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Fornasetti: James Bond is in my Office.

Sorry, went a bit overboard with my title there! But do you like my image? I have decided that – wherever possible, and time permitting – I will try and provide my own images from now on rather than stock images. I used the PR images until now for simple product shots, because they were clean and clear and looked very pretty on the homepage, but I have got a bit addicted to messing about with effects on photoshop. So.

I’ve gone off-piste with this post already, it was supposed to start like this:

“I have James Bond in my office. Or, at least, it smells as though I have James Bond in my office.”

Intrigued? OK. Let’s start again, shall we?

I have James Bond in my office. Or, at least, it smells as though I have James Bond in my office. It is, in fact, a very neat little box of incense sticks, which is something of an anticlimax, I suppose, but actually good news when you hear what I have to say next. THESE INCENSE STICKS SMELL AMAZING! AMAZING I TELL YOU!

They smell just like (I imagine, in my wildest fantasies) James Bond. Have I mentioned James Bond yet? Imagine him along with me, if you will. Here he is, coming into the office, wearing a dark grey suit. His shirt is slightly unbuttoned, he has no tie on. All day he has been cruising about town in his Aston Martin, spying on bad Russians and stopping off at private clubs for a quick whiskey and a debriefing. [Coughing fit, please excuse me.] He’s got that slightly musky, worn-in smell but he’s also impeccably groomed (obviously – it’s a fantasy, here) and you can smell his aftershave as he

Right. That’s enough of that then.

Fornasetti Profumi Incensi Profumati (did you get all of that, Mish Moneypenny?) has to be one of the best-smelling things that I have ever been lucky enough to have sat on my desk. Apparently, the ‘notes’ are as follows:

TOP: Thyme / Lavender
HEART: Orris / Cedarwood
BASE: Tolu Balsam / Incense / Birch/Styrax / Labdanum

but I’ll make it easier for you. It’s 007 just before he takes you


out for dinner. (Sorry, had to delete a few ‘passages’ there!) The incense sticks smell incredible in the box and I am loathe to take them out and burn them, but in the interest of thorough testing I have so far lit three. The scent is more ‘woody’ from the burning incense and the ‘James Bond’ note seems to disappear, which is a shame. I’m sorely, sorely tempted to take the whole box of sticks to a perfumer and ask them to make me a spray-on scent version, that would just be the absolute ultimate. Until then, I am just going to have to sit here with the box (which is very cool) and do some more daydreaming.

Decorative incense boxes with 80 sticks start at £145 – I have a feeling that you really need a box (or one of the scent spheres that Fornasetti produce) to get the maximum incense effect. I have a refill box, which is a much more pocket friendly (yet still firmly luxurious!) £45.

Stockist: www.united-perfumes.com

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  1. “It’s 007 just before he takes you”
    Ruth, this is the best selling sales pitch I have ever heard!! :-)

  2. Love in a mist

    Mmmmmmm 007, aston martin, monte carlo, ahhhhh if only lol!
    I had just woke up abit bleary eyed as I saw your picture if the box of incense sticks and thought what an earth are they, lol!
    Then pulled a face when I discovered they were in fact incense sticks, (previous encounters with then have always been foul smelling!)
    BUT THEN comes in James Bond, oh yes now I’m interested, VERY! If these are what JB smells like, and i would imagine they do, up very very close, just on his neck under the unbuttoned shirt collar as you slip your hand under it …….. Ahem anyway just filling in the blank passages lol! then I must have them!
    What a glorious read your fantasy was on a Sunday morning in bed, loving it!
    I’m sure sales of these will rocket now – perhaps you should contact their PR dept and give them a warning haha xx

  3. Your description has totally made me want this. WANT! *swoon*

  4. One of the funniest things I’ve read in a while! :)

  5. Sounds very intriguing ! :)

  6. both shaken and stirred!

    always though that Mr Bond smelled like Aqua di Parma (my own personal male catnip).

    I shall have to get some of this …

  7. Hi Ruth,
    I know this is completely irrelevant, but can you suggest me an authorised retailer of Skinceuticals here in the UK? Wanting to get the CE Ferulic for my mom and since I’m gonna spend like a fortune for it, I wanna make sure it’s authentic =) Thank you very much!

  8. That company should hire you ASAP. Nearly pissed my pants there, Ruthie!

  9. hahaha this was so good! I never imagined what James Bond would smell like. I guess I will find out if I ever come across one of these incense boxes.

    It’s a shame that so often the incenses burning don’t smell as the sticks do. Perhaps they’ll come up with some perfumed oils that you can burn in a distiller *take the hint, Fornasetti*

  10. Shaken and stirred! That’s moi! Superb produt description Ruth. Glad to know Le Bond still appeals to some women today.

    I’ve always thought Mr Bond smelt of Drakkar Noir. Possibly the sexiest men’s fragrance ever in my book. Yes I know, intro’d back in the 80’s, which may as well be the 1880’s. Some folks are such decade snobs. Anyway, DN also has lavender (synthetic) as it’s main scent. Not a fragrance you normally associate with men.

    Oh my. I’ve gone all warm and tingly …….

    Ali x

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