Five Great Lipsticks for Hollywood Glamour!

Ruth Crilly Model Hollywood Glamour

 Getting all arty with my montage there…

Five glamorous lipsticks, two pairs of very cool sunglasses. You’ve had a sneaky preview of this video already (recent posts on Hollywood Glamour) but this is the Real McCoy, so to speak. It’s quite self-explanatory, really – there are two very bright lipsticks (the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain and the Lancome Miss Coquelicot) and then there’s a nude (the Chanel), a peach (the Sisley) and a barely-there stain (the YSL Volupte Candy). I love them all, but I have probably worn the more natural colours and textures the most often. I carry the Volupte Candy tinted balm with me everywhere! It deserves its own post, so I shall try to get around to doing that…

All of the information that you could possibly require is below the video pane, but do feel free to ask questions!

Sunglasses are by:
Jimmy Choo:

Top by Manuka:

Sisley Lip Balm:
YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Shade 10:
Lancome “Rouge in Love” in Miss Coquelicot:
Chanel Rouge Coco in Superstition:
Sisley Lip Shine in Sheer Peach:
YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Shade 20:

I’m not wearing any foundation, just some NARS tinted moisturiser, see here:…

Ruth CrillyFive Great Lipsticks for Hollywood Glamour!

9 Comments on “Five Great Lipsticks for Hollywood Glamour!”

  1. pauline

    haha I just realised that the word “coquelicot” is weird in english (“cock-lick-o”)
    But it just means “poppy” :)

  2. Ruby Blue

    I’ve already got a few lipsticks from the YSL Volupté collection, but wow, the Pur Couture line looks even more amazing – I’ve been looking for a truly longlasting lipstick for some time now. But what do you use to remove it? Your remark about the stain on your hand has got me worried ;)

  3. Catherine VO

    Ive got the exactly same pair of Jimmy choo sunglasses :)) Why do they look better on u though ??

  4. Claire

    You look like a cross between Kate Moss and Lara Stone!!
    I have the Lancome one and find it so lovely! thanks for sharing! xx

  5. Upa

    Ruth, Ruth, Ruth…how can you keep sending us so many lovely products to drool over, and then add the kicker of a discount at Cult Beauty? If we didn’t love you so much, we’d have to do away with you! Now please excuse me as I consider how much damage to do to my credit card. xx

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