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My Interview for “The Inspirations”!

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I am absolutely thrilled to be one of “The Inspirations” on Rock ‘n Roll Bride this week! If you haven’t yet been on the fabulous website that is Rock ‘n Roll Bride, then you must. It’s wedding porn at its best! Nosing about in other people’s wedding preparations and actual big days is almost as addictive as looking in other people’s houses – I’ve spent hours on there before!

I won’t tell you any more about how I know Kat, the Mastermind behind the site, because it will spoil the interview. But I will tell you that Kat asks me some quite probing questions about my career, past, present and future, so get yourself over there!



  1. amazing interview Ruth! And lovely pictures, as always!

  2. Hi Ruth, are you ever going to share some details from your own wedding on the blog? I’d really love to see what you did on your big day, especially now I’m engaged and looking around for inspiration! I thought this might finally be the post I’ve been waiting for! xxx

  3. I’m not quite sure how I managed to miss this post but am so happy that I DID catch it – it was a fantastic interview and the pictures were great. I loved what you said about having another area to keep in the wings or to have on the side, as well as mentioning that all along you knew you didn’t to work for someone else, so you were aware of how much harder you’d need to work in order to succeed. Bravo, Ruth. It’s what I most admire about you: the inspiration you give! xx

  4. Ruth, so you used to be a smoker? For how long, how did you give up? I am also considering to give up, although I’m only smoking socially.
    Great interview, I love that you’re straightforward and funny!

    • I smoked for a good few years, it was foul. Rookie error, but one that many models make when they are still young… I gave up by reading that EasyWay book! x

  5. Love the interview! :)

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