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Tom Ford Summer Collection Video – Foiled!

 I have been trying – and trying is the operative word here – to film a look inspired by Tom Ford’s beautiful summer collection. I direct you to the photograph below: the inspiration. It looks simple, really, doesn’t it? But it’s not! The products (shown above) are absolutely incredible but I want to capture that luminous, pale-skin look in contrast to the warm tones of the bronzer and the eye and lip colours. I know that a bit of post-production fid-diggery will have gone on and the contrast pushed and so on, but even when I do that on my finished result there’s just something…lacking.

Only to be expected, really, considering that I’m not a makeup artist! If I could do it as perfectly as whoever created the look in the photograph then I’d be hiring myself out! I think I need to practise that wistful, semi-shut-eyes look that the model has going on there. It’s not one that I’m well-versed in. (Cue 76 hours in front of the bathroom mirror pulling silly faces.)

So, attempt 2 will take place next week. Never has a video caused me so much trouble – maybe I’m just becoming more of a perfectionist! I’m going to experiment with some different foundations and illuminators to try and mimic that wonderful glow, and perhaps some single false lashes to create that “sparse yet sexy” look.

Please note that – although the girl in the photo is naked – I do NOT film this naked! I’ve got enough to deal with, thank you very much….

You will not believe how gorgeous the bronzer is, by the way – it’s the thinnest bronzer packaging I have ever laid eyes on! Really quite a little design piece. The bronzer itself is called “Gold Dust” and it’s brilliant for skin that hasn’t yet picked up any colour – it’s not too dark and it’s shot through with a glamorous gold shimmer. If you want a pre-look, then you can find it at Selfridges.com


  1. Hi Ruth! Charlotte Tilbury filmed this look recently. She used the darker cream from shade an illuminate palette for the eyes. Yes! I’ve been trying to work it out for ages.

  2. Hi, Ruth! When are you going to be filming the video? I am dying to see what you will come up with! Hugs, A

  3. “Please note that – although the girl in the photo is naked – I do NOT film this naked! I’ve got enough to deal with, thank you very much…”
    Oh no! We wanted to see you naked! That’s the magical trick of the natural look. LoL :)

  4. Love this!!

  5. First off, I’m a new subscriber and just adore your posts and videos! So informative and I love your cheeky sense of humor–smart as a whip AND drop-dead gorgeous, such a lethal combination. I went on a bit of a Tom Ford bender and fell hard for the gel liner, especially when applied to the upper waterline. It’s shot through with navy blue and just defines your eyes in an un detectable way. Love! Cooking your shrimp curry tomorrow — will report back! X

  6. lol, its a Photoshop. and i am sure your video/make up is beautiful and wonderful. thank you for your advice. have a question about the sisley eye mask, based on your experience does the product worth the price?
    thank you ;-)

    • @Medea it is one of my favourite products of all time. It is VERY expensive, so I always find it hard to say whether it’s worth a certain price – if £70 is your monthly food budget, then NO eye cream would be worth it! But if you can spare the cash, it’s a brilliant, brilliant recovery product! x

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