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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

I genuinely thought that I had written this review a long, long time ago. I can’t really begin to understand why I didn’t, or if I did (which I think I did), where on earth it has gone!

You’ve heard me go on and on and on about Liquid Gold. You must have done. Even if you have previously followed me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube but not here on the site, then you’ll still have heard me going on about Liquid Gold. (What is Liquid Gold? If you are at a loss – perhaps you’re a new reader, in which case WELCOME! – then you can read about Alpha-H Liquid Gold here.)

I use Liquid Gold (Glycolic Acid for those who don’t know and can’t be bothered to read up about it!) every two or three nights. I put a little of the liquid on a cotton wool pad and sweep over perfectly cleansed skin, and that is it. Nothing to follow, no other little additions, apart from my eye cream. (StriVectin, Alpha-H Absolute or Dermalogica at the moment, in case you’re asking!) There’s a slight tingling when the Glycolic gets to work (it’s an acid that exfoliates and helps to boost cell turnover) but that’s it. It is, probably, the one skincare product that I couldn’t do without – my desert island necessity, if you will.

Sound good? It is. The gentle but very effective exfoliation is kinder, I think, than scrubbing away with broken-up fruit stones and bits of plastic, and the Glycolic actually helps to increase collagen production, contrary to how you’d instinctively think that an acid would work. It’s great for helping to treat acne – the exfoliation reduces build-up of dead skin cells, helps to reduce the size of enlarged pores and generally just does a splendid job of keeping the skin clear. It’s also amazing for helping to reduce visible scarring, and, (most importantly for me personally) it’s a pretty powerful “anti-ager”. The skin is kept “on its toes” as it were, so new, fresher cells come to the surface faster.

Anyway, this was NOT supposed to be “Liquid Gold Revisited”, so I shall move on! You can get Liquid Gold with free worldwide delivery from BeautyBay.com.

Moving on. The Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum. I can only apologise for not having posted on this earlier, because it’s really quite an integral part of my beauty routine. I use the serum every two or three nights, on evenings when I’m not using the liquid. (This all feels very familiar writing this down, I am sure I’ve posted this before!) The Night Repair Serum works slightly differently to the Liquid. It contains a higher percentage of Glycolic, but it works at a higher pH so the acid does slightly different things. In fact, it’s not really the star ingredient in this show. The serum is formulated with Niacinamide, one of my favourite ‘wonder’ ingredients. It helps to improve the skin’s barrier functions so that the skin can hang onto moisture and it’s key in keeping collagen production ticking over nicely. It also helps to fade hyperpigmentation and prevent further damage.

So…bit of an all-round superstar, then, this serum! If you’re looking for a product that ticks a lot of boxes, then this could be it – lots of people feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of products out there for anti-aging (so many of them crap, too!) but this one has lots of fingers in lots of pies, so to speak. Wrinkles, loss of firmness, dark spots, acne scars, dehydration – it’s an amazing product to add to your beauty arsenal. Also, if you hate the feeling of the Liquid Gold and can’t bear the idea of not “moisturising”, then this serum could be a better option. You can apply a moisturiser afterwards (and apparently, should, though I didn’t for the first six months that I used it!) and if you can alternate it with the Liquid Gold.

It’s got a very distinctive smell, the serum, and I’m not sure what it is. A little like fake-tan perhaps? Anyway, for some reason I love it! Maybe it’s just because I love the product so much. You can see from my photo that serum number 3 is on its way out and 4 is ready to be opened…in all truth, there’s a long way to go before 3 runs out but I panic if I’m not stocked up, so…

Couple of side-notes here: remember to use a good SPF during the day if you’re using glycolic. You should be using one of some kind every day anyway, but it’s even more important that you remember if you’re using anything with this ingredient. Also, if you have sensitive skin then tread carefully! You’d be surprised how many people think that they have sensitive skin but are actually just stripping the hell out of it all the time – these people might be pleasantly surprised with the effects of the Liquid Gold, especially if they have acne and wrinkles or oily skin with dry, flaky patches. But if you really have sensitive skin that’s intolerant to many things, you may want to go very carefully or perhaps even avoid. And anyone who is new to AHAs (the group of acids that glycolic belongs to) should start off gently-gently. Once every three nights at first, then every other night. Then, if you’re truly addicted (as I am!), alternate the Liquid with the serum! I only have a night off so that I can test other things for review and now and then I stop altogether for a few weeks if I’m doing an in-depth test (as I have been recently).

Whew! Longest post ever. Sorry about that! I hope I haven’t bored the absolute pants off you all, but when I go all-out and say that I really love something, I like to explain why.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum is £49 with free worldwide delivery from Cult Beauty – this bottle will last for months and months. You only need one or perhaps two pumps to do the whole face and neck. I usually follow with the Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream (£33 from BeautyBay.com) because that’s what was recommended to me, but a good, no-frills moisturiser without any active ingredients to react with the serum will do just fine. I sometimes use a little bit of my Pai moisturiser or Emma Hardie Lighter Lotion.

**UPDATE: I wrote about Niacinamide a few weeks ago, for those interested: StriVectin EV Review)

**UPDATE 2: the serum is NOT suitable for use during pregnancy, just FYI!)

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  1. Love in a mist

    Enjoyed reading this review, I’ve been dithering over AH glycolic for some months now, my skin can be abit funny at times and was abit worried about this product causing a problem so haven’t tried it, I think a might give the serum a try first as it is a gentler introduction to see how things go, I think I need to step up my night routine lol!
    Anyway just thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on with my Omorovicza travel set.
    I’m a little bit in love with this brand now, the products are simply amazing, I adore every single one of them, which is unusual for me, the mist is heaven on the skin, and OMG the thermal balm is incredible, my skin looked and felt AMAZING after just the first use, so clean fresh radiant and soft, this is now my holy grail cleanser and immediately had to buy two full size ones as I can’t be without this now, im raving about it to anyone who will listen lol! the illuminating moisturiser is lovely on the skin, and the night cream has actually converted me back to night creams as I just used a oil before as every other night cream I’ve tried has been too heavy and caused breakouts, but not this – my skin is drinking it up and feels so conditioned in the morning, no adverse effects at all just soft plump skin, the only down side to them is the price, they are expensive but totally worth it IMO as they actually work, in fact I am planning on trying out a lot more from the range :-)
    I am so pleased to have found so many fantastic skincare goodies in one fell swoop and it’s all thanks to you Ruth, You had confidence in the brand and in turn that gave me the confidence to try it.
    Big hugs xxx
    Ps it doesn’t come with the little sachets in the photo, only the two free samples sent out with every order.

    • Oh I’m so pleased!!! It really is luxurious isn’t it?
      Yes, the serum could be the way to go. If you’re worried about sensitivity then the ingredients in the serum are far more forgiving – and niacinamide and some of the other ingredients can be brilliant for calming skin that could potentially go a bit bonkers… I love it. x

      • Yes very luxurious, but money well spent as its not being wasted on things thst are cheaper but dont do what they promise :-)
        Just a little incident I thought I’d share with you all …
        I caught hubbie handling the balm hed got the lid off in the bathroom yesterday lol! ‘what’s this omorowotsit? ‘ looks like crud from down the drain !’ he exclaimed! I was horrified ‘don’t touch it!’ I cried carefully extracting it from his clumsy man hands, ‘it’s just a cleanser!’
        ‘oh already looks mucky to me’ laughed Mr L In a Mist.
        Phew! the lid was safely back on, lol! Disaster averted, I imagined the beautiful glass jar smashed to a million pieces in the sink, it could have got ugly hahaa!

  2. Man I love that stuff A LOT but it does smell a tad funky…I’ve narrowed it down to arthritis cream or that deep heat stuff that sports people use to help their muscles.

  3. Hi Ruth! Do you always use additional SPF or is the one in my makeup enough to protest me after the use of Liquid Gold? If you use additional SPF, which one do you recommend? Thanks

    • @Julia because I use a tinted moisturiser, I rely in the SPF built-in if it’s just a usual (RAIN) London day. Otherwise, I have a few on the go. I adore Institut Esthederm SPFs, but they are more for sunbathing… Boots No7 do a good basic moisturiser with SPF and Alpha-H also do one that’s nice. You have to make sure that you really cleanse properly at the end of the day though! x

  4. Hello Ruth
    Could you tell me please what other products with glycolic acid exist?
    It sounds interesting and I have acne-prone skin. Thank you***

  5. I was expecting the answer to my prayers when I got Liquid Gold but I can honestly say it didn’t make ANY difference when it comes to my acne…. really disappointed. If I ever get rid of my spots I might try this serum to treat scarring.

    • Oh no! To be honest, it’s not a dedicated acne treatment, just many people find that it clears up their outbreaks and prevents further ones. I know that you have quite a stubborn case (I think? From what I glean from your previous comments?) and have tried lots of different things! What do you cleanse with etc? x

      • OMG Ruth Crilly remembers my case!!! Haha! Yes it really is a stubborn situation. I am cleansing with Mega Mushroom face cleanser or Origins Checks and Balances. When I run out I will buy a balm cleanser (what would you recommend?). I moisturise with liz earle Light or Origins Vitazing if I need the spf and use LQ every other night (Im going back to using Vit A after the summer, as it worked a bit better). I saw a small improvement with using homeopaty and now I’m on a crazy diet that does seem to help a little more.
        Thanks for the reply!

        • @thumbalins, have you tried calamine lotion? I used to have super stubborn, constant acne and had also tried everything without impressive results. A small bottle costs less than 2 pounds at Boots. Apply a layer of it before going to sleep (it leaves a white cast and is super watery, so not sexy at all… but it works). It will calm down the irritation in your skin and dry active acne super fast. I’ve used it for a week and still use it when I have a breakout. Good luck x

  6. Oh Ruth, I absolutely love your long blog posts so please don’t apologize for that!

    But I’m in a big dilemma right now. I just received my study funding and wanted to splurge on the Liquid Gold, but now I’m unsure. Which one would be better to try out first? The serum or the regular version? x

    Ps. My main concern is hyper pigmentation

    • @Daisy hmmm. I would say opt for the white gold, perhaps, as that has been formulated especially for pigmentation! I haven’t test it (have no dark spots) but it gets very good reviews… x

  7. Hi Ruth,
    I’m glad you made this post because I used the LG serum a lot a few months ago and noticed my skin was at its best. then i started trying something else (bad, bad, self.. always forget rule #1 which is follow skincare routine like a relegion) and guess what happened? yup, cysts are back on my jaw and chin. I think it was the Niacinamide, i didn’t realize this serum had it and assumed that by sticking to the original LG i’d be ok. Now I realize i need to use this one as well. thanks again! ps: could i use a balm on top of it? like darphin’s purifying balm? or would i be better off putting la roche posay effaclar H?

    • @Marie I wouldn’t, personally. You want to “trap” the serum to the skin but you don’t want to be putting a whole layer of balm on… Especially as it’s designed to purify. It might be a bit confusing! Just stick to a basic moisturiser x

  8. Hi Ruth ,thanx so much for the in-depth reviw.I was wondering what moisturizer would be good for combination skin. I break out if I apply heavy creams. Can u ps recommend a good moisturizer which is oil free. I’m 27 years old. Btw I luv ur cooking vids.u are awesome at everything .. Love lia.

    • @Liea I’ve been really loving the light Etat Pur ones, recently. And I have combination skin… Also, I have been using one from Lubatti (Orange & Jojoba) which I’m not sure is the most hi-tech one in the world, but I love the smell! (I’ll get shot for saying that…) Alpha-H’s Essential is good for combi too xx

      • Thnx for your recommendations. Btw wht do u think abt pai Geranium and thistle moisturizer for combination skin.
        Thnx so much for your time. Lia

        • I really like it! It doesn’t absorb so well as other creams but I think that’s because it hasn’t got so many added (unnecessary!) ingredients to create a nice “slip”. It’s brilliant for sensitive oily skin x

  9. I have been using Liquid Gold for about two weeks now and am quite impressed with it. I was wondering if you have tried the eye cream from the range? I am 47 so do have a few wrinkles in the eye area.

  10. Just a quick SPF related question….is it the alpha h daily essential moisturiser SPF 50 that you refer to in the article as being a good one to use? Also, when using that, do you need to use your regular moisturiser as well? For reference I have dehydrated, acne prone skin. Thanks!

    • @Han no, I was referring to the Essential Moisturiser. But yes, their SPF is great too. Just make sure you cleanse THOROUGHLY at night afterwards, especially if you’re acne prone. It’s designed to really stay on, so cleanse twice! x

      • Great thanks for the advice! Just quickly…I usually use darphin hydraskin light moisturiser during the day – would I still need to use that if I was using the alpha h SPF 50?

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