No Room at the Inn.

There’s barely any room left for me on my own chair. “No Room at the Inn”, you might say.

This isn’t because I have inexplicably piled on a load of weight, more that Mr Bear (the kitten, fast becoming huge) has decided that his favourite place to be in the whole house is wedged between my bottom and the side of my office chair. There are a number of problems with this scenario, here are just a few:

1) The chair is covered in the most hair-attracting fabric known to man. So now it’s covered in fabric and cat hair. Hence the need for the new Dyson DC-34 Animal Hoover that I’ve just purchased.

2) Mr Bear has to take his monkey with him wherever he goes (and chatter at the monkey very loudly for minutes on end) which means even less room on the chair.

3) Mr Bear insists on taking up extremely cute positions on the chair which renders me speechless with adoration and unable to throw him off.

He has got me totally sussed, hasn’t he?!

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  1. I never used to be a cat person until the arrival of a very cute british shorthair named Lotso. He is the spitting image of mr bear, but is blue and white. Mr bear is absolutely adorable… I just cant get enough of these british shorthairs.

  2. Okay. During my working day I ususally have one particularly large black moggie with the build of a breeze block on my knee, a lithe oriental on the printer (she likes to work the controls), and a paranoid birman/siamese yelling at me incessantly. Then the dog comes along ……..

    It’s no wonder I’m known as the ‘mad cat woman’. It’s like trying to work in the RSPCA! xxx

  3. Im such a cat-lady. I adore all cats! I will prob turn in to one of those mad ones in the future. My cat is my baby <3

  4. Aww… he’s a baby! Pets remind me of my son. He’s already 3 but I still love to cuddle him like a baby!

  5. I’m allergic to cats but love them. I will pat them, not touch anything until I have access to a bathroom then wash my hands. Mr Bear’s tummy makes me want to rub my face in it, which can prove fatal.

  6. Katerina Petrova

    You are so full of love Ruth, did you ever think about having real kids? They are such a joy, especially in the future :)

  7. I heart that cat and his squashed up face.

  8. Elizabeth Maiorana

    Oh my dearest Ruth, how these articles/photos of you and Mr Bear make my heart sing such songs … how adorable a pair you two are. I am nuts about that he has his monkey (how cute is that?). Thank you ever so much for these delightful pieces. He has such a marvelous life with you and your family. xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  9. That is so cute him having a toy.If its any consolation my vince seat steals,he also steals my side of the bed.
    He gets away with murder because of his cuteness.
    Remember the cats are in charge and we are there servants lol.

  10. He is very cute, but I am having problems getting my head around the angles in the picture, and to start with I thought he was between your knees until I realised that you were unlikely to be wearing jeans with one royal blue leg and one faded blue leg…I think I have got it now :)

  11. I know what you mean about Monkey, I have a naughty little Oriental Shorthair kitten who won’t go anywhere without her Noddy wash mitt. All was well until Noddy had an accident with the litter tray cue her literally screaming at the washing machine as Noddy went round and round.

  12. Awww, he’s ridiculously cute! I’d never get any work done if he was looking at me like that!

  13. Aww Mr Bear is adorable, I love him! xxx

  14. Oh my Lordy! He is so dam adorable! I would just be cuddling him all day long :-)Enjoy every single minute with him xxx Molly had a similar friend when she was a kitten to monkey except it was a paint roller lol! (the fluffy end bit) odd but hilarious lol!

  15. How cute is That! I have one at home too, she follows me everywhere around THE house.

  16. Awww! He is so adorable :)
    I know totally what you mean by the kitten ‘having you sussed’- my cat Felix has me twisted to do what she wants! …including sleeping on my pillow, leaving me squashed further down the bed lol. Perhaps the worst part is how I don’t mind!

  17. How cute is that…THE fact that hè takes his monkey everywhere! They are adorable, I have à british shorthair als well, she follows me around THE house!

  18. Awwww, he looks so squishy and scruptious I just want to plant a big fat wet kiss on his chubby cheeks!!! He is such a cutey, I guess he just wants to be close to his mummy all the time ;) Waaaaa…. I need to wipe away my dribbles now!

  19. Oh so cute! haha :) hope you had a fab time in Paris! xxx

  20. “Speachless with adoration”: couldn’t say it better! :)
    It’s amazing how many unusual places cats find to play, to sleep or simply to get a view from…

  21. Hehehe yes I think he has.
    I hope you can still get up when you want though…I’m recalling when cats pretend to not know I need them to get off my lap (pins + needles in my legs!).

  22. Over the years I’ve seen cats and kittens adopt all kinds of crazy positions for seating & sleeping, but I’ve never seen a cat sit like that! That’s endearingly eccentric. Mr Bear is cool ; ) x

  23. Awww he’s adorable!!! Give him a smooch for me:)

  24. I am not really a cat person, but I love Mr Bear!!! I follow him on twitter, but not sure why it’s not being in my feeds. Gotta check this out NOW.

    • @Thu he hasn’t posted recently, such a naughty kitten. I’ll tell him to get his act together! x