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Butter London Nail Polish Lillibet’s Jubilee

Lots of people asking about the polish that I’m wearing in the Teen Skincare Guide video; it’s Lillibet’s Jubilee from Butter London. Not a shade I would usually go for, admittedly, but I wanted to jazz up my very boring outfit that day! The silvery polish (no real trace of lilac, though it looks lilac in the bottle) added a bit of shine and interest to my gloomy grey jumper and plain jeans.

The Butter formulas are amazing – I definitely want to try a nude from the range. The formula glides on beautifully – not too thick and gloopy, but substantial enough to give a good covering on the very first coat. The polish is free from nasties and has a superb finish. At least, this one does! I’ll keep you updated on any further experimentation…

To see the polish “in action”, take a look at the Teen Skincare video here.



  1. Hellooo Ruth, what’s your favourite brush for doing a hint of contouring? Also, could you advise a nice goldey browney eyeshadow for under £40? :D

    • Search “Eyes to Kill” and have a look at that one (in the search box, I mean!) Brush for contouring? Probably my Suquu powder brush or my Chanel powder brush! x

  2. Hey, Ruth! I love this nail polish. I was admiring it in your last video :) If you’re in the market for a nude by Butter London, you should try their ‘Nail Foundation’ (which is technically not a polish but rather a base/under coat). It dries down to a flat satin finish that looks rather ‘blah’ at first, but when topped off w/a glossy top coat it leaves your nails looking AMAZING –– the most beautiful nudey-beige w/the slightest hint of pale apricot…I can’t describe it; it’s just like the most perfect mannequin hands ever. Btw the top coat I use over it is the Seche Vite. I know, it’s bad, but I love the glass-like shine! GAH! Seche Vite, why can’t I quit you?!??*shakes fists*

  3. I have heard that ‘Yummy Mummy’ is an amazing nude by them, it’s on my list of ‘to buy’!

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