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Filorga Sale – Snap ’em Up!

It looks like House of Fraser are selling off all of their Filorga Products. I hope they’re not discontinuing, because that would be a real shame. Everything that I’ve tried from this French brand has been really quite amazing – high performance but with more of a luxe feel than some of my other favourite brands. The Sleep and Peel is great, but they don’t have it here – my tips would be the Neocica Interventional Cream which is amazing for post-peel skin or any skin that has been damaged of irritated, the Meso-C set (read review here) which is an amazing antioxidant and great for fading scars or pigmentation, and the Iso-Age Cream which is a great all-rounder anti-ager. Everything is half-price, so it’s a great opportunity to give this brand a try at prices that are edging towards the very-affordable.

Filorga is actually pretty hard to get hold of in the UK – le Guide Santé stock it but with extortionate shipping. You can order through House of Fraser and either get stuff delivered or pick it up instore. I usually get things delievered because I’m too lazy to go in! Link to the sale page below.

Filorga Sale at House of Fraser

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  1. Hi Ruth! I’m 20 and considering buying the Meso-C set to help with my acne scarring. I have quite a few blemishes on my cheeks and chin. Do you think this is ok for me to use or is it not appropriate for younger skin? Thanks :)

    • @Elizabeth yes, the Meso-C would work well. It’s also an excellent antioxidant – I used it in the mornings only. One bottle actually lasts for ages, just keep it well sealed and IN THE FRIDGE! xx

  2. Ruth, there are no Sleep Peels left because probably you snapped them up! Because when I checked last night- they were still there online.
    This morning first thing I went to House of Fraser- and yes, they HAVE DISCONTINUED the whole brand and there were 0 products left.
    I even tried calling them to see if I can get a chance of buffer stock, alas.
    I was so upset I even cried, because I’m a student and no way can i afford the whole priced product and I’m not going to France any time soon either… :(

  3. Yes yes, I know, I’m UK! But I only wanted the Sleep and Peel, as you said it was a bestseller and I really trust your view.
    I hope whoever got it enjoys it (

  4. Hi Ruth,

    I’ll be moving to Paris in the summer do hopefully they have loads of this brand over there.

    But would you recommend the Meso-C or Liquid Gold for acne scarring/hyper pigmentation? Alpha-H isn’t sold in the country I live in so I can’t ask for samples :(

    • @Daisy you could do Meso-C mornings day 1, Alpha-H eves day 2, Meso-C morns day 1, etc. Repeat repeat. Could be a nice regime! xx

  5. I wanted to order the Liss&go set, but unfortunately they don’t have international delivery. I wanted to buy it for my mother. My sister is getting married at the end of June..

  6. Filorga is amazing. First I bought Sleep&Peel. They gave me a sample of Optim eyes. I have dark circles and all that jazz under my eyes. I loved and bought the eye cream. Uber-happy with it.

    Yesterday bought the Meso Mask. It’s on my face right now. Can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out.

    Thanks Ruth for introducing me to Filorga.


    • My pleasure Denise! Let me know how the mask turns out, haven’t tried that one! x

      • The mask is interesting. When I put it on, it doesn’t tingle but I felt it was doing something.

        The mask kind of dries up on my skin (it’s usable around the eyes as well) and when I remove it my face looked as if I had a facial.

        Filorga says it’s beneficial for wrinkles but I don’t have any yet(I’m 29), so I can’t tell.

        I think the outcome is similar Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask but more ‘Filorga’ way.

        It’s a great boost for the skin when it gets tired. x

  7. Oh, I love Filorga, always stock up on their products especially their Optim-Eyes cream! It’s moisturizing without melting my bottom-lash mascara off

  8. Hi, you can get Filorga stuff now online at Marks & spencers, who knew?

  9. Don’t woorry MArks & Specer are selling the full Filorga range now !!

  10. Marks and Spencer now have the full range at full price. I too think Filorga is an amazing brand and have been using it for six months with excellent results.

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