfit of the Day: Paris Tuxedo Leggings!

Where am I and what have I been wearing? I knew that was the question on all of your lips!

I was in Paris doing something top secret and now I’m in Hamburg shooting Freundin magazine. It’s all go, I tell you.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this “outfit” video embedded before I forget to do it! It was my outfit that I wore in Paris to do said top-secret mission and also to go for a posh dinner. I’m wearing my Current/Elliott Tuxedo leggings which were one of the best purchases of 2011. SO comfy, but so chic with that silky stripe down the sides! Paired with a Reiss top, Joseph leather jacket and the trusty LK Bennett shoes. (I know I wear them all the time, see video for acknowledgement!)

Remember that you can subscribe to the “vlog” channel (which is still in its infancy) and the videos will appear in your Youtube inbox. Or something. Link is here: Model Vlog Channel

Sorry about the index thumbnail for this post, by the way (on the homepage) – it’s sickeningly sweet and twee. I look as though I’m having far too much fun!


  1. Ah damn, I’ll never recreate it myself then, I’m rubbish with electrical appliances! Thank you though:) it looks beautiful xx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous, how do you get curls like that please?xx

  3. OMG Ruth you look bloody beautiful! loving the whole look especially the makeup! must have a makeup break down x

  4. I like Current/Elliott Tuxedo leggings and I’m thinking to get one too.
    Ruth if you have a chance try Avedon Skinny Jeans
    by Citizens of Humanity. They are very similar to Tuxedo. Just more leggings then regular jeans and they are very comfortable and of course they come in so many colors ;) I just love them!!!
    But my all favorite is of course J Brand I just can’t get enough of them!!!!! :)

  5. Great leggings. Why nude shoes and not black shoes?

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