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A Chat with my Colourist!

For a while now, my tresses have been cared for by the wonderful people at Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden. I thought that it was high time I had a little chat with my colourist, John Spanton, and asked him exactly what he did with my hair. It’s all about the cool tones, apparently! John makes it all sound very easy in the video, but in truth he’s just an incredibly talented chap. I know that his colour is excellent, because even other colourists have commented on how good it is, and usually they’ll say “oh my GOD, who did your colour last?” before rummaging through my hair trying to find highlights that aren’t fine enough or that haven’t been taken up to the root. (Not all colourists are like that, obviously. Just the ones I know. Ha!)

Anyway, here’s the video. A nice little before-and-after for you and a chat about colour in between. Enjoy – and if you want more info on the salon and the 10% reader discount then you can find that post here.


  1. I realy admire your work very smart and savy girl ! good for you now from now on I will check with you before buying anything, so do you have highlights or low lights? and also can you recommend a good hair serum like for styling after washing its very humid down here in sunny Florida my hair gets really frizzy! much love xx

  2. Margaret Mchensky

    Hi Ruth!I don`t have any question, just come to say thay your hair is perfect!

    you are amazing and fresh beauty!

    love your colorist,such a pro.wish I have him in Moscow:)

  3. sorry to keep asking things but is john spanton a stylist or is he an artistic director or one in between??? x

  4. the reason being i want my hair to look less of a dull colour because apparently one of my best features is my hair but if there are any alternatives you can think i’m open to anything!! thanks x

  5. i want to get my hair done at trevor sorbie but its quite exspensive considering i want it all, do you recommend that i should go to trevor sorbie? x

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