Abahna for Affordable Luxury Beauty

I hate the term “affordable luxury” because so often the “luxury” isn’t there. It’s just affordable “mediocre stuff” that some clueless idiot in an office somewhere has deemed to be luxurious. When it comes to Abahna, however, I have to admit that the term fits very well – the products are both incredibly luxurious and totally affordable. Abahna don’t actually pitch themselves as being affordable – they pitch themselves as a luxury brand, and everything about the products is luxurious. Beautiful packaging, quality natural ingredients and scents that would rival some of the most expensive on the market. And that’s why it’s such a surprise when you see the prices – glass bottles of bath oil are £20, gorgeous purse-sprays are £15, and everything is boxed and perfectly presented.

It’s the minis that I think are the best thing, though – boxed triple-milled soaps for £4, fragrant shower gels for £5, 100ml (yes, 100ml!) of body lotion for £6. What rich-pickings for gift buying! You could put together a really lovely package of beauty products for around £20 and gift-wrapping (it hardly even needs gift-wrapping!) is free of charge. There are four fragrance ranges, so you could stick to one or mix-and-match – the colours are so pretty that it would be impossible to put together a bad-looking present!



  1. The packaging is really beautiful

  2. Great post Ruth, I’m a fan of Abahna too, the white grapefruit & may chang especially. Loving the EDP & body lotion. I really want to try the bath oil & body wash soon :)

  3. yasmine choudhry

    Wow thanks for this Post
    The Products look so luxurious and expensive but at such a great Low price
    Will definitely be purchasing from here which products are your favourites

  4. They’re amazing arent they – I have a body oil I bought in TK Maxx ages ago and to be honest I use it almost as a perfume – it smells AMAZING… Its the frangipani and orange blossom one and I cant bring myself to throw away the box so it still lives in it – sad packaging/graphics whore that I am.

  5. oh wow, have just looked at the Abahna website, the mandarin and bergamot range is really calling to me! The packaging is beautiful and you are right, this would make a beautiful gift, thanks for the heads up. x

  6. Wow, thanks for this Ruth! I think the current market is saturated with either Soap and glory minis or Sanctuary spa! I do like the idea of buying someone a goody bag filled with little treats here and there and I think that it’s about time that I can choose something else apart from what Boots sells! I’ll probably indulge in some of this stuff considering the price range is rather cheap, and omg, the packaging screams opulence! Thanks again for this!

  7. I LOVE abahna candles I have the white grapefruit and may chang scented candle and it smells incredible x

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