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The Rhassoul Body Bar

Just a quickie (as they say) because I want to tell you about this soap. It’s a soap that’s not a soap, more like a creamy cleanser bar. I really like it – and I’m not at all keen on things in bars. I think that half the reason I like it is that I like the brand – I’ve mentioned Moroccan Natural before – ethical, properly organic and very conscientious when they come to sourcing ingredients. This body bar is a very traditional product – it’s not moisturising in the way that an oil would be, but it doesn’t even have a trace of that tight, squeaky feeling that you can get with soaps.

I’m quite interested in Moroccan beauty exports – when I stayed there in January for a shoot, there was a selection of locally produced product in the bathroom and it was all pretty incredible. Unfortunately, I had an accident with the shower and a blocked drain, so there was nothing to bring home or even photograph, but I can tell you that my interest was definitely tickled.

Rhassoul Body Bar is £6.75 from Moroccan Natural


  1. So no tight, dry feeling after using it? I’d be interested in that.


  2. I bought some very nice locally produced argan oil while in Tunisia for dirt cheap. It’s wonderful to oil up your face when you come home a winter evening, damn those bone dry Danish winters.

  3. The women in Morocco are beautiful so I can imagine their beauty products being really great

  4. Hey! I just wanted to say hello!
    I really like your website and youtube channel!!
    Oh, and by the way, “rhassoul”, here in morocco is tradicionnaly used as a body scrub, it’s a kind of mud … so it’s not really supposed to moisturize.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try this stuff! Its such a pity that it costs so much to ship to NZ.


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