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Getting ready for the Polo – and more pics of Kate!

Sorry to those who are bored of my Polo pics – I would have just put everything up at the same time but I have been away so much that it’s been impossible to get sorted! The video below the photos is a vlog with some footage from the Audi Polo event and some film showing what I did with my hair, what I wore, etc etc. I also did a makeup tutorial because it was quite a nice natural look with just a bit of added glam – I’ll be posting that up shortly. There are a couple of products used that some have been asking after, so hopefully it will be helpful!

Anyway, many thanks to HRH, Mr AMR, for inviting me as a guest (I would have been incredibly cross had he asked anyone else, let’s be honest! It might have been grounds for divorce!) and thanks so much to the people at Audi who make it all happen. I had a great day and a good catch-up with friends.

Video info:

Gradual Tanner from St Tropez is here: http://tidd.ly/80b9712b

Privé Root Amplifier is here: http://www.priveproducts.com/

Just because I know you’ll ask… Bathrobe is Marc Jacobs, bath towel is from Missoni. The cute lamp is from Lapin and Me: http://goo.gl/71qxk

Dress was from BA&SH at Monica & Joe (http://monicaandjoe.co.uk)
Scarf is Jaeger, shoes (the usual!) are from LK Bennett, bag is a Mulberry Lily.

Heated Rollers are “The O”: http://tidd.ly/89cd4024


  1. Oh my God,Ruth!!!You mean to tell me you were in the same space with Tom Hardy????I am somehow hoping you’ll say ‘no’ but at the same time wishing you actually did…

  2. Oh my God,Ruth!!!You mean to tell me you were in

  3. Hi Ruth,
    I am buying the Lily (it’s SO pretty!) I think but House of Fraser in Ireland only has a very small one. Also seems the only ones on the Mulberry site are the small ones. Is yours this size or did you get your hands on a bigger version somehow? Thanks in advance! Sara xxx

  4. Ruth, about the St Tropez gradual tan, do you recommend using a mitt or is it easy to just apply with fingers? xxx

    • I just apply with my hands and then wash my hands thoroughly! x

      • I tried using this gradual tanner the other day and it came out horrible! I looked like a tiger with a skin disease, all orange stripes down my shins. I exfoliate and moisturise regularly so I wonder what I did wrong?


  5. Am I the only one who can’t watch the video? It shows a completely black square where the video was supposed to be. I’m not with my usual internet connection, maybe it’s my problem…

  6. Love the reporting and the wedges. Bit of a odd question, but how tall did she seem in them? Thanks

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