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Old-School Glamour 2: Lancome and Jimmy Choo!

A Model RecommendsAnother “old-school” glamour photo for you before the full-length video comes out. (The first one posted last week and featured YSL and Polaroid.)

This time I’m in Lancome’s Miss Coquelicot and Jimmy Choo’s Justine Sunglasses. I managed to smudge the lipstick as I was filming, so it’s a bit “hazy” down one side – ever the pro, I tell you, ever the pro.

The Jimmy Choos are approximately €220 from JimmyChoo.com and the Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick is £21 from HouseofFraser.co.uk


  1. Beautiful! I love the new Lancome rouge in loves! Sequin d’amour is my fave – blogged about it yesterday. Miss C is next on my list!!

  2. Love it! You look fab! I know you don’t usually do hair tutorials but is there any way you could do a hair tutorial for the loose curls retro-glamour ‘do?

    • @Julia I can TRY, but this was an amazing hairdresser – I wish I could just have a hair stylist on call every day! xx

  3. Have you tried the Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer, is it any good?

  4. I rushed out to buy this today buy sadly they were out of stock:( it’s a gorgeous almost poppy colour to me, not that I need another lipstick, damn you and your power Ruth:p

    • Ha! I’m not sure it’s MY power, just a popular shade maybe! I’d like to think it’s my influence, obviously! ; )

  5. Ruth, My pocket book and I just want to thank you so much for turning heads to this lovely pair of sunnies! My first Jimmy Choo purchase ever and the most $ I’ve ever spent on any fashion accessory item. This speaks to the beauty/fashion/skincare influence you’ve become for me. ha! Tough call choosing between the brown and black shade choices online, but I went with brown as I think it will be less harsh against fair skin. This is the color Justine’s you’re wearing, yes? If I’m lucky, the sunglasses will look great on me, as well. ;) Xx

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