Model How-To: Volumising Your Hair

This should be a handy little video for anyone wanting to get life and volume into their hair with the minimum amount of fuss. For volume-adding, you need two things: heat and product. The heat (from a dryer, rollers, whatever) gives the hair lift at the roots (be prepared to spend some time with your head upside-down!) and the product helps to make that lift last.

You’ll see from my very quick and easy demo that you can create masses of volume with very little effort – in the picture above, I had only sprayed in a little bit of KMS Sea Salt Spray and my hair went crazy!

I don’t do finished styles in this video, it’s all about the hair prepping. Once you’ve got the volume in, you can backcomb, pin, curl, tong, wave, whatever you want to do. Once the volume’s in, nearly everything that you do to finish your hair will end up looking impressive, unless you really, really mess things up!

Please see below the video pane for all product info – I’ll be reviewing a couple of the KMS products separately, too, because they’re quite useful potions to have around if you’re trying to glamourize your hair!

To see more on the Babyliss Big Hair I used, see this video:

KMS Website is here!

Products used:
Silk Sheen Styling Creme:
Silk Sheen Polishing Serum:
Add Volume Root and Body Lift:
Hair Play Sea Salt Spray:

Babyliss Big Hair:
Vest is from Calvin Klein

NARS Tinted Moisturiser
Dior New Look Mascara
Orly Nail Polish “Prelude to a Kiss”

This is not a sponsored video, but many thanks to KMS for allowing me to film inside mission control and providing me with some brilliant products! xxx


  1. I would really love to watch the video, but when I click the link, it states that the video is private. Is there an external link that works? Xoxo

  2. Ruth i have this for >2yrs since it first came out. Do u know how to clean the brushes?

  3. did you have broken hairs that stuck up on the top of your headf and if so how did you get rid of it?? xx

  4. I absolutely loved this post, I have really fine hair and am going to try the KMS spray to try and achieve that va va voom look you’ve got going on over there! You’re gorgeous by the way, love your blog.

  5. I WISH it were that easy to volumize my hair! As it stands though, my hair is quite thick and heavy so it is extremely resistant to lift! :( Plus, I don’t like the feel of LOTS and lots of product in my hair (I tend to touch my hair quite often)–and that’s the amount it would take to even make a dent in my hair

  6. PS – I’m already online ordering that BaByliss Big Volume, it looks brilliant!

  7. Have you ever used the Bumble & Bumble sea salt spray? If so how would it compare to this KMS one? The B&B one leaves my hair feeling quite matte. I used to have an amazing one by John Frieda called Beach Blonde Ocean Waves which did the same thing and left your hair feeling amazing, but it was discontinued.

    • Sophia this one leaves the hair VERY matte too. It’s not for the faint-hearted! The effect is amazing but the “feel” is quite dry and matte for someone who likes their hair glossy and soft! x

      • Ah thanks Ruth, I think I’ll give it a miss then. I’m already eyeing up the Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist on Cult Beauty, which seems quite appealing as it uses oils as well being a sea salt spray so claims to leave hair soft…

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