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Beauty Sample Hoarding

I have been doing a spot of tidying and sorting and have realised (quite late on in life, I suppose) that I am a bit of a hoarder. Look at this lot! Tiny tubes and bottles and jars, all of them filled with gorgeous unguents and potions. Not only are they brilliant for travelling with, they’re a great way to try new things (or old) that you don’t want to splash out on before you’re sure you like it. Most counters will provide samples, I find, so long as you don’t look as though you’re just after a sample. You have to play it cool, know your stuff, look like – at some point – you’re going to come back and spend some dosh.

Of course if we were in France, we wouldn’t have to play any silly counter games, because in France they see the importance of complimentary samples and they literally lavish you with them when you’re shopping. Granted, you usually have to buy something, but no matter how small that something is, expect a whole batch of lovely sachets and tubes to try out when you get home. That’s they way things should be, in my opinion. If you’re going to invest thirty, forty, fifty pounds and up on a new face cream or cleanser or foundation, then it’s helpful (and kind of necessary in many instances!) to be able to try it properly before you commit.

Anyway, mini-moan over – what on earth am I going to do with my five kilos of samples? I travel a lot, but still not nearly enough to use this lot up! How about a giveaway? Does it seem weird to do a massive bumper selection of minis as a giveaway? Let me know and I’ll sort it out!


  1. OW-ME-LIFE… my eyes went squared! I’d feel like a real Empress with all them, any repeated (dreamy mood switched on).
    But let me honestly confess to you that I’ve truly appreciated Nanou’s suggestion as well. Nonetheless is not hard to image (with so many followers + visitors + readers) that many can only dream about having such beauty luxurious delights in sample proportion as giveaways. Therefore my suggestions would be sharing them: visitors (3 kilos one for each of three members picked randomly); women shelter (2 kilos) OR visitors (1 kilo for a single member picked randomly); family / relatives / friends / acquainted (2 kilos for two members); women shelter (the remaining 2 kilos).
    Though if you have already gave them all to a women shelter a big and brighty smile of mine to you with all my heart and soul. Warm regards. *

  2. Hi how lovely of you to share the wealth! I work in a women shelter here in Canada and for toiletries we rely solely on giveaways. Mostly those samples that people snag from the hotel rooms. Imagine how luxurious it would feel for a resident at your local shelter to use these high end goodies ;-)

  3. You are so lucky with so many samples. I live in Norway and here you don’t get that many samples.A giveaway would be really great! I have fat/sensitive skintone and acne problem ;)

  4. A giveaway would be phenomenal. I’m always looking for a way to try out new products without shelling out cash for the full-sizes, and I’m sure many people feel the same way! It would be fun to receive a huge lot of things you’d never even thought of trying, and maybe some you had.

  5. I adore samples, just took a whole bag full on holiday. They take so little space compared to full size products and I like having the time to try them properly

  6. Your sample drawer is amazing! This is why I used to love Kiehls so much (not sure they are as generous anymore as don’t live near one), and LUSH but they too have gotten stingy with the samples. Also Aveda were still v.good the last time I went sample sniffing! Garnier are being v.generous with mailout samples if you sign up, also Rimmel giveaways always come up lucky for me. It really is silly for companies not to do samples as they are what get beauty product junkies hooked! They capitalize on this with the gifts with purchase but even those are getting kind of greedy with required skincare or buying three items becoming the norm.

  7. A giveaway sounds lovely! That Acqua di Parma and the La Roche Posay are calling my name!!!
    Have a lovely day xxx

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