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Sales Shopping Continues…

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Due to a little scheduling error, all of my weekend posts got published yesterday! God Dammit! So I have had to move forward next week’s posts and shuffle it all around a bit. Please do scroll back and have a look at last week’s posts to make sure you didn’t miss any – there’s a [...]

A Model Recommends Exclusive

“A Model Recommends: Exclusive” Page, Issue 1

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**UPDATE: all of those worrying that they haven’t had a newsletter yet, it’s on its way! Because I’m a div, I scheduled THIS post for before the newsletter sent and so it’s sent you all into a panic! I won’t publish all of your comments about not getting it because they will clog up the [...]

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Review

Jasmine-Scented Things

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I’m starting a new category called “Jasmine Scented Things” and here are the first four things in it! (You can also check out “Rose-Scented Things“, “Lavender-Scented Things” and “Almond-Scented Things“. Some categories may not have many posts, but I’m still working through the – now infamous – archives, so there will be more joining them. [...]

The Difference Between Men and Women.

The Difference Between Men and Women.

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 This is my beside table at the hotel we stayed in last weekend. I haven’t checked this photo extensively, so I’m hoping that there’s nothing weird/rude/untoward going on. I’m pretty sure that I left the bondage gear and nipple tassles at home… But just take note of the amount of different things I have managed to [...]

Laura Mercier Primers

Laura Mercier Primer Review

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This is a review of both the “Radiance” Foundation Primer and the Eye Canvas from Laura Mercier. If you want to see the Eye Canvas in action, just flick back to yesterday’s post – it’s used in the Monthly Favourites video. I’m sorry that it looks a little orangey in the above photo – it’s [...]

Ruth Crilly A Model Recommends

June Monthly Beauty Favourites!

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You’re well overdue one of these Monthly Favourites videos! I can’t even remember when the last one was! The rather fetching sunglasses in the photograph above are from Bourjois – they have a 3-for-2 promotion running and you get a free pair of shades! Anyway, watch the video and the mad blonde lady will tell you all about [...]

Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex High Potency Treatment Mask Review

Dr. LeWinn’s Angry Mask!

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Ha! How angry does this mask make me look? It’s brilliant! I’d quite like to keep it on for a whole day and watch people’s reactions as I go about my usual business. “A croissant and a fresh orange juice please!” “Can I send this parcel to the States, first class?” Or, “I’d like to [...]

Japonesque Safari Chic Brushes

Japonesque Safari Chic Brushes – Rarrrrr!

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Just when I thought Japonesque could do no better with their affordable, superbly-made cosmetic brushes, they went away and made this range: Safari Chic. Adds a bit if fun to the making-up process, doesn’t it? You’ll see that I’ve used Japonesque brushes in quite a few of my makeup videos – I find their short-handled [...]