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Tom Ford-Inspired Beautiful Bronzed Look for Summer!

Ruth Crilly Model

Well this has been a long time in the making! My Tom Ford-inspired beautiful bronzed makeup video on the FOURTH attempt. Yes, fourth. What can I say? I’m a perfectionist! This isn’t (and couldn’t possibly be) an exact copy of the makeup in the campaign image, though I do use many of the same products. For it to look exactly the same, I’d have to a) be the same model, b) have the same hair and makeup artists working on me and c) have the same lighting and post-production. So it’s an “inspired-by” look instead. And do you know what? I really, really like it!

It’s amazing how you can pull yourself out of a makeup rut simply by trying to replicate someone else’s look – it forces you out of your comfort zone and allows you to play with different techniques. I would never usually wear a stronger contour like the one in the video but I think that it’s actually very interesting and beautiful – especially in contrast to the paler, luminous foundation.

The idea behind this look is that the eyes, cheeks and lips are all of the same tone, just about, so that you have these “pools” of warmth in an expanse of perfect, smooth skin. I’ve listed the products that I used at the bottom of the page, but have a little dig about in your makeup bags and see if you can find a coppery gold shadow, a peachy-nude lipstick and a slightly glimmery bronzer. Buff them into a beautifully pale base (put them in the right places, obviously – lipstick on lips, etc!) and then tell me how you get on. This could well be your new summer look, especially if you’re very fair and struggle to find a flattering ‘bronzed’ look…

The Tom Ford products are – as always – utterly gorgeous. The star product for me is the Gold Dust bronzer with its beautiful slimline casing – I want to start taking it out and about with me, but I’m too scared that I might drop it! It’s definitely a “treasure forever” kind of product, luxury makeup at its best. The cream eyeshadow and gold gloss are perfect for adding shimmering summer highlights to the face – I played about with them on their own over a very natural base and they created quite a foolproof golden glow. If you’re after the same metallic effect from your cream eyeshadow but prefer a cooler tone, then it also comes in Platinum, which leaves a minky sheen on the lid.


Tom Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick: http://tidd.ly/9dbe783a
Tom Ford Gold Dust Lip Gloss: http://tidd.ly/b8855f24
Tom Ford Gold Dust Bronzer: http://tidd.ly/cd9b54bc
Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadow in Guilt: http://tidd.ly/a17e3ace
Tom Ford Eye Pencil in Metallic Mink: http://tidd.ly/5c1d17df

Tom Ford Brushes in 03 (used for cream eyeshadow), 15 (used to line under eye). and 06 (used for the bronzer): http://tidd.ly/17592f4a

Laura Mercier Radiance Fundation Primer: http://tinyurl.com/ctkc3yy
Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup, 2WN1: http://tidd.ly/ee0ae6b0
By Terry Touch Expert Concealer, Shade 4: http://tinyurl.com/c49c48t
Custom 3 Clarifying Pencil in “Light”: http://tinyurl.com/cdjrrmm
Estee Lauder More Than Mascara: http://tidd.ly/96f986eb
Chanel Crayon Sourcils in 10, Blond Clair: http://tidd.ly/b4a52cbc

Trevor Sorbie Hair Styling Kit: http://tidd.ly/a04ac2dc


  1. Hey Ruth,
    Sorry just saw the brushes alongside the make up you used! Do you recommend any other brushes? thanks

  2. Hey Ruth,
    Love your website! Unfortunately there are now way too many products I want to get. What brushes do you use and do you rate Bobbi Brown make up?

  3. Hi Ruth,
    I love the look and think you did an awesome job recreating the tom ford image. So beautiful!! My question for you though is about under eye brightening products. I notice you’ve used the by terry touch expert here and I seem to remember you using the Chanel éclat lumiere in another ( I think?…:) I am looking for a good brightening product..moisturizing but not as sheer as the ysl product. Would you recommend either by terry or Chanel? Thanks so much!!

    • @Julie the By Terry version is AMAZING! I think it’s my favourite out of all of the undereye brighteners – it has more concealing power than the others yet also a brilliant texture and luminosity. I should do a video of all of the ones I’ve tried! x

      • Thanks so much!! By terry it is then :) I think that would be an awesome video- now that there are so many brightening products, it has become harder to know which to choose…

  4. Hi Ruth. Just discovered your website and love your videos! Was just wondering if you ever use anything from Cle de Peau Beaute or Chantecaille?

  5. Hi! You look gorgeous! :) I was wondering if you could compare this TF bronzer and the TF shade and illuminate. I know one is in power and one is in cream formulation. But which one do you prefer? :) Thanks!

    • They also do very different things; the shade and ill is for contouring and highlighting – it’s a nifty little compact, but I would probably get more use from the bronzer xx

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