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Beauty In my Lingerie Drawer…

Look what I found in my lingerie drawers! (OK, one of my lingerie drawers.) A selection of pretty things – what a nice surprise! The two boxes on the left contain French Talc and fig-scented bath “bombs” – little sacks of fabric that fragrance the bathwater beautifully. Or they did, they’re quite old now so I don’t know whether they will still be effective!

Does anyone else ever save up “special” things and then end up never using them? I’m always buying expensive lingerie and “saving it” for an occasion and then it gets totally forgotten about! Same as expensive makeup, stuff that I save “for best” and then find eight years later, melted and rancid. (Actually, this has never happened as most cosmetics seem to have a shelf-life of a billion years.)

The piece de resistance, though, is the Oskia candle on the right. It is SO luxurious – scented with Rose de Mai, it turns into the most sumptuous, nourishing massage oil as it melts. The oil is pre-warmed (obviously!) and ready to go – much nicer than using cold oil straight from a bottle. I think that this is a great idea and I love that the candle holder has a little pouring lip like a milk jug… You can find the candle on Cult Beauty – it’s £34.50. (20% off with code 20CULT until end of 31st May, 2012)

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  1. The candle/oil sounds like a wonderful idea! And yes, why do we save the “good” stuff?

    But I just realized that saving “special candles” like the one that came with one of the special kits from Elemis or Liz Earle (or someone “Ruth”) might do nicely as a scent for a drawer…unlit, of course!

  2. I used to do that, but not any more. My grandmother had a saying, “what’s the point of having nice things if you never make use of them?”.

    And that candle that melts into an oil? That’s inspired.

    Ali x

  3. i’m working on NOT doing that!!

    btw speaking of lingerie,did you know that statistically a woman on average owns 9 bras, of which she only wears 6! here are a few other interesting facts:


  4. I always hide expensive soap and perfume samples in my lingerie drawer to make it smell good and then I forget them! Recently I discovered some silk sleeping masks in there which I bought five or six years ago and never used…
    Silly question:What is the use of french Talk?

    • @Sophia talc is used to absorb moisture, so you could pat it in your armpits or …..crevices…..(hahaha) to keep them nice and dry! When I was little you’d always get talced after a bath! x

  5. Hiya Ruth, random question. Bought pai’s rosehip oil recently and have been using it for 5 days. Everything was fine the first few days but then on the 5th day I started getting small whiteheads on my upper lip area. I’ve been using it twice a day, should I cut it down to once a day. Or is it just not suitable for my skin? Thanks!

    • @M what type of skin do you have? It sounds like it’s a little too much for you – maybe just try it a couple of times a week! xx

  6. Actually, I’ve had some YSL Rouge Pur lipsticks become hard and un-useable. To be fair, I did have one particular color quite awhile. One Saks (US department store) salesperson told me the Rouge Pur line was going to be disco’d. Additionally, this particular color is more popular here in the States than abroad. As it’s my absolute favorite “for best” color, I am tempted to stock up, although at times, I believe in this economy it was one sales person telling tales as I’ve not heard this rumor from other YSL sales people.

  7. Testing. For some reason, my comments aren’t getting through with the new format!

  8. After a violent ex, and extreme pneumonia, I finally realised life’s fragile, and swore to use those luxury bits I have. Once you’ve been ill or whatever, you realise it’s one of life’s great pleasures to have nice stuff to use, and it’s sad to never use it. So wear it, use it, buy the best you can ( still at bargainous prices, of course!), and do it everyday, cos it just could be your last chance to do so! xxx

  9. hello Ruth, I wanted to ask u if u have tried the oskia day cream, and what is your opinion on this, I would like to try it but due to the price, want to make sure it really worth the money…or maybe u could recommend another good anti aging moisturizer…thank u so much

    • @Renata it’s very light – is that what you’d like? x

      • well yes I like light texture but moisturizing at the same time, I have oily to combination skin and it´s a bit hard for me to find the right moisturizing…but thank u for mention it is light though…regards

  10. Nooo!! I missed the cult beauty code :-( I only got paid today.


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