Lancome Vernis in Love “Jolis Matins”

A new perfect nude to add to my nail polish collection: Lancome’s Jolis Matins from the ‘Vernis in Love’ range. This is an easy-to-apply polish with a wide brush, a reasonably quick-drying formula and a nice, glossy finish.

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Jolis Matins is a great nude shade for my skin-tone – it’s almost an exact match so it makes my hands look groomed and neat. I have quite a nice collection of nude polishes building up in my IKEA drawers, but this one has definitely shot to the top of the favourites list!

Vernis in Love Jolie Matins is £12 with free delivery from


  1. looks beautiful!
    may I ask, which skintone do you have?
    this in order to know if this besutiful looking colour, on you, woukd fit mine.

  2. Beautiful colour. Maybe you could do a post on nail care and colours? x

  3. Ooh that IS really nice, Ruth! It definitely doesn’t give you the dreaded corpse hands but looks very neat and subtle and pretty. I don’t know that it would look as flattering on me, but I’m willing to try. It’s stunning!

  4. hey ruth, just discovered your website a while ago. (= i really adore your posts. this nail polish just has the perfect shade, so beautiful. thanks for sharing it with us. xx
    hugs from germany. lea

  5. That shade is lovely. I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude and have found the essentials (purse friendly) range are amazing quality and last a long time without chipping and they have 6 different shades so one to suit all. A real bargin of a find. Love the blog Ruth keep up the great work

  6. Looks gorgeous Ruth!Truly almost an exact match!

  7. It looks very nice !!
    PS: it would be so cool if you showed us how you organize your polishes and cosmetics :-)

  8. I’m a ‘secret’ fan of lancome and really wish they were cruelty free! Then I could happily purchase their new rouge in love and vernis in love range with peace of mind! :(
    alas, maybe one day!

  9. These latest batch of nudes have become very yellow in tone..I have a circulation problem, so I’m wary of anything that will leave my hands looking lobstery or sausagey (they’re real words)
    but this is sheer enough to get away with. I’d love to pop a fine glitter over, because I can’t grow up, but lovely all the same

  10. That’s really pretty! I’ve never tried Lancome nail polishes. I didn’t realize they were that reasonably priced either.

    Ali x

  11. What a beautiful color!!

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