Butter London Nail Polish Lillibet’s Jubilee

Butter London Nail Polish Lillibet's Jubilee

Lots of people asking about the polish that I’m wearing in the Teen Skincare Guide video; it’s Lillibet’s Jubilee from Butter London. Not a shade I would usually go for, admittedly, but I wanted to jazz up my very boring outfit that day! The silvery polish (no real trace of lilac, though it looks lilac in the bottle) added a bit of shine and interest to my gloomy grey jumper and plain jeans.

The Butter formulas are amazing – I definitely want to try a nude from the range. The formula glides on beautifully – not too thick and gloopy, but substantial enough to give a good covering on the very first coat. The polish is free from nasties and has a superb finish. At least, this one does! I’ll keep you updated on any further experimentation…

To see the polish “in action”, take a look at the Teen Skincare video here.


Ruth CrillyButter London Nail Polish Lillibet’s Jubilee

24 Comments on “Butter London Nail Polish Lillibet’s Jubilee”

  1. Anna

    Hellooo Ruth, what’s your favourite brush for doing a hint of contouring? Also, could you advise a nice goldey browney eyeshadow for under £40? :D

    1. Ruth

      Search “Eyes to Kill” and have a look at that one (in the search box, I mean!) Brush for contouring? Probably my Suquu powder brush or my Chanel powder brush! x

  2. Jennifer

    Hey, Ruth! I love this nail polish. I was admiring it in your last video :) If you’re in the market for a nude by Butter London, you should try their ‘Nail Foundation’ (which is technically not a polish but rather a base/under coat). It dries down to a flat satin finish that looks rather ‘blah’ at first, but when topped off w/a glossy top coat it leaves your nails looking AMAZING –– the most beautiful nudey-beige w/the slightest hint of pale apricot…I can’t describe it; it’s just like the most perfect mannequin hands ever. Btw the top coat I use over it is the Seche Vite. I know, it’s bad, but I love the glass-like shine! GAH! Seche Vite, why can’t I quit you?!??*shakes fists*

  3. Sue

    Love Butter’s gorgeous colours and formula! Def the best. Just bought Knackered, pale green and lilac duochrome, with a shot of glitter, and I’m in love- it’s so pretty! xxx

  4. Kat

    Hi Ruth
    Please would you do a feature on your favorite black leather jackets and how you wear them. I bought one after seeing one of your videos and you were about to go on a flight (think it was from whistles). I need inspiration for a smart/comfortable airport/flight look. Thank you x

  5. shelley

    I’ll bet that bottle of polish would’ve looked great held between Mr. Bear’s little (?!?) furry paws! Not that there’s anything with your little manicured paws, either!

  6. Debbie

    Love the name of this, in true Butter London style, brilliant. Love the formula of the one BL I have and really want Trout Pout now too. x

    1. Claire

      I love Trout Pout! its like a cross between a pastel and a neon, that sounds like an oxymoron but its the best description I can come up with! I’m going to Bali on Tuesday and I’m going to wear it to get me in the mood for tropical sunsets!

  7. Yasmin Selena Butt

    I’m a fan of the Butter brand. I came across them at Whole Foods in Kensington late last year. I fell in love with Chancer, which adds a lovely, glittery, enduring red top coat when combined with a plain red underneath. I rewarded myself with a bottle of it when I got my first contract in aeons, that and a bag of fried chips : ) That was a good day.

  8. Maggie

    Hi Ruth. What kind of nasties should we be looking out for in nail polishes? I’m a polish addict and I know nothing about this so any guidance much appreciated! Mxox

    1. Ruth

      Formaldehyde, though actually this one’s contentious because the chemical changes somehow and (as far as I know) becomes safe when it’s in the formula… Then Toluene and DBP. As with all chemicals in cosmetics, there are two sides to the story. Some consider these chemicals to be safe, others don’t. Personally, I just tend to use what works for me, but I always point out when something is “such and such” free, for those who like to make an informed choice! xx

      1. Maggie

        Thanks, Ruth! So good to know what to check for. I’m picturing you typing that in your lab coat :) v impressive knowledge.

  9. Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    This is so beautiful! I like that it’ll go with a lot, but it’s still so pretty and interesting! I haven’t tried any Butter London polishes yet, but from what I’ve seen they always come out with such gorgeous, unique shades. A definite must-try for me!

  10. MakeUpNaive

    Finally i found your blog again! My laptop had a virus and it literally erased everything that i forgot the name of your blog! I was really looking forward to your collaboration with Goss. Did it commenced already? I have a month of catching up to do with your blog!

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