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Shu Uemura Red:juvenus Elasto-Vitalizing Stretchable Mask

I used this little beauty of a mask when I was in Hamburg. I have done lots of flying recently and so I needed something high-powered to really get the moisture back into my skin. I had a modelling shoot for a German magazine called Freundin – I’ve worked for them quite a few times over the years, and I like to look my best for them! So, out of the emergency modelling skincare bag came…the Shu Uemura Red:juvenus Elasto-Vitalizing Stretchable Mask. Or, if you prefer a shorter name, it can be referred to as “The Skin I Live In”.

If you haven’t seen The Skin I Live In then you must. It’s pretty dark – directed by Pedro Almodóvar and starring Antonio Banderas, it’s about a really quite grotty little scenario involving plastic surgery, genitals and a rape that never happened. Anyway, check out my picture above and please compare to the picture below:

All I need is Antonio peering over my shoulder! Which, to be blunt, would have scared the crap out of me had it happened, as I was all on my ownsome in a Hamburg hotel. Also, old Tone looks a bit scary in the photo, I’m not sure I would have enjoyed him being in such close proximity. Especially knowing what he did to the poor person in the film….make sure you add it to your watch list! It’s a shocker..

Back to the mask. It’s brilliant! Saturated in about a litre of serum, so it’s not the easiest thing to get out of the packet. Mine slipped around all over the place, but I got Tony Banderas to hold onto one side whilst I positioned the other and got the eye holes in the right place. Once the eye holes were correct, the rest was a cinch. I thought that I’d have to lie down and wear it otherwise it’d fall off, but it stuck firmly to my skin, almost by suction, I suppose, because the serum isn’t at all sticky.

I felt like calling room service or something, but then realised that my hotel had neither a telephone in the room or room service (the two tend to go hand in hand) and so I had to make do with tweeting pictures and pretending that I had called room service, which was a total hoot. (Tumbleweed.)

I kept the mask on for about twenty-five minutes because it felt like a waste just to leave it on for ten. There was a cooling, slight tingling sensation for the first minute or so, and after that it was just extremely pleasant. I could actually feel my skin drinking up the moisture and the life returning to my face. I swear that this mask would cure the worst hangover – it would be great if you could get a full body version!

A full body version, you say? Well…. It kind of is, in a strange way. Because the mask is so saturated with product, there’s about 95% of it leftover when you take the mask away from the skin. You can literally squeeze the serum out and into your hand! I had enough to massage into my entire body and (is this gross?) I used the mask itself to wipe over my neck, feet and hands! Actually, that’s not gross, is it? Because my face was clean.. Anyway, you really can turn this mask into a full-body treatment. It would be a criminal offence just to chuck the mask into the bin with all of that miracle product leftover!

There’s 25ml of red:juvenus product soaked into every mask, so no wonder there’s so much leftover at the end! I must surely have read that wrong – that’s like half a full-size bottle of moisturiser! No, it definitely says 25ml. You get six masks in a pack (6x25ml) and the pack costs £56.

These masks are well worth the dosh – I shall be purchasing a full set, as I just had a one-off sample mask. Single-use masks are perfect for people who travel a lot as they take up virtually no space, yet it’s like having a full facial in one hit! Also great for models who feel like their skin is a bit ropey and they’re off to an important shoot or casting – the makeup artist on my Freundin shoot was overjoyed at how radiant my skin looked when I walked in, and the other model straight away wanted to know what I had done to my face!

Red:juvenus masks are available from Selfridges stores.


  1. They dont seem to be available online? are they only instore?

  2. would this be too much for combination skin prone to breakouts due to dehydration?
    I think my skin is a bit confusing: I’ve been on roacutane twice and it didn’t work (what I actually had was allergy to lactose) but I ended up with sensitive skin prone to dehydration (a lot!). Mostly, I never breakout with oils, be it Clarins, natural oils or even body oils (yes, I’ve been that desperate). I noticed my skin actually prefers oils to creams, When I breakout it’s never with oils, only with creams or serums (e.g. Origins) and only on my cheeks. I wonder if it’s because oils’ texture, easier to be absorbed by my skin…
    The big problem is that it looks like my skin can’t keep the moisture on, no matter how much product I use, it disappears in 15/30 mins and I start to feel dry and itchy. Winter and central heating is hell for my skin, and actually humid summers stop my breakouts (many people suffer the opposite effect in humid climates).
    Do you think could still try this mask to help with dehydrated skin or it might make me breakout because it’s based on a serum? This sounds silly, but do you know any mask in oil? I don’t even go to dermatologists any more, me and my liver are fed up with useless antibiotics!

    • Yes, give the antibiotics a rest! OK, let me think about this. I haven’t *heard* of an oil-based mask, but I’m thinking that maybe it’s the type of creams you’re using that break you out? Did you try that La Roche Posay Compensating cream that I featured a couple of weeks ago? And also, have you tried Pai? xx

  3. haha, omg I nearly spit out my tea when I read the line: “All I need is Antonio peering over my shoulder!” Immediately, I had this vision of Señor Banderas stood behind you; you donning the Shu sheet mask. LOL…too funny (not to mention sufficiently disturbing)!

  4. Haha! Thanks for the article, the picture made me laugh out loud, and Im just about to order a pair of the shu uemura eyelash curlers, so maybe I’ll get the mask as well. Oh what serendipity, thanks Ruth Crilly!

  5. I’ve done that with masks – wiped them over my neck chest and hands. Why not. They are usually dripping with product. As you say, your face is clean and it’s borderline criminal to waste a drop of premium product like that. I’ve heard of that movie, but haven’t seen it. Must ask hubster to have a look for it.


  6. I’ve always wanted to try one of these cloth masks and this Shu one sounds so luxurious and amazing! I really must make an online Shu purchase already–I’ve put it off way too long

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