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If Chanel did facials…

If Chanel did facials, the treatment room would be a softly lit and fragranced with beautiful candles and mountains of fresh white flowers. As you waited for your appointment, there’d be gorgeous edibles; a Guava smoothie packed full of vitamins to drink and tiny macaroons to nibble on.

You’d be seen by an amazing facialist. Somebody like…oooh, I don’t know, let’s say Sarah Chapman. She’d spend over an hour massaging life back into your face, waking up the muscles and lifting the skin. She’d be so incredible that you’d start drifting off, dreaming that you were in Paris, dreaming that…

Oh hold on! Chanel did do a facial – on me! I went last week to experience the new ‘Hydra Beauty’ products in the best possible way that you can ever imagine! Boy was I pampered. Sorry if this all sounds a bit smug, but as I write it I am sitting in what can only be described as a BOX in Hamburg, hunched over the tiniest desk in the universe, so I need to relive the memories…

Chanel really had thought of everything when it came to a full beauty experience – there was a desk with a magic Chanel makeup mirror (daylight, candle-light, all kinds of light) and a selection of classic and limited edition makeup products so that I could re-do my maquillage before stepping back outside into the cruel world.

I couldn’t really bear to put any makeup on, though, because Sarah had coaxed my skin into a brilliantly polished and plumped version of itself. My face was glowing like some kind of beacon!

Sarah used all three of the new ‘Hydra Beauty’ products during the facial – there’s a Serum, a Gel Creme and a richer Creme. The products contain Camellia and Blue Ginger for their hydrating and protective properties and have been formulated to give the skin a dewy and plumped-up look. My skin certainly looked plumped-up (I mean seriously plumped!) but it also felt fresh and clean. Sometimes I exit from a facial feeling that my skin is moisturised but a bit ‘heavy’ with rich products, but this time it felt light and rejuvenated.

I can hear you saying “yes, but the products were bound to feel amazing if you had an amazing facialist performing magic with them!” and so I’ll tell you how I got on with the Hydra Beauty range at home. (Actually, abroad, but who’s checking?)

The range seems to work on dehydration rather than dryness – so adding water rather than oils. It follows, then, that the textures are all very light – after applying the serum followed by the gel creme, I almost felt as though there was nothing on my skin. There was no residue or slick finish – everything absorbed straight in. But whereas some lighter products just seem – frankly – ineffective, these did appear to hydrate and plump. Using them on alternate nights to my Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I found that in the morning my skin looked really fresh and perky.

The Serum and Gel Creme (and even, in fact, the richer Creme) have an almost cooling effect on the skin, so I can imagine that they’ll be a hit during the summer and in countries with hot, humid climates. The range has a simple aim, which is to hydrate the skin, and the ingredients are pretty simple too, but for those looking for a luxury moisture fix, the Hydra products provide a chic and fragrant option! (I know that some of you love fragranced products, but lots of you hate them, so it’s important to mention the fragrance!)

Anyway, I’ll definitely be using the Hydra serum and gel creme on holiday after I’ve been out in the sun – maybe I’ll even remember to “pop them in the fridge” (that old chestnut) for an extra-chilly sensation!

The Hydra Beauty range launched today, with prices from £50 at Selfridges.com and Chanel counters nationwide.


  1. Hello Ruth, just stumbled upon your page while searching for Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme. I bought the serum a few months back in August but haven’t used it yet because I’m finishing the Hydramax + Active one. Anyways, sounds like a lot of people opt for either the serum or the gel creme, do you think I should get both or is the serum enough? I always thought that you’d put on the serum then the gel creme?

    • Hello, i saw your comment and wanted to offer this tibit of knowledge, today while i was at the chanel counter the assistant talked me out of just buying the serum and buying the rich moisturiser instead as you either need a moisturiser or both, the serum does not work on its own as it is designed to work under the moisturiser

      Hope this helped

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