“Real Luxury Organic Bath Oil” – is what it says!

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You know me – always on the look out for properly luxurious bath treats! Another one to tempt you with – Neom Luxury Organics – and this one is simply called “Real Luxury”. So far, so good. The packaging also gets top marks; pretty outer box and a gorgeous heavy glass bottle. The oil inside is heady and romantic – not too heady, as some oils can be when they contain loads of Jasmine, but just exotic enough to make this feel special.

As with the Aromatherapy Associates oils, a little goes a very long way. I know that phrase can be a bit overused, but the percentage of essential oils in this Neom product is incredibly high – 30%! So actually, you don’t really want to be using too much – I use just one capful for my huge bath and that’s plenty. This is a brilliant brand to take note of if you’re into your luxury organics and great for gifting, too, as the packaging really looks the part.

£32 from Neom Organics

6 Responses to "“Real Luxury Organic Bath Oil” – is what it says!"
  1. Gina says:

    I love Neom products! Specially the Tranquillity bath oil, candle & room mist! wonderful

  2. Upa says:

    Sounds like something I’d like to give a try, as well as the recommendation you gave Chris, the Ila Spa Bath Oil. Thanks!

  3. Julie says:

    Sounds delicious! You should try the Complete
    Bliss because its rose scented. We all know how much you love rose things. :)
    & then tell us how you like it haha.

  4. Chris says:

    Does it turn the bath into a milk, or does the oil sit on top? I’ve been trying to find some natural products that will make my bath a milk bath, aside from whisking powdered goats milk into it. Thanks Ruth!

  5. I love that brand. I have a handful of their products. Their shower gel has the silkiest feel of any I’ve ever used. I love how herbal their products smell. I know it sounds strange but you can smell the quality of Neom when you inhale them. I’ve not used the oil yet, but when I’m not living on fumes I fully intend to! xx

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