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Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Treatment for Weak Nails

I have been using Dr Lewinn’s Renunail recently to try and sort out my splitting, cracking nails. Obviously I am lacking something in the vitamins and minerals department, but that’s a whole other story! Anyway, this Renunail stuff is quite marvellous – my nails are strong and not even threatening to break! Top marks. It smells as though it has every chemical in the world thrown into it, but I can live with that. Method: I applied two coats, every day for six days, and then on the seventh day removed the whole lot and started again.

WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE. That’s what you’re supposed to do. What I actually did was apply two coats on day one, nothing on days two, three and four, one coat on day five and two coats on day six. On day seven, I painted over the whole lot with Dior Addict in Incognito, then on day ten I took the whole lot off! Ooops. Nevertheless, my nails were strong and glossy and amazing – I can only imagine how well this stuff works if you actually follow instructions…

It’s £17 for a whopping 30ml. I reckon that if you were like me and useless at following instructions, you could use the Renunail almost as a treatment base coat each time you were about to paint your nails. Or for a few days up to your “nail painting” day. Just an idea…

£17 with free delivery from FeelUnique.com. Dr Lewinn’s recently relaunched website is here

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  1. Thanks for this, Ruth. There are so many of these things on the market and, like you say, not particularly cheap so it is good to know of one that works. I find that even though I’m a good girl and always put on a base coat (Chanel Protective Base Coat) some colours still damage my nails. It saddens me to say that I suspect Chanel’s June, which I know you love too, has made them a bit yellow. Nail polish being what it is I guess it is unavoidable that damage will be done eventually?

  2. Ruth, I did almost exactly the same thing only with OPI Nail Envy. Was excited for the first 2 days and applied as per instructions, forgot for numerous days after that and then applied Dior Incognito as I was desperate for some colour. Strip it all off after a further 2 days and start again. Very pleased to hear I’m not the only one that doesn’t follow instructions (and loves Dior Incognito)!

    Love the blog btw.

  3. Yay for recommending an Aussie product! I agree with you though about the smell of a chemical factory. They have got a “sensitive” Revitanail (name they use for it here)…..and that smells a little better and works just as well.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, I have just purchased. I’ve been looking for something that actually works for a while, as my nails seem to have more or less decided to give up recently, so fingers crossed this does works for me.
    On the vitamin front, I’ve just got Seven Seas Health Oils ‘Radiant You’ supplement, I take their Cod Liver Oil capsules normally but these ones are fish oils blended with things that are supposed to be good for hair, skin and nails too x

  5. Claire McDonnell

    Hi, do you know if this contains formaldehyde? I love to try it but am allergic to this chemical x

    • Most of the nail hardeners rely on formaldehyde, unless they say “sensitive”. Formaldehyde, which whilst hardening your nails, will also harden the cuticles and surrounding skin. It can cause allergies such as peeling, flaking etc. it’s what they use in embalming, and is a very harsh, unhealthy chemical, but if it works for you. Look it up on the web and then decide. I use the sensitive formula which does the job!

  6. I’ve no nails, due to my beauty course.. Can’t do facials with long nails.. BUT, when I did it was from Mavala Scientifique.. the only product I’ve known to make my nails strong. Are you putting your hands in water too much Ruth? as this weakens them.. also rub cuticle oil in of a night time around the cuticle.. It has all night to soak in. The massaging it in will help nails to grow, and the oil will help the condition. If you are putting hands in water.. USE GLOVES!!!!! xx

  7. Hah. Same with me. I always just use these nail strengtheners as a base coat before I apply nail polish, or if I feel like having a glossy shine on my nails, or if I feel like putting something onto my nails lol. Never ever followed their instructions. Hah =P

  8. I need something! My formerly great nails are a right mess; ridges, white streaks, peeling. The doc says it’s hormones. I’m at the age where the medical default setting for almost any complaint I have is “hormones”.

    I’m wondering if a supplement might help too.


  9. you could always take some biotin, it helps with nails, hair & skin, and so does fish oil (i know, it sounds very appealing, right? oil from a fish). i find that they work for me because my nails haven’t been nearly as brittle as before and it’s without all the chemicals :)

  10. Anastassiya Li

    Hello Ruth, great post as always! I wanted to ask you about Alpha H Intensive Night Repair Serum. I am 21 and I have ordered Liquid Gold on your recommendation and that the only thing that cleared up 80 of my moderate acne! cannot thank you enough for that! I also use the balancing cleanser which I love, but do not know if I should try the serum. I’m on a budget, so just was wondering is it worth it? thank you! lots of love from Canad

    • You are probably fine with just the Liquid Gold, actually – at 21, you don’t need an all-round anti-ager! And the glycolic action in the LG is more effective, so for you I think stick to the liquid. xx

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