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Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Treatment for Weak Nails

I have been using Dr Lewinn’s Renunail recently to try and sort out my splitting, cracking nails. Obviously I am lacking something in the vitamins and minerals department, but that’s a whole other story! Anyway, this Renunail stuff is quite marvellous – my nails are strong and not even threatening to break! Top marks. It smells as though it has every chemical in the world thrown into it, but I can live with that. Method: I applied two coats, every day for six days, and then on the seventh day removed the whole lot and started again.

WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE. That’s what you’re supposed to do. What I actually did was apply two coats on day one, nothing on days two, three and four, one coat on day five and two coats on day six. On day seven, I painted over the whole lot with Dior Addict in Incognito, then on day ten I took the whole lot off! Ooops. Nevertheless, my nails were strong and glossy and amazing – I can only imagine how well this stuff works if you actually follow instructions…

It’s £17 for a whopping 30ml. I reckon that if you were like me and useless at following instructions, you could use the Renunail almost as a treatment base coat each time you were about to paint your nails. Or for a few days up to your “nail painting” day. Just an idea…

£17 with free delivery from FeelUnique.com. Dr Lewinn’s recently relaunched website is here


  1. I am a flamenco guitarist and need strong nails. Dr Lewin’s original formula was great’ but since they changed the packaging they must have changed the formula as well and it doesn’t work. Wish I could get hold of the original – called
    Dr Lewin’s Revitanail here in Australia – which was mainly black and gold on the packet with a small ‘window’ at the bottom left-hand corner. The new packet doesn’t say Dr Lewin’s and is mainly red and black.

  2. I would also like to say how AMAZING this product is, i have always had thin nails that never grow without snapping/ peeling. This strengthener has transformed my nails and people are stopping me all the time asking me if they are real or acryllic :) it’s saved me so much money as im not using gel shellac or alternatives anymore :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the cuticle oil too !

  3. Ruth, it’s been about 2 months now and it’s daily. Chunks of skin at the side of the nails. I have got dry cuticles before but never as bad.

    I am hoping to get a manicure on Saturday depending on how my shellac holds up (got my first one done last week as a groupon was up).

    If not the following week and from then I’m hoping to maintain.

  4. yasmine choudhry

    Hi Ruth
    Been wanting to try this for Ages as my nails are weak & splitting
    am using the Opi Nail Envy currently just started using a new bottle of this will try this when i have finished using this
    saw this on a shopping channel just by flicking they had alot of this range on there
    I love the face exfoliator from this range smells Divine almost good enough to eat lol
    are you using a nail oil as they can help weak splitting nails i used the essie oil previously which was good got the avoplex oil from opi though use both of their products for a better result

  5. Hi Ruth, I’m a lurker but love your site. This sounds great. I doubt my nails are great but I keep them very short which I prefer so if they are brittle, I don’t notice .

    But my cuticles are another story. I have done manicures, oil every night and still I have chunks of skin coming off. Will this help?

    • @Sevda have you tried a cuticle remover? When you say big chunks of skin are coming off, when is this? When you’re doing the manicure?! x

  6. I use Phyto’s vitamins and wrote about it in a post not too kong ago. It’s a two-month supply but the results are seen pretty quickly for hair and nails both. I agree with Heidi about the OPI Nail Envy and I, too, never manage to use it correctly, but somehow it works – I suspect it’s somehow hydrating the nails and protecting them too.


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